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Podcast title The Cloud Secrets Show
Website URL http://cloud-secrets.com
Description Welcome to the Cloud Secrets podcast! This show is for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to become the Cloud Expert in your area, without having to make any investments in hard- and software who provides customers with a secure and safe Cloud foundation. HOW do you start in a way that lets you offer your products and services and start making money straight away? Learn from Marcel Martens, the world-famous Cloud Expert and founder of M - IT Services. Inside each episode, Marcel shares his biggest “a-ha moments” and Cloud secrets with complete transparency. These will include all the Business lessons learned, my strategy to market and sell, Marcel take you with him into his world and shares his personal journey and secrets on how to grow your business to € 1.000.000 or more without having to loan any money EVER.
Updated Wed, 23 Oct 2019 09:05:33 +0000
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1. CS020: Plan vs Reality
https://cloud-secrets.com/cs-2... download (audio/mpeg, 10.52Mb)


Hey Marcel Martens here. Welcome back to the Cloud's Secret Podcast. Today I just wanted to quickly share with you, that it not always goes as you would have expected.

So first, we've got to go through the theme song and then I want to tell you about my recent experience with filling up the Cloud Secret Course, of course, and to that I have a nice... I made a nice comparison with some offers we made before, and how we make offers today.


So first of all, the last few weeks I've been hustling my ass off to fill up the Cloud Secrets Course that will be starting the 1st of November or around the 1st of November. I don't really care about what specific date it is, as long as, well, when we finished up and fill up the course, then we can start but it's really difficult to fill it up because, where do you get traffic? Where do you get to trust? And how do you eventually sell them on a call?

So I've spoken to a few people now, and they all applied. No, lets start at the beginning, the participants so far they came using Facebook marketing and I noticed that the first two runs didn't work quite that well, so we spent a few hundred bucks on ads. Maybe we've got a few participants, but not that we filled up the course with the... Well, I expected that we would get like 100 applications or so. From that 100, we will go over them, see whose a fit and it was not, and those that are a fit, I would invite to join this Cloud's Secrets Course. It's a pretty unique course, where we not only teach you how to set up Office 365 and all the technical stuff, but we also teach you how to acquire customers, how to get customers, how to set up your contracts, how to exceed expectation, and end up with a customer for life and eventually upsell them into your value ladder so you can keep selling to your current customer.

And the same goes with and one of my company's MIT services to which we apply the same methods that I'm teaching you in the Cloud Secret Course. At first, I would tend to sell the always saving business suite and for those who didn't listen before, consists of Office 365 Business Premium with the email hosting and the Office Suite. We've got a file solution in it for a no line file system that you can take all your data with you all offline and you can make sure that the right people are seeing the right files and directories. So, it's pretty secure, and it's included backup online, so all the email and data are safely backed up to our data center and last but not least. The security antivirus software with our unique ransomware protection and for the customers who we sell that suite, we first did the installation based on the number of hours we spend on the installation, and it was pretty variable because for small customers we would spend a day, for bigger customers we would spend two days, and so on and so on. You can, you can imagine, right? Good.

But that's the first phase is just the installation the customer, well they've got an empty product with no data in it, and then all their data needs to be moved or migrated to the cloud and that is also based on spent hours and how many hours we spend during the migration. So these two unknown factors for a customer, any customer were too big, they wouldn't sign the contract because the variable was too high. They would ask me, "How much time you need for the implementation?" I said, "Okay, around a day, maybe one and a half." "And what about migration?" I say, "Yeah, it depends on how many arrows we endure, how much the data you have, how much email, how many gigabytes, terabytes of email you have."

And, with that, we made a big change. And and now I can explain it easier and all, well, almost all offers we make, they sign up, and it's all based on one major change, and the major change was, okay, we, we take the average of small and big companies all together and we average the implementation, or the installation to one and a half days.

So I made a fixed price for the implementation, and that's really the major secret here because I can explain them that the implementation is for a fixed fee so they know what they get for what price. And then afterwards when it's all set up, we go to the customer and migrate all the data and email, that will be based on how many hours we spent, and as I can explain to them, "Okay, if you got, I don't know, 20 gigabytes of data and 10 gigabytes mailbox, it's probably a few hours and we're done. But if you've got like 50 users with over, I don't know, five terabytes of email and God knows how many data, it could take us two to three days, I don't know." And they would understand so they can budget their own costs. You know?

So I'm going to go, I've got to run. I'm already late to my next appointment. I just wanted to drop this with you. If you like this, please rate and subscribe on iTunes and leave any feedback or comments. If you're interested in learning all the stuff that I teach and share with you here, go to cloud-secrets.com/cloudmind again, that's cloud-secrets.com/cloudmind. Thanks again and talk to you soon. Bye bye Marcel Martens.


2. CS019: Move Away From SharePoint Tips, Tricks & Tools
https://cloud-secrets.com/cs-1... download (audio/mpeg, 20.54Mb)


Are all your customers happy after you've moved their documents to SharePoint and OneDrive? Warning. The following is a message for every entrepreneur who wants to generate recurring revenue with a suite of services but can't seem to figure out to end up with customers for life. And by that I mean, that they eventually leave because the product or service doesn't provides what they expected to.

So, I'm Marcel Martens and welcome back to the Cloud Secrets Show. And today we're going to talk about how we manage to end up with happy customers or customers being happy after we move their data or documents to the cloud. And then, we don't use SharePoint and OneDrive as you might've expected.

In this episode I will, at the end, I will tell you how to get all the steps of my success formula, my MIT method, that has made me a fortune the last two years. It made me debt free. It made me do the things that I want to do. It made me run my business in three days a week. It gave me financial freedom. And more importantly, every customer that we move or migrate to the Always Safe in Business package is a happy customer. They can do more than before and we met expectation or exceed expectation. And by exceeding expectations you get up ending with customers for life.

So, that's my main focus and it's always been. I've been an entrepreneur for 12 years now, 11, 12 years, and I still can count all the customers we lost on one hand. So that's something there we're doing right because otherwise they would have left.

Let me tell you the story of a customer, and that was, I don't know, somewhere mid 2016, early '17, yeah, early '17 I think. The requests for Office 365 was raising pretty big. A lot of customers, a lot of businesses here, we're talking about moving stuff to Office 365 and it kept even growing bigger and bigger and bigger. And as I told in one or two podcasts back, They've got over 60 million users right now, active users, on the Office 365 platform. It's still... Well, it's expanded amazingly fast.

And at that time that customer wanted to move everything to Office 365. We recommended them to only move his email and start using, of course, the OfficeSuite, but be a little careful with moving the data there. And eventually, we spent up like, I don't know, way, way too much hours in moving the data to SharePoint. For him, it wasn't possible to look at his data on his phone or on his tablet. It was all complicated.

As you know, probably you've got to sign in everyday. You get some errors once in a while. It's not particularly fast. You've got to wait a long time to open your documents, and not the small 20 KB Word documents. But if you are working with serious documents like 20 megabytes or whatever, well, I can tell you it's not that fast. And user experience is, well, it's all that counts because if the user gets frustrated by using the system, the system or any system, is a tool. It's not a purpose on its own. So, Office 365 or SharePoint or whatever, it's a tool to do... well, to use for somebody to deliver what he sells or what he needs to do.

And eventually, I ended up, well, we talked about problems several times. I sent engineers to fix it. We even opened some support tickets with Microsoft, but at the end, there was really nothing we could do. And we use backup software. Maybe we use the wrong one, I don't care, but it didn't even finish. We were trying to back up all the data from Office 365 to our data center and it never, ever completed. It was running and then it was stuck for 15, 14, 15 days and we canceled the job. We restarted job.

And, I don't know, we don't have it with the way that we do it now. And when you look at other file storage solutions out there in the cloud, take Dropbox. Dropbox works great. It syncs nice. It's user-friendly, but it doesn't give you the opportunity or the ability to set an authorization level. So, well, for example, the business owner needs to be able to see and edit all files. But sales department only needs the sales files and the purchase department only need the purchase files, and support department only needs access to the support department files. And Dropbox doesn't have a solution for that. Neither does ShareFile. Neither does... what's the other one? Nomadesk. You got several of those.

And that is what we... The number one problem we solve with the Always Safe in Business suite that we sell through one of our company's MIT services. And well, one of my personal goals is to make the world a safer place and especially online. And for that, why I created the Always Safe in Business suite in 2017.

Back in the day we were, oh, we were pretty much in trouble. I've made some bad investments in, well, hardware that didn't work or didn't work as fast as it should be. So, we invested, I don't know, serious amounts of money and we expected it to be up and running in August, and in December we were still having issues and a lot of customer complaints. So, you know, can imagine what that costs at that time because we weren't focusing on new business. Oh man, if I think back, I'm glad I'm out of it.

So, at that point, there was a point that we were almost bankrupt. I was living on my parents pockets. They paid my mortgage. They paid my groceries. They paid my insurance. They paid for the whole family. I've got a wife, I've got three kids. We need food and I wanted to go to sports and all that kind of stuff. But I was glad I could buy our groceries, that I could put food on the table, and the rest didn't matter because there was no money.

And luckily, my... Well, I went to my dad and explained the whole story with... I was pretty embarrassed, to be honest, because I, as a man, couldn't provide for my own family. And how sorry is that you know?... I don't even want to think back on that. I don't... No, I don't want that to happen to anybody.

So my wife, and it was in December 2017, and we were both way, way in the mud, you know, lots of debt. Things at the office weren't running smoothly. We had wrong employees who didn't do the things that they needed to do. So, at all fronts it was almost worthless. I was literally thinking in the evening sitting behind my laptop and still trying to make money.

And I was, a lot of times, I was thinking, why again did I start my own business? Why am I doing what I'm doing? Can I stop? Can I quit? Can I sell the company? But no, we were deep down in the red, so I could sell it but nobody would pay for it. I didn't have a job besides my company so if I stopped with the company, there was no money at all. So, there was not really a way out, an easy way out. And that's where the biggest growth happened because then you need to go through it. And when you go through it, you'll always come up better at the end or come out better.

And December 2017, my wife asks me, "Okay honey, I love you very much, but this is not sustainable. We can't continue this... living on your parents' pockets. It's insane. So, what is it that we can do, and what is it?" And that's the biggest and the most important question she asked me. What is it that every business need? And that's when my epiphany, ....

Okay. Every business, as a foundation when looking to IT, they all need to have email hosting. They all need, well, especially here in Europe, they're pretty fond of using the OfficeSuite, so they like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, et cetera.

Secondly, and that's where what the most important part is, they need to have an online file system, an online file solution, where they can easily tell who can do what. So, who can see what data, who can edit what data. It needs to be available on all devices, so Windows, Mac, laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones, whatever you're using.

The third one is that they need to have insurance or a proper backup so that when something does go wrong or somebody makes a mistake by deleting wrong files or whatever, that they are insured with a proper backup so that they can always restore their data that went missing, corrupt, deleted, whatever.

And last but not least, they want their systems to be secure, and secure, I mean in antivirus, the firewalling, maybe even two-factor authentication, those four components. So, Office 365 for the email hosting and the Office Suite, the online file solution, backup online and the security solution. Those four components make up the Always Safe in Business suite. And by that, we supply any company, small, medium, or large, with a foundation, an IT foundation, of cloud services that they, well, can get started with.

And from there we take a look at if they need all the hosting or if, I don't know, we've got customers that got more servers running than workstations. So yeah, there's always a business need and we tend to provide the right solution for that business on top of the foundation.

So, long story about one customer that was unhappy about Office 365 and was especially not happy that we, back in the day, moved his data to SharePoint on his... Well, it was pressing pretty hard to us to move his data there while we advise otherwise. But he was also the last one so... I've done it. I didn't use SharePoint for over three or four years now and probably never will.

But that method that we've developed in the end of 2017, early 2018, that has made me or gave me the possibility to be debt free within two years. Made me a fortune. I can run my business in three days a week. Our employees are literally doing what they should be doing. They know what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and that we end up with, well, satisfied customers who are customers for life.

So, do you want to save time, money, and frustrations? And are you ready to take this to the next level? And for those who apply this week, I will share all the steps of my success formula. And if you want these, as I said, they make me a fortune, go to cloud-secrets.com/cloudmind. Again, that is cloud-secrets.com/cloudmind and you can apply there. And the ones that apply this week will receive the exact steps to generate lots and lots of monthly recurring revenue like I did.

If you like this, please rate and subscribe on iTunes. Leave any comments if you got any questions, and I'll talk to you next time. Thanks for listening.

Bye-bye. Marcel Martens.

Check out all my Secrets at: https://cloud-secrets.com

Every business needs email, data, protection and security. Here's how I like to make an impact to the world and make it a safer "online" place.

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3. CS 018: How To Triple Your Customer Acquisition In No Time
https://cloud-secrets.com/cs-1... download (audio/mpeg, 22.14Mb)


Hi, everybody. I'm Marcel Martens and welcome back to the Cloud Secrets Podcast. First, we go to the theme song and then we're going to talk about how you can triple your acquisitions in no time.

Hey, what's up everybody? Hope you're doing well. I'm in my car at the moment. Pretty busy so I try to use my time as efficient as possible and that's why I record the podcast when I'm driving for quite some time. Today I'd like you to tell you what made a huge impact to my business and how acquisition or acquiring new customers or new leads, skyrocketed for me two or three years ago.

If you listened to a few podcasts back, I believe it was around Episode 10, I talked about that we were about...Well, a few years ago we're struggling to get food on the table, and at that time... Ever since then, I make sure that acquisition is happening at all times. I never lay down because when you look at the teeth of a saw, you want a steady line going upwards and not, that when you hit the peak, you drop all acquisitions because you don't have time, because you are fulfilling on the sales you did before, then you get a drop in new sales, a few weeks or month from now, you'll get a huge drop in delivering on or welcoming new customers or migrating new customers into your cloud solution.

My biggest lesson then was, okay, never "the saw effect" as somebody called it and it sounded nice, but it stick. It made me look at it from a different angle. You know it when we all... I bet you know it too... When everything goes well, you're in the flow we are in, everything comes naturally. You feel like you don't need to do any acquisition because people come running to you to become a customer or to get your thing and your servers or services or whatever you do. But it isn't always the same. You get peaks and lows, and that's why I need to get a machine running, an acquisition machine, that constantly keeps providing new customers on a regular basis, and that can be daily, weekly, monthly. I don't care as much as you need, and what was a huge eyeopener for me was that if you look at your current customer base, and then I go back to Russell Brunson's value ladder, that currently you're providing one or more solutions to your current customers.

What else can you sell to them? That's the low hanging fruits. If you just give them a call, "Hey, how are you doing? I was wondering, I'm in the neighborhood next week. Do you got 15 or 30 minutes time to do a cup of coffee?" And you go over to the customer and you're talking and "okay, what are your biggest problems?", "Oh, what are you struggling with?" At this time I always get value or see potential in those conversations because it's just human interaction, it's not a sales conversation. "You're just in the neighborhoods dropping by for a cup of coffee and you're asking how he or she is doing," and if they are struggling with some things. Just an open question, and usually they tend to start raving all their struggles and maybe it's not all IT related, I can refer them to someone in my network who could help them.

And also with that, if you use your network strategically, I always ask the customer or whoever I'm talking to, "is it okay if I give your name and number or name and email address to the one that maybe can help you?" That one that can solve the problem is the initiator of the first contact, and that's gold. You never give the name and number to the person you're talking to because then the initiative is with your customer or whoever you're talking to, and they maybe never even call. That's not providing a lead to somebody in your network, but if you can give them a name and number, they can call. Do you know how valuable it is? But then you also need to make sure that to who you give that name and number, I usually tend to make a gentleman's agreement, that they over deliver because my name is attached to it. I want you to make sure that if you're going to solve that problem for my customer as well, you over deliver and you provide so much value that they come back to me.

"Oh Marcel, thank you very much. You sold this, this, this, this and also helped me with that, that and that. Over deliver, and that's the gentleman's agreement I always tend and if they don't, it's a one time deal, then I'm done. I never refer ever again. So don't screw up! That's also a bold statement, but do it right or you don't get referrals of me, and that way it goes the other way around as well. When other people in my network are doing the same, just drinking a cup of coffee with customer and asking, "okay, what? What are you struggling with or what does your current suppliers or providers leave at the table?" "What are you missing?"

It's an easy target because you know what the biggest problems are, our biggest struggles are and you can provide them with the solution or help them get to overcoming that problem. That's number one. Number two is while you're at that customer in the same conversation with the same cup of coffee and usually those conversations, I take 30 minutes for them and usually it's enough. You don't want to both of them with the one or two hours they just dropping by, keep it short. But when I'm there I also ask, "you're using my Always Safe in Business suite now for like one year, three years, five years." I don't care. "Can you give me three names of three companies who would benefit from this as well?", "And can you provide me with a name and number that I can call and when I'm calling and tell them your name that you give them their credential or their name and number." So it will be beneficial.

And I tend to close one or two out of three, that's huge. That's why we grow so fast. If you, you don't need to go to a customer. We finished the migration and the company started using your Always Safe in Business suite and a week after you go by and you know, "okay, nice. Thank you. I hope you're doing well and you feeling happy about our suite and can you give me three names?" No, it's too early. You need to give it time so they can experience the value of your solution.

But boy it's mind blowing. If you've got 50 customers and you go by them in, I don't know, one month or one and a half months, you probably end up with a hundred extra customers if you do it right. It could triple your business with leads within a month. How powerful is that? And if you're talking about scaling, after you do that, for example, you started alone and you acquired well, maybe not 50 customers, but you acquire 10 customers, and with that 10 you can make 30, and with that 30 you can make, you got 20 new ones. Let me do the math here. If you've got 10 customers at all, best odds, maybe we should be in the middle. If you ask your 10 customers, if they can provide you with a name and number, who you can contact, who would benefit from your suit as well, then you might get one and a half new customers, per current customer.

If you go do 10 visits, you get 15 new customers, and you got 25 customers from that 15 new customers, you do the same after three months, six months, and from that 15, times one and a half and 15 to seven and a half is 22, 23 new customers again and now you're at 50 you can do the math. How quickly you can expand your customer base by just drinking a cup of coffee, and that's how easy it is.

If you want to know more secrets and you're interested in making the same progress as I did in the last years, I invite you to apply for the Cloud Secrets course. It's absolutely amazing elite course. We only do 20 people at a time so I can personally commit to your success and in this podcast and vlog and blog, I will share some of the secrets, but it's just the tip of the iceberg in the Cloud Secret course, I'll dive deep into everything because I think current education is way, way less efficient as everybody's thinking and not to slap somebody in the face. But if we... I like total immersion. When I would like to learn some techniques or new skills or whatever, I go as deep as I need to go to fully understand and comprehend the stuff that I need to know. If it's office 365 I go all the way until I know everything about it, what is to know. I become the number one in my area on skills and expertise, that's what I do with the Cloud Secret course.

I'll take you as deep as you need to go to do successful migrations every single time and we leave none out of it. You get bonuses like our 127 item checklist for migrating people to the Always Safe in business suite, which will guarantee success, every single migration. I will give you installation checklist as a free bonus for installing new laptops or PC's.

You can hand them to the customer turn key, they just need to log in and they can start working. All you got to do is install a printer locally and that's it. They can take off, you can just ship the laptop out and don't need to physically go to the customer to install all his softwares or whatever he's using, and there's much more. If you would like to apply, because as I said, I only work with 20 people at a time. Expectation, no not expectations, the requirements are very high. If you like somebody who wants to go deep, who's got the time to go through all that stuff and is committed to their own success, then you need to go to cloud-secrets.com/cloudmind. Again, that's cloud-secrets.com/cloudmind.

And there you can apply for the Cloud Secrets for the elite 20 Cloud Secrets course, where I will take you all the way and show you the whole iceberg and where I personally commit to your success. Thanks for listening, thanks for your time, hope you're doing well, I wish you all the best, and if you like this, please go to iTunes and rate and review we can help more IT Guys become successful millionaires or entrepreneurs or having more time in their life to do what matters most to them. Okay. See you next time. Bye-bye Marcel Martens.


4. CS 017: The #1 Mistake Most Cloud Service Providers Make
https://cloud-secrets.com/cs-1... download (audio/mpeg, 13.31Mb)


Hey, what's up everybody? Welcome back to the Cloud Secrets Podcast. Today we're going to talk about the number one mistake most CSPs or cloud service providers make. When we take a look at our customers, especially the new ones that are coming in and that we onboard with our M IT method, one thing that I started noticing, is that, most were being served by another IT company and they only provided one solution. Office 365 is the bomb. Use SharePoint for your files, use OneDrive, use I don't care, SharePoint isn't built for files. Every single customer that we pull away from there, is telling me the same thing. It's slow, it's not easy to use. It's not user friendly, it's complex. It's difficult to search your files. You got a lot of errors. It doesn't look and feel the same on all your devices. Think about your laptop your PC or tablet, your phone, your whatever you're using these days.

People need to think before they can access their files. In my opinion, they're missing the boat because they need to, well, IT in my opinion, IT is a staff function to any company. It's a facilitating thing to the business. It gets you do more in less time, gets you to automate things, gets you to work wherever you are. It's gets you to be safe in business, you know what I mean, right?

So when they focus on the features and the benefits of the cloud solution, then they don't focus on the business. And if you know where SharePoint came from, SharePoint was built somewhere between maybe 2001 or something. I started working with it in year 2003 and I didn't like it then and didn't like it now, so nothing's changed there, and I will probably never like it. Actually, I hate it. Let's make a statement here. I hate SharePoint. Even if a customer begs us to implement SharePoint, I tell him no, go somewhere else, because I don't stand behind that product or service. I can not guarantee our customer satisfaction based on SharePoint. So my answer's always no. You can use it on your own. Don't call me for support. Call somebody else. I don't care. Do whatever you want, but don't contact me for SharePoint.

Take a look at where SharePoint came from, it was more like a project tool, for teams to work together. Like in construction. You've got the architects, you've got constructors, you've got electrical people, you've got the plumbing people. All that kind of companies and agencies you need to work together, in the same building blueprints. That was SharePoint design for, so they could all look at the same files at the same time, at same version, and if you want to check it out, check out as in use, to make a revision and create a new version, that was fine. Everybody knew that the file was locked, and that some guy who was working in it and when it's finished he checks it back in. So it's available for the others, so they can see the new changes.

But boys (and girls) , but guys, it's 2019 today. That shit don't work anymore. This isn't build to last. Last time I checked there were over 60 or 80, I'm doubting a little bit now. let's make it 60 million Office 365 users. 60 million people or employees who are using Office 365. If they got like, I don't know, maybe 8 million team sites within SharePoints, in there entire Office 365 cloud. Boy, those are a lot of files and a lot of people who are not be able to work with files the way that they want to, the way that they used to and the way that they liked to, and here comes my bold claim.

I can help you learn the way, teach you the way, that you will be able to convert those companies to customers for life. Sounds good? I created the special free course for and I only allow 20 people at anytime, to join. If there are openings then, people can join but no more than 20 at a time. Because I want to be sure that I will be able to have the time to hold your hand and guide you through all steps necessary, learn you and teach every single secret and detail that I've got, which guarantees success every single time. No matter where they came from, they got an old SBS (Small Business server), fine they're still using POP3 email, fine. Last week we did a Microsoft live migration. Boy, it's not even supported anymore in Windows 10. And we bought special software to be able to migrate those emails to Office 365. I don't care.

I show you every single step of the way and make sure to convert or migrate every customer with success. Want to join or if you want to apply, go to clouds-secrets.com/cloudminds. That's again that's clouds-secrets.com/cloudminds. There You can apply for the course as I told, it's a special awesome course to who I'll allow only 20 people max, at a time and since you will be working very intensely with me. I hand pick the ones that are a good fit you know.

So if you apply, Femke, will go over the application. If she thinks it's a fit, she will call you and discuss more questions or ask more questions to see if you're a perfect fit, if you're a perfect fit, then and only then I'll get to see your application and I personally sign off if you can join, yes or no. So you want to join, you want to apply. Go to clouds-secrets.com/cloudminds. Thank you very much and talk to you next time. Bye bye. Marcel.


5. CS 016: Never Suffer From Complaining Customers Again ... Guaranteed!
https://cloud-secrets.com/cs-1... download (audio/mpeg, 25.24Mb)


Hey everybody Marcel Martens here and welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast. First, we're going to go through the theme song and then we're going to talk about customer expectations and how you can exceed them. So I hope you doing well. Here, everything okay. Making a major progress on everything actually, because we set tight deadlines and got a pretty good momentum here so I want to hold onto it so we can then help you all get as successful as you want to be because that's my number one goal, help everybody out there in the way that I can.

Back to How to Exceed the Customer Expectations. You know when... and then I'm going to give you an example of one of my businesses, M IT Services. Lots of companies or business owners or whatever, they just buy a new PC or laptop or whatever they need and then they struggle with the setup. I bet you've heard it a lot of times. They always need to call the IT guy to fix the stuff. They need to do their work, so they never have a complete overview of the total cost of ownership. That's where we do magnificent things.

Because.... We try to deliver the system fully functional, just like turn key ready. They just put it on, log in, and can start working. The only thing that we can't do ahead, was configure their printers or local devices they have at the office. That's the only leftover we have, is the one thing that we ask the customer to, when I unpack it, connect everything, and have it up and running, if they even want to, we can do it as well, of course. Then they give us a call, we take over the screen and we, well finalize the setup. For them it's like a major difference and it's what I always ask, "what does your current supplier leave at the table? What are you missing out on?" And it's really the biggest eye opener as well as for them, as for you to be able to know what that particular customer expects of you.

So if you are in your first sales call or meeting or whatever and you're talking about what the customer wants and what they need and you know, doing a little inventory, I cover it in the course in more detail, but for now you're having a chat about what he wants and needs and at that point you can drop in those questions "what is your current supplier leaving on the table or leving out and that you feel like you're in need of."

Basically there's the answer, all you have to do is awnser that question in your offer and you're done. You got the sale!!! And how great would it be if you can ship out stuff, and I'll get back to the stuff part because we don't do everything, it has to be in line of business, but I get to that one minute please.

How great would it be for that customer to receive it's ordered goods in a way that it's just ready, you know? You can just plug it in, start it up, and start using it without having to wait another few hours, a few days, or when you have time. And that's it.

Maybe one of the first three or five episodes I was talking to you about, focus back to one thing and become best of it. By doing so you eliminate a whole lot of stress, not only for you but also for your employee because they just have to do that one thing and if that one thing means migrating customers to your platform, then that's the one thing, and that means making contract offers then that's the one thing. The contract is always the same, may vary in numbers but basically comes down to the same one thing and if you become excellent at that one thing, you can add more value to the customer by adding offers in line with the one thing in the one thing is what I call, they always safe the business package or suite, sorry, always safe a business suite.

And in line perfectly fits delivering or selling a laptop or a PC for using that suite, so you can make extra sales, you make can make extra money of the installation and for that as well. I love Trello boards. I love Trello checklist. We've got checklists for almost everything in our business. And if you follow the course, I give you all those checklists as bonuses, but every single laptop or PC we deliver mets the same standards as all our deliveries do.

So I know for a fact that when a user opens the box and he plugs everything in he can work, he can do, he can start working wherever he is, if he's in the office, if he's at home, if he's on holiday, I don't care. He can start working with the always safe business suite. Because that's all configured before shipping out the device.

And there I draw the line. If somebody asks me, "could you sell me a mobile phone?"" No, I'm not going to do that." "Why not? I'll pay you extra for it." "No, it's not the line of my business." If there's something wrong our support team isn't built for that, it costs way, way, way, way too much time. So please let them order those on the internet or with a phone provider or whatever.

And if people ask me the same, "okay Marcel, I would like you to come to my office and move all my data from my current system to the new system" and I'm telling him "no." "Yeah, but why not, you're the guy, the face of the business." Yes I am, but I don't tell him a straight no, I give a story for them to understand why and eventually tell them no.

It's not my task in the company to run those things and to do those things. We've got people working for us to do those things. It's not to think that's too less of a job for me. No, I've done I know 20 years, whatever. I don't care. Well, my focus and my goal is to generate revenue. We need new customers, we need marketing, we need sales, we need, that's my task, not installing systems. And if the guys have problems or questions, sure, I help them out, but it's not my task to perform those tasks. You understand what I mean?

So for you, it's the same as of the start. And I know when you're starting out and you get your first customers, you're excited and of course you've got to do all those things, I've done them as well for like eight years in my business.

But the sooner you can hire someone to do it for you the sooner you've got time to... speed up the customer acquisition process. And the more customers you get, the more recurring revenue you get. And the more people you can help and the more people's lives you can change by not having all the fears doubts and anxieties, frustrations of IT that they currently have, because that's your one focus on customers that you want to transfer to you and they're unhappy of their current supplier. The current supplier doesn't use any cloud services. So they still work on their Synology NAS or when you know their POP3 email boxes, Oh man, if I even think of that, it's just way, way, way oooohhhh man I get a headache.

But we also, at our company M IT Services, we're still migrating. I don't know, maybe once, or twice, or three times a month we're migrating people out POP3 mailboxes. Guys, it's 2019 people, come on and give me a break. Why are they still using POP3? Yes, they are. So you need to get in touch with them and you can show them the benefits. But don't sell benefits. Don't sell features. Sell outcome. That's a really big lesson that I've learned. I probably believe it was Steve Larson, or Dean Graziosi, I don't know. Sell the outcome. That's when people say yes, don't sell benefits and features, you're just making them compare everybody else. So you're just comparing yourself to everybody else and below you mentioned the price. And then you compete on price. It's not what you want. That's why you need to sell the outcome. And when you sell the outcome, you get customers for life. Because when you deliver on the outcome and even exceed their expectations and it's like you're best friends, they will be happy to pay you money. They'll want to call you every time they are in need of something.

So back to over delivering on the promise. Say when you make an offer, and maybe it's way too salesy this podcast. But what I'm doing with this course is not only the technical part, I can learn you old the skills you need, but if you can't make a sale, it's no use. You're not of use. You know? You need to be able to sell, acquire customers, build your business, and then you can scale.

By scaling, I mean you go from ten accounts as customers, you don't need ten customers, you can have one customer with ten users. When I'm talking about accounts, I'm talking about the number of users who use the suite, that's how you can scale from one to ten to 100 to 1000. Then when you come above the 1000 users you're serving what do you think, you've got a recurring revenue, it's almost 40 grand a month. When you are serving 100 or 1000 users. Did you expect that to happen when you just start your business and selling laptops, selling PCs, sell antivirus software, or selling some backup software or do a little affiliate thing here and over there. No, of course not, but that's because you don't have a plan. When you have a plan and you do only one thing, you have one focus. You only focus on getting your first ten accounts. Then you focus on 100, you do what you have to do. You focus on getting your 100 users. When you have 100 you go through a thousand. And how? I'm going to teach you in the course.

It's easily because those people keep paying you every single month and when they do, they also have some questions once in a while or they need a new system once in a while. Who do you think they call? Of course, they're going to call you, so you're going to make extra money out of the same customer every single time.

I did a calculation and roughly a sole entrepreneur, this is just a business guy who was, I don't know, consulting or whatever. They all need a laptop. They all need the Always Safe in Business suite and that's the foundation for all IT in my opinion every company needs so they do like, let me go click quickly here. Roughly around 500 euros a year, for the Always Safe in Business suite. But if I calculate all the extra time on support on, I don't know help they want, that's not support.

Support is for me when something isn't working and then they need support, but if they've got a question like how can I do this? Okay, help me with that. Well, it also falls under the umbrella of support of course, and once in three years they buy a new system. So now your yearly revenue from that customer goes up from 500 euros to maybe two and half, 3000 euros. If you got 100 users, so times three thousand, go figure a lot of money. Right? That's what I want you to think about, because it's way easier set.

There's also, well it's hard work, but it's easily done. You get what I mean right? Good. If you're in for it and you're all pumped up and excited, as I am on this podcast... and you're thinking, Marcel when can I start? I want this tomorrow. Go to Cloud-Secrets.com/cloudmind and again, it's Cloud-Secrets.com/cloudmind I'll drop in a link below and there you can opt in for the course. There's a waiting list. I only work with 15 to 20 people maximum at a time because I want to guarantee your success. And you follow it step by step, I guarantee that you will be adding those 100 users in no time.

So exceed customer expectation and how we do it every single time, we over deliver. And over-delivering is easy, because when we call them, "I see you received package," you just give them a call and you ask "okay, when do you got time to set up your printer?" "Oh yeah, we can do right now, maybe tomorrow or whatever." "Okay. I'm going to call you back tomorrow at 12 o'clock," and after you set up the printer, "did you try everything? Is everything working? You got more questions? Do you need some data to be transferred?" And then they'll be like "finally somebody who gets it, they're asking questions. Am I happy? Do you want me to do other things for you?"

It's just, we're in the service business guys. We serve the customer. That's our primary job. Nothing else and that's what I'm going to stick to it today. Thank you very much for listening. If you like this, please rate and subscribe on iTunes, on YouTube, on SoundCloud, wherever you listen or watch this, and I'll love to hear some feedback, positive, critic feedback, all is welcome just to make this a better product than it already is. I hope I over delivered to you today. If not, please, please let me know because at my whole intention of all that I do here, I want to over deliver you and help you as best as I can to get you as successful as you want to be. Okay, talk to you guys next time. Bye-bye, Marcel Martens,




6. CS 015: The Biggest Secret To Success
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Good morning guys, Marcel Martens here. Welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast. I just dropped off the kids at school and daycare. Back to work, and today I'm going to talk about making out of your comfort zone, your new comfort zone. We go to the theme song and then we're going to talk about that.

Welcome back. To be able to grow, you need to get out of your comfort zone, and that's way easier said than done. As I can speak for myself and I know a ton of examples who experienced the same. Once you've established your daily routines, and I'm talking about weekdays here, but maybe you've got even a separate routine for your weekends as well. It's really hard to break free of those because you feel comfort. It's easy, that's what time that I need to get out of bed, that's when I take a shower, that's when I go to the office, then I'm on time. I'm going to do my job and then I go home, maybe do some shopping, cook dinner, and after that you have the evening for yourself. Maybe you go do some sports, then you go to bed and the next day is the same. That's pretty easy, right? Doesn't involve a lot of thinking, no decisions need to be made. You just... Well, you've got your daily habits and your routines and it's good. It feels good, you feel comfort.

But if you keep in that comfort zone, it's going to stay the same. You understand, right? Maybe you get a raise at your job, maybe you get a career switch when it's time, and then you adjust your routine a little bit, but it's not like the major changes. To be able to succeed for yourself in your life, and in being an entrepreneur, or being a business owner, or being a professional, or whatever. Being a loving spouse, being the best friend you can be, being the best father, or mother. Every single thing it's the same, “the secret to living is giving” as Tony Robbins said. I truly believe that it's... I get goosebumps, I feel good, I feel happy, when I'm able to help people. If you listened to my last podcast about finding my why, I suggest you go back and listen to it because it's just mind blowing for me.

It's made so much clear in why I do the things I do, without expecting anything in return because as Tony says, that sharing is... For living is giving (secret of living is giving). In order to live the happiest life you ever imagined, you need to give more, and if you give more, you'll get more. Everything is in balance in the universe. Everything, is in balance. The nature, it takes care of that without... Instantly... I don't know how to explain it but, go watch or read The Secret. I know, it's maybe 20 years old, I don't know, but it's an eye opener, there are tons of books about it. Follow Bob Proctor for example, he's always talking about the Law of Attraction.

It's all coming down to the same basic principle. Share more, it's the same with the ratio between your ears to your mouth, listen twice as much as you talk. Listen to understand, as Covey is telling in his books and his stories. When you are looking for the red lining throughout history, for all the most successful people, they all understood that secret. They all give it a different name, but it's all back to the same principle. It's everywhere the same, listen to understand not to be understood. Just understand first before you get understood. Share more than you want, or want to receive. It's exactly the same as entrepreneurship, if you want your business to succeed, and become a success... You as well in person, then really the secret is, get out of your comfort zone and make that your new comfort zone.

I know what it's hard as I said before, there are a lot of things you think about, “Oh, I don't know about that”, or “how the hell am I supposed to do that?” “Oh, that's not me.” “Who do you think I am?” “For who, am I going to do this?” All one answer, for you. If you get a feeling... You could feel it in your stomach when you're out comfort, discomfort. You know it, absolutely sure, right? You know it, right? When you're in that zone. Okay, good.

Imagine this, I give you a back... and I'll give you an example, my family life back at home. I did a whole podcast about it, how I run my business in three days and why I need to. But, for me to be able to get there, to do the things that I do now, I needed to be out of my comfort zone for a really long time, to make it my new comfort zone. It's a magical principle my coach teach me, give 100% despite what the other provides. If my wife is ill and she can't provide at this time, so 0%, I fill her 100% as well. Without yagging about it, without me feeling irritated about it, without just... You just man the fuck up. Oh sorry, beep, man up. You just do the things you need to do, and that makes you feel better, if you look at it in the right way.

I truly believe that many relationships break up because of this, because they don't know this principle or this secret. As well as I said, in entrepreneurship as well as in your personal life. Also, here the secret is giving. Our relationship has never been better because she can has... Take the rest that she needs to heal. She doesn't need to worry that I forgot things because my family's priority number one, they're on top of everything. To be able to do that, I needed to go way, way out of my comfort zone because if I may say so myself, I'm pretty lazy, and that's why I become and IT professional, so I can automate things. But in relations, you can't automate anything. Well, maybe an email, but I couldn't advise that because it's going to break your relationships. You understand, right? Okay, good.

But, for me to go way out of my comfort zone and be creating and making that my new comfort zone. When I look back, it's been a beautiful transition. If you ask me five years ago, Marcel, can you do the things you do today? "Hell no." I wouldn't say... I would say, it wasn't possible. Where there isn't a way, make away. You don't know the way, you find the way. It's with everything, all good, and of all successful entrepreneurs, make their out of comfort zone, their new comfort zone. And that's the biggest secret to success, and stick with it. Never gave up. As I said with the light bulb, I don't recall his name, he didn't have a thousand failures, or 999 no, it took him a thousand steps to invent the light bulb. With this it's the same, don't give up, just lean in. Lean in when you feel that you're in your out of comfort zone and that's where the magic happens.

You need to push through that wall. You don't go around it, you don't go above it, or over it. Just go through it, and I guarantee you at the other end of the wall, the sun is always shining. Remember that and that's where the gold pot is, that's where success is. I dare you to... I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. That's where the magic happens and where you can truly live on the edge, and experience most beautiful things, and get extraordinary life, and/or money, or happiness, or everything you want, is on the other side of that wall. You just need to find a way through it. That means keep going and keep going, and keep going, until you're there, and never give up.

So that's it for today. Talk to you next time. If you liked this, please rate and subscribe on iTunes because other people are only going to find this podcast if we get lots of reviews or lots of ratings. Please take a minute and then go to iTunes and rate this with the four or five star if you like it. If you don't like it, comment as well and let me know why you don't like it so I can do anything about it.

Thank you for watching and listening and I'll talk to you guys next time. See ya. Bye bye. Marcel.


7. CS 014: Finding My Why
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Today. I found my core values with the help with my coach and I'm going to share them with you, after the theme song.

Boom. Oh, guys. What's up? Good day everybody. Good morning here. It's morning at least. Today's a very valuable day for me. Have you been struggling with your why? Why do you get up in the morning? Why you do the things you do? Why you're in IT? Why you love working with cloud systems and customers? Who always have problems with the systems they use?

I hope you know your why and otherwise. I've been struggling with it for a while now. I think it's two or three years that I've been wondering on almost a daily basis why I do the things I do. Work-related and private life, as well. But for here, we focus on the working part, on the business part. Do you know Simon Sinek? Buy his book. Find your why or Why. He's got two books. I read them both very, very valuable, but it didn't get me to my core why. And if you look at it like an onion and you can peel off all the layers, layer by layer, by layer. Let me ask you the question. What is the most ... Why is it important to be successful in your life?

For me, it could be to leave a legacy. Okay. A good answer. And why it's important to you to leave a legacy? Okay, good question. For me, it's important to leave a legacy because I want to make a contribution to the world. In my case that would be to let every business run their IT safely, or I'll get to that in a little bit, I don't want to spoil my answers here. But I'll just giving another example here, right. Why is it important to make the world a safer place, especially online? Okay, so it's good question, again.

To me, it's important to make the world a safe place because I think all the things you worked hard for, all your data, all your knowledge should be kept safe and only for you to share if you want to, or not any kind of hackers to just steal your data or resources and make them publicly available. Okay, and why it's important that hackers can't access your data. Well, you get the point, right? You go layer by layer, by layer until you get to your core. My core is ... well, let me tell you in a different story, another story.

When I design a solution for a business, it can be a small business, a large business. I don't care. The feeling is the same. You know? Every single time that when I meet with a customer or a prospect in that phase, they're having issues or they can't do the things they want to do. They are limited by the system, the solution, the cloud services, whatever it is, the IT solution as a whole. They are limited by its capabilities to do what they want to do. And that's where my core value comes in. I get goosebumps when I can help the customer so that they can do what they want. That sounds nice. I think most entrepreneurs want that. Why do you want that, or why does that give you a good feeling?

And today, I found out and it's a very valuable day for me again, that my why is, it makes me feel happy, I get goosebumps. It's about getting out of your head and into your feeling, when you know, you feel that something is good, right? When you feel that you're happy, that you help the customer covert or you start using the system that does what the business needs. My core thing is: "I leave businesses in a better state than when I first met them." And that's as basic as it's going to get. That's the transformation I'm giving to companies, to entrepreneurs, IT guys. I say it again, "I'll leave them in a better state than when I first met them", and that's so powerful to me. Those few words are like spot on why I get goosebumps every single time that I've helped the customer transition from the current solution, current situation into the new situation. And even if they wouldn't pay me money, I still would have gotten those goosebumps.

It makes me feel good, it makes me feel happy. That's my core why, I just want to be happy. I want that happy feeling , you know? That I've been able to help somebody to do more, or whatever, just leave them in a better state than they were when I met them. That's the most powerful thing I realized the last few years. And that's also the reason that I want to share it with you because I know it's been nagging at me for years and I wanted to be able to spell this out, to share this with other people. Why do you do things you do? A lot of people got those questions. I think you've got them, too. So I hope I inspired you with this to help you find your why. There are great books on it. As I mentioned, Simon Sinek. Tony Robbins is and also a great mentor for me. I watch a lot of his stuff. I read a lot of his books, as well. Follow him online and doing trainings and all things, just to get to your core so you can share your message and share what you stand for.

It's the same with Cloud Secrets, guys. I want to help you become a millionaire. I'll help you with setting up your business, getting the customers, getting the sales done, doing the migrations, end up with happy customers and that's why I focus so much on the happy customer. A happy customer is a customer for life. If you help your customer transition from the state he's in to the new state where he wants to be, you're his friend for life and they keep paying you for it. That's the greatest part.

How beautiful is that? And it's all based on listening to where their needs are. I don't know if I did an episode before, or otherwise there will be shortly. "Listen to understand before you got understood". Very powerful. And it's made me tons of money. You always deliver on the promise. You always deliver what they expect you to. It isn't hard, it's difficult. No, it isn't difficult, but it's hard. You need to discipline yourself to learn this stuff and apply it in the right way. And then it works every single time. And that, I will guarantee you.

I hope you can feel my enthusiasm here. Wow, I'm going to make a little party tonight, I think. I'm going to make a lot of messages using this core value now that I know what it is and I'll talk to you guys next time. Okay. Bye, bye. If you like this, please rate, subscribe, and post any comments. Please do. I want to share this with as much IT guys out there and together, we're going to make the world a safer place. How about that? Okay. See you next time. Bye, bye. Marcel Martens.


8. CS 013: Your Brain Doesn't Know The Difference
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Hey everybody. Marcel Martens. Welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast.

Today I want to talk about what your brain does with pain and joy and gratefulness from others or your own.

Yesterday evening ... in bed, I was watching a Discovery, I don't know, sci fi or whatever. And there was this show or documentary, I don't know. And there was a study about that the human brain processes the pain of other people the same way as when they have actual pain themselves. So they would hook somebody up with a lot of wires and put them in some MRI machine or something. And when they showed the person the images and the pain somebody was going through and they made a detailed map of the areas in the brain that were activated.

And afterwards they would, I don't know, like hit the person with some wood. I don't know, or give him a slap on the hands. And that same spots in the brain lighted up. So for human physiology and the human brain, the brain doesn't know where it's coming from. If you're seeing it, you're dreaming it or you actually experience it yourself.

And the same goes for joy, success or well, all the things you like. If you, I don't know, maybe 10 15 years ago, around that time yeah... 10, 12 years ago. And do you know the movie The Secret or did you read the book, The Secret? At that time, well, I thought it was a nice read. It was nice to watch. In some cases I always had luck, like finding a parking space in a parking. I always have them near the entry, near the exit. They're what I visualize, where I visualized that the free spot was for me or just when you come driving in and then on that spot, somebody's leaving when you're arriving you know?

Same with stoplight, headlight, traffic lights. It always turns green when I'm arriving. In the Secret they explain this as the law of attraction. Go watch it. It's fun. Just spend an hour and a half or whatever it is, or read the book if you're rather read than watch a movie. But you have a good time and you can pick up a few things there.

On the other hand, the law of attraction is the same with your success. If you're always thinking, I'm not made for this, can I do this or I can't do that. If you don't know you can, why are you assuming that you can't? You might as well assume that you can. It's the same thing. For your brain it doesn't matter. It's all, yeah only what you put in there that's going to be your beliefs.

If you feed your brain with that, if you don't know if you can, you assume you can instead of, I don't know if I can. I assume I can't. For the brain it makes no difference. It's the same wires only they have a different belief for you. And while we were watching that documentary yesterday on Discovery, well, it was a confirmation for me that all this time, well 11 years now an entrepreneur and doing very well if I may say so myself. Not to brag. I don't care about money. I don't know if I told you before, but my dream is not to become a millionaire or whatever. I don't care about money at all. It's nice that I can pay all my bills and don't have to watch my bank account to see if I can do my groceries, but I don't care about money at all.

I heard a nice saying once, I don't know who quoted it, but I give credit to this guy because it's a brilliant quote. I don't need to be, I don't like or want to become a millionaire. I just like the things millionaires like to do and that's exactly the same with me. I like nice stuff. I like fancy dinners. I like whatever, luxury traveling. All these things that millionaires do on a maybe daily or weekly basis. Those are the things I like, but I don't actually care about how much money I have in the bank, you know?

So with that said, if you can feed your brain the right information and right beliefs, the humankind is capable of doing anything. It doesn't matter. So that's what I wanted to share with you today. I hope it inspires you. If you like this, please rate it on the iTunes or Spotify or SoundCloud or whatever you're listening on so other people can find it as well. And if you have any feedback, please leave me a comment and I'll respond there. And if you would like me to talk about anything else or certain subjects, just post it in the comments, or go to cloud-secrets.com and leave a comment over there and all that. I'll see what I can do.

Okay. Have a nice one today and talk to you next time.

Bye-bye. Marcel Martens.


9. CS 012: Essential Systems For Every Business
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Good morning everyone Marcel Martens and welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast.

On the earlier episode, we talked about me getting to my three day work week and how I've created the time that I need for my family to be able to provide. The most important ingredient of that solution was to systematize all processes that are involved in migrating or how to install the "Always Safe In Business Suite" for companies so we literally documented and made checklists for every single item that is possible that you need to do in order to migrate customers successfully. So none is left out, not even our administration tasks, our financial tasks, our planning tasks, our project manager tasks, every single step is documented and we used Trello for it. I'll put a link down below. If you like it you can use it and it saves us a ton of time, a ton of mistakes because it...

In the Netherlands, we have a saying that's literally 'monks work' because people don't like to just follow a checklist because it makes them feel stupid or I don't know, but we focus on every single employee for most of his job, not the support tasks of course because those are usually a bit variable. We document them in our knowledge base, but we don't create a Trello checklist for every single support call, it's insane. But for all our projects and migrations we have these Trello checklists. Even for installing new PCs or laptops or whatever it is, we use checklists and every single time we can guarantee that the outcome will be the same because none is forgotten, none is left out, everything is checked and if it's more complex, we assign a project manager who can manage the project of course, but also make sure certain deadlines are met at certain times and then milestones are finished on time so we can go on further with the next step.

That's the main aspect of how I was able to create my three day work week because we systematized all of the processes and that just gives us a ton of time. In the early days...I'm laughing about it now, but if you think back of it, it was not that professional at all. For me, it was all clear because all the steps were in my head and I could even do them in my sleep if I have to, you know?

For our engineers, to me, it feels like they don't have the complete overview of all the tasks that are at hand so I've struggled a lot with coaching, training, to learn and delegate all the tasks so that I can have my time off. It's not just off but to be able to take care of our family. This way, it was a long route, a long journey towards the result, but now it's finally there and everybody is using them and everybody is eager and happy to use them because it gives good feeling when every single time a migration succeeds without any failures or things forgotten or left out or without any mistakes. That's good and even now every single migration we do an evaluation with the engineer who migrates the new customer and I always asked him if you are doing any steps that aren't in the checklist, please write them down in the notes so I can add them to the checklist if they're important. Better have something in there and not needed than left out and forgotten during the migration.

Back in the old days, maybe five years ago, you can understand that a lot of tasks on those migrations, were actually forgotten or skipped and now we have a fixed prize for the set up of the suite and the migration we just charge by the hour. If the project is finished and we send all the invoices to the customer, if we, for example, forgot two things to set up during the implementation process, you can't send an invoice afterwards because it just looks stupid to me. If you spend like eight hours on setting up everything, you can't send an invoice for a half an hour or an hour afterwards because you forgot two or three things. That's also financially and cash flow technically speaking, it's better because you have everything finished up in one run. You don't have to need go back and make adjustments and, "Oh shit, I need to revisit an order. I need to do that. Oh crap I forgot this one," and that saves not only a ton of time, but it's..., every single customer we also ask for a case study. If we can create a case study. I wouldn't say we use them all, but it gives me feedback on how the migration went and, from the customer's perspective, if there were things that we could do better. Every single migration we learn, and we learn, and we keep learning, and keep making it better, but don't wait until it's perfect. Just get started and improve it on the go, you know? Nothing is perfect the first time even Edison with his light bulb. I think you know the story. His teachers told him he wasn't be able to do anything and here he is, the inventor of the light bulb.The experience... It Took him a thousand times before he figured it out, how to create the light bulb. The electric light bulb. But he didn't see his nine hundred ninty-nine trials as a failure. He looked at it as, "I just needed a thousand steps to get to the results I was looking for".

That's what I try to teach my employees, coach my employees with. I don't see mistakes or whatever as a failure. You'll always have an opportunity to correct them, but if you just see them as steps of the process it gives ease of mind, less stress, more satisfaction because if everything goes well, you'll always have a good feeling about it. You have a feeling that you actually contributed to the project or the business or whatever. That's what makes people run for you. If you can give them a good feeling every single day they are most loyal employees you'll veer get.

That's it for now. I'm back at the office and going to start today. Just dropped off the kids. School started again this week so back to a normal. We've got a lot of tasks at hand today. Yesterday I setup the YouTube channel. I'll uploaded the first videos and added them to the blog.

I'm also looking for an SEO. engineer who can optimize all my blogs and that's why I posted a UpWork job last night. I'm going to have a look at the reaction and hopefully there are some good ones in there so I can pick one and get started today. Yesterday also I had a meeting with my web developer and he started on the members area on the training site to set up the framework for our course. Lots of stuff done yesterday. We're gonna kill it day today as well. Pretty busy day so maybe I'll get back to you tonight or otherwise tomorrow. Have a good one. Bye-bye.

If you like this podcast, please rate and subscribe. Rating is very important not only to me, but in general. If you like it, rate it with a three to a five star on iTunes so we'll be found more and I can help more IT guys to become an entrepreneur or just give the last push they need to start their own business. It's what everybody needs. Most of us don't just throw in the towels at our job and start your own business, but this way you can start alongside your current business and set up everything, learn all the steps you need, and then when its ready and when your first euros are coming in, then you can leave your job and go at it full time or three days like I am. Please rate, subscribe, and leave any feedback if you got any questions or things we need to talk about, just drop them in the comments and I'll have a look at them.

Thank you very much. Have a nice one. Bye-bye.


10. CS 011: Why You Need To Stop Trading Your Time For Money
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Hey everybody, Marcel Martens again, Welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast. First, we get the theme song, and then I'll talk about why you need to stop trading your time for money.

So today's episode is all about why you need to stop trading your time for money. Back in 2008 when I started my business, it was my first assignment for myself to be able to stop trading my time for money. And it took me a while, because first I needed to build all kinds of services. But as you can understand, you can only make so much money as you have time available and you can't divide yourself in two to be able to serve two customers at the same time, especially with a complex project, it's, well un-doable and I don't even think you should want it.

So when I started in 2008, it was my first failure as an entrepreneur. And let me share you with that story because I think you can all learn from it. At that time I was working for a big company doing international projects and migrating all kinds of big companies, enterprise companies to Citrix and to the cloud. I don't know what came before cloud. We used Citrix at the time to, well, give all the employees server based computing so they could work on any station, anywhere on the planet, on any device.

And at that time my challenges were gone at the company. So I ask, okay, can you give me a new challenge or can you move me to a different division? But no, every time they told me no, no possibilities, no options, no nothing. So I told to my boss, okay, then I'll eventually I will start looking for something else because I need a challenge, I'm not here to do the same thing for the rest of my life. So after, I don't know, maybe a half a year, a year, I run into my old boss, and I had a conversation with him and he was asking me, are you ready for a new challenge?

I was looking at him like, okay, what do you have in mind because I left your company because also the challenges were too small or well, we eventually could take over the company, but it was in the middle of a crisis. So I didn't. And I bought my first apartment, so I didn't want to have any financial risks. I just wanted to be able to pay my mortgage and stuff and so I didn't have to worry about money and all that things.

And he asked me, okay, are you ready for a new adventure? And I said, okay, but I don't know what do you have in mind, because I didn't leave your company for nothing. He said, no, it's with my companion and he's a cloud service provider and we could use your skills. So full with faith, as naive as I was back in the day, I went to the chamber of commerce, I got a number and get my tax set up. And I start working for this guy, who screwed me over big time, by the way. So I built an international cloud platform for his company to sell in entire Europe. So this completely multi-lingual, all features and all everything you could think of were included.

So at the end of the... I built it, a half a year on it to make the designs and make all the preparations and installations. And I also had a team with IT guys, who helped me install and set up all solutions that were... No, not solutions. Think of Exchange, think of Citrix, think of file servers, think of database servers, think of application services, NetScalers, load balancers, everything you can think of, we had it totally set up and scripted so we could automatically roll out of users. Which was pretty far fetched that at that time. It was, well, I think we were the first one in 2008 who were doing it that way.

But that said, I said, okay. He was going to give me stocks of his company, of shares of his company, in trade for my time. So at the end of the year, I said, okay, let's go to the ... I don't know what you call it in English. Here you call it "Notaris", where you can exchange your shares and make it all legal and effective. And he said, shares? Shares? What are you talking about? Well, I see beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, a lot of words I can't say here. And it was also one of my last days there. I sent him my last invoice for some hours I worked for a customer of his. I took my loses and well, stated working further on my own.

But at that time, I was living off my wife's salary, who was paying my apartment, who was paying our groceries, who was paying my insurances, everything, because I didn't have anything left. Al my money was gone in the half a year. And I was working for this guy. Learned a lot though, but it was a pretty expensive lesson.

And so I need to do what I was good at. And that was start working as a freelancer to make quick cash, you know? We always had our minds and our vision on services so we could stop trading time for money.

So the first year, 2009, I did a lot of consult working, a lot of design work, all freelance. So I would make a ton of money and all that money, well I pay my mortgage of course, but the rest of the money we all put it back into hard and software. And since then I really never traded my time for money again. It was also always combined with services. And if you have the focus on services, like for example, we were selling these remote desktops, which included office their files, exchange for their email. So basically a workplace in the cloud.

And we would sell it for 75 euros a month, excluding VAT, excluding taxes. But if I could set up a customer with 50 employees, well the first time project migration, that's project based on time, which we can send them an invoice for. But afterwards, the 50 users times 75 euros a month, they just keep coming in and coming in every single month. And yes, of course, I need to do some support. But that's what I mean with stop trading time for money. And then that way if you can scale your business pretty rapidly, if you have a good sales team or are good at sales yourself.

At that time we had 800 users or something, I don't know. So we were scaling pretty big. And that's when you get time and resources available to do other things, because you're not longer trading your time for money. In doing so you can hire your staff, your service desk, your engineers, everything you need to get yourself out of the day to day, so you can focus on new projects, new revenue generating items, bringing in new customers, doing marketing, doing whatever you want to do, because the recurring revenue keeps coming in.

And it has been my focus from day one that I started as a business owner or an entrepreneur, to eliminate my time in the equation. If a business depends on your time or the availability of your time, I think is the biggest mistake an entrepreneur can make. Because then you can only make so much money as you have time available. And yes, of course, you can increase your hour rates, but at the end, you still need to work every single hour to get paid. And while, if you go into services or cloud service in this case, you even keep earning money while you're at sleep or on holiday, or sometimes you're ill for a week or sick or end up in hospital, I don't know. The revenue keeps coming in so you can pay your bills at any time.

And when you set up your support team, even when you are on a three week holiday, no problem. The business continuity is never, ever a problem because you've got your employees who take care of the customer at that time.

So that's what I wanted to share with you. For me, it's always been a focus, as I told. I hope I inspire you to make it your focus as well, especially if you join the cloud secrets program. It's all based on providing services and not... Well, the first time migration is a project. Of course it's nice to have some quick cash but in there end, to me, the only thing that matters is that I will end up with a customer that will stick with me for at least ten years. And I can earn money every single month without having to do anything after the initial setup.

Okay. If you like this, please leave a review and rate this on iTunes. I would like all IT guys in the world to start following me, or at least would like to start for themselves or become an entrepreneur. And on iTunes you can only get a high probability that you'll be found if you've got high rating. So please rate and subscribe and I hope to see you next time.

Thanks for joining. Bye bye. Marcel Martens.


11. CS 010: How To Migrate Customers To The Cloud Without Any Problems
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Hey everybody, Marcel Martens here, Cloud Secrets. Welcome back. Good to be here. I was just walking the dogs and thinking about if I had the opportunity, like 11 years ago and somebody asked me, How would it be if I could learn you all the ways of the Cloud, all best strategies, all things that are working straight from the gecko. If you have some troubles you can dial me anytime or contact support and we'll have a look with you to fix whatever problem you are at hand and I can offer you this course. With that course you will learn in 14 days how to sell the Cloud solution, how do you acquire customers, how to make all the preparations, so do an inventory of everything they have right now, and where they need to go, where they want to go.

With that set that when you do the inventory and there will be potential problems that you need to tackle before you can start the migration to the Cloud or from one Cloud to another Cloud or from the server to Cloud or from whatever current situation the customers in through the new Cloud solution.

You have done the inventory, you know what problems lie ahead so you can tackle them, you can start a discussion with the customer or start a conversation. That's what I mean. From there you can maybe even upsell because they've got old systems like I don't know, Windows Vista, Windows 7. We recommend that everything will be updated to Windows 10 Pro. If they've got old systems, we even got the chance to sell some new systems and make your money over there as well.

Finally, when all preparations are in place and in order, you can set up the new Cloud environment. We create all the users, all the shared mailboxes, migrate all the data and everything on ... not migrating but synchronizing so everything will be prepared for the actual migration. Then finally we ask the customer or make a proposal for a migration date. Then when we do the migration, we make sure that the customer, oh, big truck coming through or moment. You make a... one moment, please.

We make the preparations for the migration. We do a final sync over the data. We export all emails so they can... and then the next day we usually go to the customers site so we can have hands on support and hands on migration. We do a system by system migration while, and that's the big secret, everybody can keep working on the old and new system. While the old partially because they can still print, et cetera. But we lock the old file system, whatever it is so they are forced to use a new system. With their email they can use Outlook or Web Mail or whatever and wait for our engineers to come by and migrate old email.

Back to the question, if I had the opportunity 11 years ago, if somebody would teach me, I would set this all up to do a flawless migration every single time with a guaranteed outcome of a successful migration without the customer having to do anything at all except for signing some contracts, of course, and go over some preparations with you, would you take the chance? Yes or no?

I would have grabbed it with both hands and that's why I created Cloud Secrets and that's why I... I thought a long time about it because who is going to reveal its secrets that are working every single time? It's like the Coca-Cola recipe. Nobody sells the recipe. It's not for sale. That's always Pepsi fighting against Coke and Coca-Cola doesn't really care about Pepsi.

Because they're market leader, I'm not telling you I'm market leader, but my mission is to get everyone safe in business, especially online. If I got to do it with my own company. I can't serve the whole world on my own with my company. If I teach my ways to you, then we have a broader spread of our methodologies in providing better security online and make the world a safer place.

That's why I'm offering this to you and follow me. Follow Cloud Secrets at Instagram @Cloud.Secrets. You can find me on Facebook, Marcel Martens HQ. I put a link down below and I'll see you there. If you're interested, please send me a message and we'll see what we can do. I'm looking for a starter group of 15 to 20 people with whom I can fine tune the course, get the last hurdles out of the way as a matter of speaking. Then I can launch you the course through the big audience. Our price is going to be €5,997 Euros. But for the first 15 to 20 I made a special offer and I'm going to ask a €2,997 Euro excluding taxes. If you have company a no problem, there's no tax involved. But otherwise we are inclined to add the tax on top.

If you are interested, send me a personal message or an email or whatever, just respond down below and I'll get in touch for you to be on the first 15 to maximum 20. That's the max I'll allow for the first course. Thanks so very much and I hope to see you soon.


Bye bye. Marcel Martens.


I’ll share all my secrets and all my methods that are working time after time, what the difference is between one single Cloud solution and a Suite of Cloud solutions, and why you should quit your job and live the life you want!

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12. CS 009: 3 Day Work Week
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Hey everybody, welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast. And today I'm going to talk about how I changed my business into a three day work week.

So blessed that I am, I've got three beautiful children. I am happily married, as proud as I could say it with my wife. Took us a while before we made the best out of it. It's rather personal what I'm going to tell you, but I think it's an important story, because it's what made me take a different look or approach to the whole business aspect. My main priority was to be able to provide for my family, you know? To have a roof over our head, to be able to do groceries, to pay insurance and all the taxes and all stuff, you know... and still get a holiday once in a while.

And it was a bit hard because my wife has these terrible, horrible pregnancies. The hormone thing is pfffff. And she always says having kids is nice, but the delivery time is way, way, way too long. So here in the Netherlands we got bol.com. If you order today between, I don't know, 12 o'clock PM and 0:00 AM, you will receive the package next day. So if we could change that for having children as well, that would be very nice for her. But we're blessed with three beautiful children, and they are all three healthy. So we're good, it's fine like this, and our family is complete.

But with the first child, as every father would agree, I think your whole world is upside down and you need to make adjustments. And That must been hard for me, because my focus was on the business. And it was only running for three years until we were having our first child. And after the second one, well it came even harder, because my wife was very ill even afterwards. I'm going into details here, because I don't think that's necessary for the story. But she needed a long time to recover.

So in that time we had like daycare three days in a week. So there were two days left that I needed to run the business and provide for the children. And while she was doing her best and even more so. Without her, I wouldn't been the guy that I am today, so I'm very grateful for how she pushed me and stood by me and helped me become the man that I am today.

With that said, she was doing more than the best she could ever do, and putting all her troubles aside to be able to give me the space and let me take care of our customers and provide so we have food on the table literally. Then we moved and it was December, 2014 I believe. Yes. With Christmas we moved to a different location. First we rented the house and from there we were searching for our new home, you know? And after half a year and we found it. And well all the contractors there made a beautiful house out of it. And we're still living there and I'm enjoying it every single day.

And there, she got pregnant of our third child. And although it was like not really planned, it was meant to be. And as we say here, it's a beautiful gift. No, it's wrong, let me think. It was a pleasant surprise, and then now our family feels complete and whole. So it was meant to be. But after that in her pregnancy, from 16 weeks she got ill again, sick and she still didn't overcome all of it.

So, I still have a three day work week because from... Well my working days are Monday, Tuesday and Friday. And Wednesday, Thursday, I take care of the kids and do nice stuff when they're out of school or out of daycare. And that's where the need came from to change my business. Change the people we work with, changed partnerships, change like everything to accept the fact that these were my conditions for the next time to be, until she is completely recovered. Because I wanted to be able to give her the space and rest so she could recover. While I'll still be able to provide without having all the stress, fear and doubts and anxieties about being able to provide.

And that's where we, as I talked earlier on on this podcast, we stopped serving all different kinds of services and products, and really focused down to this one thing. And by doing so, I was able to systematize the whole process from acquiring a customer until delivering on the promise that we made during the sale. And now we've changed personnel in the last couple of years, we educated our team, and it's like a really good oiled machine. So when we put in an order on top, at the end of the line, a successful migration is rolled out. And by doing this, I've always looked at it from the wrong angle, you know? When you look at the problem and that I needed to... well it's not a problem, but time was the problem. I needed to make myself available on the Wednesdays and Thursdays to take care of my family and my kids and give my wife the space and rest that she needs.

When you look at it from an angle that you... Well on those two days I can't provide for my family financially, you're always one step behind, because you always have this inside feeling that's burning and telling you, you need to work to be able to provide. And as soon as you let that go, and that's what I managed to do with coaching and help from others. I always underestimated the power of good coach and Michael is my coach.

Michael helped me in lot of ways to exponentially increase or make progress in my personal development as well as as a father, as a husband, as a business owner, as a manager, as in every form you can think of. And now I look at situations that I'm blessed to be able to make the money that I need to be able to provide for my family. You still have a good life, you know. While I have two days in the week that I can spend time with my kids. I can go to sports, I can go to swimming or horse riding, all these kinds of things. And all other fathers can't do, because they have these 40, 50 hour work week, excluding travel time.

So that's the story that I wanted to share with you. How it's very, very, very possible, very good points. It sounds wrong, but how beautiful it is to be able to grow in this way and that you can create this time for yourself, for your family. To be able to do what's most important, because at the end of the day when you're dying and you're laying on your deathbed as matter of speech, nobody's ever told anyone, "Oh, I wanted to finish that project, or I wanted to help that customer." No, it's always, "I wish I spent more time with my kids. I wish I had more time for this. I wish I'd done that." It's always family related, because at the end of the day that's the only thing that counts. So yes, business is good, business is fine, business is important, but never forget your number one place, and that's your family.

Okay. That's it for today. I think it's a pretty personal riff. I can tell it without any emotion at the moment, but as you can understand it's been hell of a roller coaster to get here. And if I may say so, I'm pretty proud that we've managed to come now to... I'm pretty proud that first of all, we've made it, because there were difficult times that we were about to end the relationship and either of us go their own way. I have a better relationship with my spouse now than I ever had before. I love her with all my heart and well she's the love of my life, and everything comes before that. So the other way around... she, sorry. She is always number one, and including the kids of course. And the rest is afterwards. So I hope you, well got some inspiration out of this.

If you have any doubts according to your relationship, the only tip I can give you, because I can't help you with conflict, I'm not a coach. But what I've learned is lean in. It's the same with your ears and your mouth. Use them accordingly. Listen more. Listen to understand. If you ever should read a book, it's from Steven R. Covey, The Seven Habits of Effective Leaders and it's... I don't know which habit it is. I believe one of the last ones, but is first understand the other person before you get understood. So you have to listen to really understand and comprehend what the other one is telling you before they get to understand you. And with doing that, and it's the same thing in sales, in support, in every goal or contact you have with your customer. If you listen to understand well, they feel blessed because they finally have someone on the other end of the table, on the other side of the phone, whatever, who knows what's important and makes real time for the other person. So that's the best tip I can give you.

It's not always easy. It's supposed to be tough, I think. And that's the same with giving and receiving. You can always share more, give more than you need to receive. So that's the way I do it. And that's the way for me. It's working as good as it is at the time. Well, it's never been better, so that's what I meant to say. So if you like this podcast, please leave a review and rating on iTunes and SoundCloud or wherever you on, Spotify. It tells me what's good content and not, and what I need to or can provide more of. So thank you very much. Marcel Martens, and I'll talk to you next time. Bye-bye.


13. CS 008: IT Is A Tool Not A Purpose
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Good morning, everybody. Marcel Martens and welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast.

Today we're going to make ... No, I contacted this dude, I don't know, who creates our intro video and he made me an offer last night, so I'm going to review that this morning. Then he can create the video intro for the podcast based on the intro I made. Maybe we even let him create an outro. We can put in front of the YouTube videos so we can publish our content wherever we are. For all you on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, I don’t know what all, YouTube, what platforms you use, I tried to intend ... My intention is to provide the content there where the user is so the user doesn't need to come to me or to my channels. I'll get through their channels and where they like to spend their time. If that's on Instagram, you'll see my stuff on Instagram. If it's on YouTube, you can browse my channel on YouTube and get all the information there.

Last night, I was cycling and I was listening to a podcast of Steve Larson, and he was mentioning a rather good thing. It's the same we do. When I go back 10 years in time, I was offering all kinds of different services and the hard part of that was that our employees, who are absolutely brilliant guys. They're all my friends. We have a great team, but it was rather complicated for those to be widely oriented and technically skilled with all the knowledge. They rather have a specialism. At that time we were too small to have a specialist for every single discipline.

After maybe even seven, eight years, we've decided and that was I believe also in 2016 or 17, alongside the decision that I needed to get out of operations, the day to day operations. We also decided to cut loose most of the services we offered and try to convince the customer that it was also better for them to join us with the new Always Safe in Business suite packages. I learned yesterday that package is the wrong word in English, so I changed it to suite because it's a suite of software cloud tools.

Nevertheless almost all customers went along and now we basically only sell one suite and it's ... Besides that it's super stable, so we don't get a lot of service tickets or calls that things don't work. As I told you before, many customers, especially the small entrepreneurs, like one to five employees, maybe we talk to them twice a year, that something doesn't work. We can help them and get them on their way.

With the other old services, it was so support intensive that people have questions all the time or issues and that's not what we want to sell. We want to sell a suite with tools that works every single time. Just like a car, you push the start button or turned the key and you can drive away. That's the same what we want with IT. IT is a tool. It's not a purpose on its own, right? IT makes it possible to do more in less time. IT makes it possible to work wherever you are. IT makes possible… You know, all technologically advantages that you gain are like tools. It's not a meaning, not a purpose on itself.

That's it, I think, for today. That's how I think about IT. Maybe I will do another one tonight, but I've got an appointment now, so I got to go back at the office and I will talk to you next time. See you. Bye. Bye.

I’ll share all my secrets and all my methods that are working time after time, what the difference is between one single Cloud solution and a Suite of Cloud solutions, and why you should quit your job and live the life you want!

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14. CS 007: The #1 Secret To Become A Successful Entrepreneur
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Hey, what's up? This is Marcel Martens, and welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast. This weekend, we chose the new logo for Cloud Secrets, very excited, it's got a nice cloud and a jet stream in it. Well, you'll see it if you go to the blog, go to Cloud-Secrets.com, and you can see it there. I have been working on all the teasers for social media, I've created some templates in the weekend. I've been hustling my ass off, at every three, five minutes that I found, I was spending on my laptop creating templates and designs. So the contest winner who designed the logo, that's also the guy who will help me with the designs for the social media banners. You can think of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and stuff. The photo, you know the circles you can see on Facebook, or Instagram, or whatever.

He will design those, so I gave him some input and feedback for drafts that he created. I hope we can wrap this up this week. That is all becoming an all the pieces are falling together because my initial launch date is, I believe, the 20th, next Thursday. I want to go live with five episodes or so. So I got two more riffs that I need to record, maybe even a video. It depends on the time I have, if i can't find the time I'll record them in my car when I'm driving for like an hour or so. Maybe it's nice to talk about that.

Did you know that people who listen to podcasts earn at least three times more than people that listen to radio in their car. There's been a study, I don't know, American or English study. The people that ... Well, in fact, take a look at myself, I've got a pretty tight routine. Every morning, 6:45, I get up, get the children dressed and ready to go to school, a quarter past 8:00 we're in the car, I drop them off at school or daycare, and then I can go to work. At the end of the day, I usually do some groceries, and then I pick up the kids, make dinner, have some quality family time, put the kids in the bath if they need to, or the oldest one, she can do it herself. Then, around 7:30 they all go to bed. Then, I've got some time to go cycling. I like to mountain bike, it's also my, as Tony Robbins, you will hear me reference some guys that I follow a lot of times so you got to give credit where credit is due. Tony Robbins calls its "hour of power", well, it's my hour of power. It's an hour that I go cycling. Sometimes it's 45 minutes, other times it's one and a half hours.

But, in that time, I listen to several podcasts that I follow and it gives me inspiration and ideas to implement on my own in my businesses. So even if I'm in my car for 10 minutes, I don't listen to radio usually. I always listen to podcasts. I'll gain more knowledge, keep my momentum, and never ever stand still, because as soon as you go to stand still, you're actually going backwards, and I hate to go backwards. I always want to go forwards, whatever it is.

So yesterday evening, I recorded my outro for the podcast, the first outro that I've created, so you're going to hear it at the end, I believe. So today is Monday and back on my way to the office, got some several appointments today, most of the people are back from holiday. So we're going to have some meetings, well one-on-one, where we're at and where we want to go. Get the week started so everybody knows what to do, and we can kick ass this week. Talk to you guys later, thanks for listening.

If you like this, please leave a review and a rating, so I know what you like, what you don't like. If you got any questions, you can post them there as well. Otherwise, you can go to Cloud-Secrets.com, and you can let me know there what kind of topic you like me to discuss here. Always welcome and feel free to drop in any comments. I hate to look at comments in a negative way. I always take it as positive feedback to make it better. That's all what I'm here for, to serve you guys, so you can make your own million bucks as soon as possible. I'm at the office now, I'm going to go ahead and talk to you later. Okay, bye bye. Marcel Martens.

Here you can read the blog post: CS 007: The #1 Secret To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

15. CS 006: How To Setup And Launch A Podcast
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Hey. Hello. Marcel Martens here and welcome back to the Cloud Secrets Podcast. I promised you guys an updates on today. I didn't choose the winning logo yet because I'm having a few doubts between two options so I'll wait for a couple of days or maybe even a weekend and ask some more people for advice on what they think and then I'll maybe pick one in the weekend or early next week.

I also finished up the intro for this podcast today. My audio guy, which I found on Fiverr, made the intro jingle on the back vocal. I don't know what you call it. Background intro music. The intro is almost ready for the podcast and today I started with setting up our podcast stream. I use Libsyn. L-I-B-S-Y-N. You can start for five bucks and you can publish, I don't know, 50 Mbs a month or I don't know. It's very cheap and you can distribute to all platforms. I use a little bit more advanced subscription there because I like to have some insights and since I'm producing content almost everyday, I also need a lot more storage to be able to upload all my episodes. That's where we started.

The next steps would be to announce it to iTunes, the podcasts for Apple. The only thing that you need is at least three or five episodes, I believe, so I'm going to finish up the outro this weekend and then I can mix all the intros, all the episodes and the outros together and then I can upload them to Libsyn and from there we can publish them and then add them to iTunes or Apple podcasts. I also use SoundCloud for the android user and of course here in Europe, maybe even around the globe, I don't know, the Spotify is very popular, so I'm going to also apply to Spotify to allow or accept my podcast and take it in into their database so they can distribute it to all our Spotify users.

And last but not least for today. I started with the YouTube channel. Well, I'm going to put the videos inside my current channel so it'll sticks together, but made the preparations there so we can make a Cloud Secrets playlists of some sort that you can all find all episodes chronologically there as well. Pretty busy day. Pretty enthusiastic big night ahead as well. The soccer season is started here today with the first match. We sponsor a local soccer team so tonight I'm going to go with a business relation and they're going to take some people as well. I'm going to have a lovely night so picking up the kids now from daycare and then we'll have a quick meal, quick shower, and then back off to football and a little bit of networking tonight. Have a nice weekend and I'll see you next time. Bye Bye. Marcel Martens.


Check out all my Secrets at: http://cloud-secrets.com

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16. CS 005: Get Myself out Of The Day-To-Day
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Hey everybody, Marcel Martens here, and welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast. Today our contest will finish and we will have to pick a winner for the logo. So last night I dropped a few polls in some communities and groups on Facebook and Instagram, et cetera. To well, get other people's and other entrepreneur's opinion.

I'm on my way to the office now and when I'm there, I'm going to check the polls and see what will be other people's favorites. I already sneaked at my phone this morning, and I saw a question from some other IT guy, who made a post on, well, based on your headline, how to become a cloud expert within 14 days, without making any investments or prior IT knowledge, and start making money on day two. His question was, "Oh, I don't know what you're talking about. What kind of cloud do you mean? Do you mean Amazon? Do you mean VPSs? On Rackspace"?

And that was a really good one because, as I told him, how tunnel vision you get when you're in your own zone. So that's why it's always nice to have other people's opinions. I was truly convinced that when I was talking about cloud secrets, that they all knew what I meant, and that it was meant to be that I meant my cloud foundations.

Let me tell you a story. About two or three years ago. I do this every year with my wife, usually around Christmas, we chilled out and relaxed, most of the time we're on holidays. And then we talked to each other and we discussed, so what's, what's next year going to be? Yeah. What are the big goals for next year? And a few years ago, I believe it was three or four years ago, we sat and our main target for the next year was getting me out of operations. The entire business was always dependent on me as the expert, to help my colleagues and customers to get everything done. And that's not how we can scale a business. So our target was to get me out of the operations and the day to day.

Well, we managed to get me out in 2017, so since 2018 I've got a whole lot of time to do other things like this. And while we were on holiday at Christmas in 2017, we were thinking about, okay, what's the next step for our services? And that's where the Always Save in Business package, that we sell here in the Netherlands came from. We sat there on Center parks, if I'm remembering correctly, and my wife asked me the question, "What does every entrepreneur or business owner need, to be able to do his thing, to provide the best tools for its people that work there? What does every entrepreneur or business owner need in kinds of IT and Cloud, to be able to do, what he wants to do?".

So we were thinking and, it took me a while, but after a few weeks or months, I don't know, we created this package, which contains a… all entrepreneurs need email, and they need it on any device, wherever they are. And they don't want to see their inbox, they also want to see their sent items and everything. The other thing they need is their data and documents. So they want to be able to look and access all their data on any device, anytime, wherever they want, wherever they are. Third thing is, they want to make sure that it's properly backed up. So we make sure that the solution has a backup solution within it, so all the data and email also will be backed up daily. So the entrepreneur or business owner doesn't have to take care of that himself.

Fourth is, they also want to be sure that all their data and emails are protected in all the systems. So we included the antivirus with our unique ransomware policy. So these four items is what made up the Always Safe in Business package, and that's what I mean with cloud foundation. Every business owner or entrepreneur is a need of this foundation in IT. And it doesn't matter if he uses Mac or Windows, laptop, tablets, computers, even working in a remote desktop, in the cloud somewhere. These four things are the things every entrepreneur needs to be able to do its business. So we mold it into a package and that's what we're selling here. And that's what I'm going to teach you on the Cloud Secrets course.

So if you want more, follow me and stick with me, because the launch date is coming very soon. And you can go to Instagram and follow @clouds.secrets. You can also keep track of cloud-secrets.com, that's where I post all my new blogs, podcasts, vlogs, everything.

And for now, that's it. I'm going to walk into the office and check my polls and see which came out best. And I'll keep you posted on the results. Again, have a nice day. Bye bye, Marcel.


17. CS 004: Finding My Perfect Logo
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Hey everybody, this is Marcel Martens, and welcome back to the cloud secrets podcast.

Today I am very, very, very excited because my project, or no my, how do you call it? Contest. On 99 Designs for the new logo and the house style for cloud secrets will be get to its deadline, so the designers have the last opportunity to drop in their first drafts or first designs.

Well, let me tell you a quick story here about 99 Designs and contests. Because for M IT Services my company that supplies, well the package I'm learning you guys, here in the Netherlands, 11 years ago it was called, let me just in Dutch Mitserv, M-I-T-S-E-R-V, which was a short name for M IT Services as we use today. When we decided to change the name after 10 years, or something, we hired a company to create a new logo and design, and you know, the paper, the envelopes, and all kinds of stuff. I don't want to know, but I probably paid over five grand to get all the designs done and then finished.

But now that we can use platforms like 99 Designs, you can start a contest for like, $300-$400. And all of these magnificent design guys out there in the world, not even the Netherlands, but the entire world, can participate in the contest and make a design and upload it to the contest and I can pick from, I don't know, maybe, I got like, 60 designs already. So, I drop the ones that I don't like and I'll give the ones that are in the direction of that I was thinking about in what I would like the design to be, I give them like three or four stars. So, other people can also see what kind of design I like and they can, well, anticipate on that and drop in their own design. And that's the nice part of a contest because it's competition and the best man wins and I only have to pay for the one that I choose so, I get the best of maybe, 100 designs at the end of the day, and only for $400 or so, and it's not even seven or eight percent of what I used to pay here when I hire a marketing bureau or a marketing company or design company, who can design all my stuff.

So, I can recommend if you need any logo or whatever templates your in need of, go to 99Designs.com and create an account and create a contest. And you can use the guarantee option or not so, even if there is nothing that you like at all, you can still drop the project and start a new one without ever have to pay anything. So, I'm at the office right now, I'm going to check my mail there to see what new designs have come up this night and I'll keep you posted at the end of the day.


Bye-bye Marcel.


18. CS 003: Create the Blog and setting up the contracts
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Hey everybody, 

this is Marcel Martens and welcome back to the Cloud Secrets Podcast. 

Today, I'm really excited because today I'm going to make a start on this blog for our podcast. I've also set up some appointments with the legal department and our lawyers for setting up the contracts and the things we need to prepare for launching our Cloud Secrets project and be able to make sure that our laws are applied on any sales we do outside of the Netherlands. So busy day.

I've uploaded the last two podcasts to Rev.com

That is what I use for transcribing all my texts, and this weekend I didn't have any time to record it, but I also made the first two blog articles, because Rev.com is absolutely amazing. If you upload a transcription like this one I'm going to upload to them, you get it back within a few hours, nearly flawless, and you only pay one dollar a minute or something for all your minutes to transcribe your audio into text. It's absolutely amazing for that low price.


It's not even possible for me. Well, I tried it once, with another podcast, to transcribe it myself. It cost me over an hour for just the 20-minute text, so when you all put it into balance, it's way cheaper just to let somebody else do it, so you can keep pushing and keep your momentum and keep going forward.

So now I'm on my way to the office, where I'll first have the meeting for the contracts for the course, and afterwards I will be continuing on our blog, so I'll keep you posted. 

Thanks for being here and watch us. If you want to follow me along and join my journey onwards, creating Cloud Secrets and eventually launch it, you can follow me at @Cloud.secrets at Instagram. So go to Instagram and search for Cloud.Secrets and hit the Follow button. Then you can follow me, where I will post almost every step of the way and see you there.

Bye bye. Have a nice day.

19. CS 002: Ransomware And What You Can Do About It
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Hey everyone, this is Marcel Martens.

Welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast. Today we're going to talk about ransomware and what you can do about it.

So today I will talk about ransomware and cybercrime, and what you can do about it to make sure your system is safe and all your data and emails are protected as they should be. So no unauthentic entry into your data.

For this, I would like to tell you a story. In 2015 we had a customer, one of our bigger customers we had at the time, and they are a ... well sales ... they export a lot of stuff in the after-sales for cars and they sell brakes and brake discs and steering stuff and all that kind of stuff I don't know anything about.

At that time, the managing director and all the account managers were traveling a lot, especially to the Eastern Europe and maybe even Russia and the secretary and the receptionist ... these two ladies, they will make the reservations in the hotels and booked a plane, flights and everything to arrange the trip for those account manager and director. And that was where it got wrong.

They were going to these Russian sites or East Europe sites and then they get infected with some ... well, back in those days it was cryptoware, not ransomware. The only difference is that they don't ask for any ransom. They don't want any money so they just encrypt your files and you're screwed. So the director called me and he said, "Marcel, Marcel, HELP HELP... I don't know what's going on but everything is ... we can't open any files any more and all our data is gone."

I said, "Okay, what happened?"

He said, "I don't know, just FIX it."

So okay, I hang up and I took a look at the system and the files and at the first look, I knew enough. There were all these weird extensions and all the files had different file names. Nothing logical about it. So we shut down all the systems so the infection wouldn't spread any further, but the pain was already there because over one terabyte of documents were encrypted. Luckily, we had a pretty good back up, if I may say so ourselves. But we started restoring and this company, they start at 6:00 AM and they close at, I don't know, 11:00 PM or something. So we get back to restoring and finally we managed to get everything up and running around 7:00 in the morning.

But yeah, you can understand they lost an entire day because the backup was off the day before. So everything they've done that day, that was practically gone.

All the documents were gone, orders were gone, and they couldn't ... well, ship off any orders because the system was down. So their total loss was ... I don't know, maybe 100,000 euros or more. So they were really, really freaking mad and not amused about the situation.

And so I talked to them and they asked me, "Why is it that we were infected?

We got your systems, we host everything at you. We've got your protection. How did this get through our filters and antivirus software?"

That's a good question!

I took it back up with ESET, the software we use for the protection, and yeah, no one will ever guarantee you 100% security because it's these guys ... those hackers or whatever ... programmers who are trying to steal all your stuff or do bad things, they always try to keep one step ahead of us.

We can build most secure systems that you can think of but they will always try to hack it and breach it. So it's just sports for them, it's just a game and gives them credit in these dark areas on the web because they can show off and, "Oh, look at me. I've done this or this and I've hacked into that."

But a few weeks later, same thing happened, you can guess, and they were even madder than ... madder, is it English word? They were pretty pissed. Why would happen again?

And sure, I would feel the same thing if it would happen to me, especially if it happened two times in a row in a very short period of time. But at that moment, we did the same thing. We went restoring all night and so they could be working in the morning again. And we went back to ESET and I told the managing director of, I believe, European, Middle Eastern and Africa,

“Okay, what can we do to prevent this from happening?”

As a small company, at that time, I know we had around seven people or something working for us, so we didn't have a lot of resources to well, dedicate a few people a day but the pain was so enormous that I didn't care. I wanted to solve this problem that our customers wouldn't be affected anymore and no more data would be lost. So we've made two engineers available and they've been working like two, three months.

Well, in the second month ... we were testing and trying and see what we could figure out to be able to prevent the ransomware from coming through. And in the second month, the same customer was infected for a third time.

“Well, you can guess what kind of conversation I had with them...”

It was not a funny and pleasant talk. It was ... I don't know, maybe my worst meeting in years because they lost three days of business so it was close to half a million euros that they would be lost in revenue. So you can imagine how they feel at that time.

So they asked me, or more so just told me, "Marcel, I don't care what you do, but you need to fix this." I said, "Yeah, I'd like to but it's out of my hands."

“It's not that I would like to blame other people or other providers or just to get it off my plate. No, I'm a responsible person and I take responsibility for everything that I do. So also for the software and services I provide.”

And even if it's excluded in our terms and everything, it doesn't matter. I just want a happy customer. So I will do everything in my power to make sure that they can work safely.

Well, that's my effort I'm going to put in every single time again and again and again and again. So let's call it non-stop commitment to give it a name. But as we progressed with ESET ... at that time we were at top level engineer or even the developers themselves who we were talking to.

At three months we finally figured out with them how we could prevent the ransomware from going through to the systems and bypass the virus scanner. So WooHooo! We finally had a solution but we were a little holding back, not to be too enthusiastic because we just wanted to make sure that it wasn't going to happen again. You know, after three times it's not like you check a bullet or something and it's fixed.

To tell you what the solution was, it was actually pretty simple because if you know what ransomware does and how it infects the system ... And when somebody goes to a website that has the bad software that will infect your system, it will execute some script, probably Java or something else, which will start a Windows component. And when it starts the Windows component, the Windows component is trusted by the system and also by the virus scanner, so they don't think anything is wrong while running that particular program.

But when you give that program certain instructions and it will download the actual ransomware and then run it, it has a free run on the system, especially when you have a secretary for the business owner. In this case it was a she, it was a woman. She had almost access to every file they had. So that's why three times in a row, almost the entire system or every data that they have was encrypted.

So what we basically did to solve that problem was we just told the virus scanner that it cannot allow programs like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Outlook, whatever kind of program, that they are not allowed to start another Windows program, which would normally download the ransomware. So in this case, by stopping Program A from starting Program B, we were able to completely stop all kinds of ransomware that would try to enter the system.

Since then and I believe it was March 2015, we didn't have any infection at all. It's now 2019, July ... first of August, while I'm recording it. So it takes a couple of days for this to get in the air but it's like over four years that we didn't have any system that was breached. So I thought,

“How could we make this available to the general population and make sure every business, especially here in the Netherlands, where I operate with my business, M - IT Services ... How can we make this available to all business in the Netherlands so they can be safe and always be safe in business?”

Well, it doesn't cost a thing because for two euros and 58 cents, you can protect the system. A month, by the way. But yeah, in the Netherlands, it's not easy to just sell something at such a low price because you've got all the big companies and all those IT managers there and well, as cocky as it may sound... they all think they know it better so ... and that you'll go back to the news.

We've got the harbor which was infected, so all the ships and all these transports and all the docks were locked down for days and days and ships were waiting in sea, to be able to offload their ... I don't know, their containers. And lots of products were wasted because there was food and they needed to be fresh and ... I don't know.

After that, we have Organon (MSD). Organon is a big pharmaceutical company here in the Netherlands and I believe they had been three to four months without any computers or laptops at all. So people would need to bring in their own laptop, their private stuff, which get checked by IT and then they had one laptop per department on which people could spend like 15 to 30 minutes a day on the laptop to perform their work.

It's insane, if you think about it, that such a big company that was now, for three months, totally shut down or pretty crippled if they can only work like 15 to 30 minutes per person a day, on a computer. It's insane and if I told you ... well, let's say they got 10,000 computers, that they could prevent that from happening for like 30,000 euros a month. Take a look at the losses they've made now by being almost completely shut down for three months. You know, those are labs. I don't know. Labs. So a lab is completely dependent on computers and systems and data and when that's not available, you can't work.

I've got tons of examples. I cannot call them here, but I hope you can feel my passion about this because I think it's the wrong ... if you try and save money, buy a cheaper computer, you know, which is a little bit slower, but do not ever, ever, ever, ever, do never cut short on security. And it's not that I'm paranoia and that you always should use incognito browsers and delete all your cookies and stuff every day. No, completely the opposite, but just the basics. You need to cover the basics so you can just start working every day with the certainty that your system will be safe, secured and unavailable to unauthorized access.

So that's for today. I hope you enjoy this?

 If you do, please leave a review on iTunes. You can also watch me on YouTube, on my channel. Look for Cloud Secrets and you will find it. I will put the link below. For the meantime, if you would like to follow me, go to Instagram and look me up @Cloud.Secrets and join me there so you can follow me and get ahead.

Oh yeah. And just to give away a teaser.

I'm making a course where you will be able ... let me give you the headline.

Biggest teaser I've seen in IT for quite a while: "How to become a cloud expert within 14 days without any prior IT knowledge and start making money on Day Two."

Sounds good and you want to join? Follow me at Cloud.Secrets on Instagram.

Okay, talk to you guys next time.

Bye-bye. Thanks for listening.

20. CS 001: How To Convert IT Guys Into Entrepreneurs
http://cloud-secrets.com/cs-1-... download (audio/mpeg, 18.55Mb)


Hey, everybody. I'm Marcel Martens, and I want to welcome you to the Cloud Secrets podcast. This is my very first podcast for Cloud Secrets, and experience I'm creating, and the reason that I'm going to be documenting this is I want to be able to help you every step of the way. So, if you want to become an entrepreneur like me, and you're an IT expert, or maybe not so far yet ... but you will be in the near future if you follow my course, and I'll promise you that. I will not only make you an expert in cloud services, or cloud service providing, but I will also help you to get customers, deliver on the promise you've made so you will be ending up with happy customers, and only happy customers. Happy customers are paying customers, and they will keep paying you for the end of days if you keep over-delivering and over-providing them.

What I'm going to do is, this is the very first episode, and once again I'm going to welcome you to follow me along the way to put cloud experts into, cloud secrets into the market, and making a whole bunch of IT guys who are currently having a pay job, never making the money they will make, or they want to make. Never can buy the car they want to buy, never can provide for their family as they want to. Not have as many days off as they want to, and not having enough time to spend with the kids and the family, or all kinds of stuff that you actually want to do in the current position you're at and are unable to do. So, as I said, today and the last few days I have decided that I am going to document every step of the way through this podcast, so you can follow me along and learn and apply and share the same secrets I'm going to share with you.

First there was the idea of ... Well, in the last two or three years I've been developing this package that we ... here in the Netherlands, it's roughly translated as "always save in business package", which is a combination of several cloud solutions that we put in a single package for the customers. So, they have this foundation, this IT foundation which is applicable to all kinds of businesses. It's not just one solution for retail, or education, or business-to-business services. It really doesn't matter, because everybody and every entrepreneur or every business needs to have a reliable and secure email platform. They need a reliable and secure data platform so that they can be able to access their documents and data wherever they are, on whatever the device they want to use. They need to be safe, so they want to have the trust that all their data is stored safe.

So we provide backups for all the emails and all the data in our own data center, so we will always be able to restore data whatever happens around the globe. If a tsunami hits a Microsoft data center or a Google data center, or whatever, we will be able to restore the customer's data, and that gives a lot of trust in working in the cloud. Last but not least it, they want to also be able to work safe, and especially in today's online business and all the cyber-crime that is being reported almost daily in the news, and all the ransomware that is out there. People don't want to be scammed, they don't want to be affected by ransomware, or attacked or whatever. So, we also provide a rather exclusive protection against online threats in today's ... well, whatever threat is out there.

Since 2015, when we actually developed that kind of protection, none of our clients ... which are small, single entrepreneurs, but also government, airports, banks, whatever. Even Cisco in the Netherlands is running our antivirus software, with our unique ransomware protection. Since 2015, we didn't have any infected system, so of that we are very proud. It's also included in the package, so the entrepreneur or the business has the basics and the foundations laid out for them, and on top of that they can build their own IT landscape, even with a host of solutions for ERP, CRM, or whatever you can think of, of applications and systems and servers, and applications that they need.

They still need the foundation, and the foundation ... we can provide and help you with a system that will guarantee every single corporation you're going to deploy it to, that you can migrate them from whatever platform they currently use to the always saving business package, within 14 days. While the customer can keep working, and without the customer having to do anything, except for signing up some legal documents and the contracts ofcourse. So, the method that I've developed, I've decided that we ... here in the Netherlands we sell it to businesses, and through M - IT services. But, I want to make a bigger impact in the world, and make the world a better and safer place, especially online.

So I've decided that not only I am going to sell this here on the Dutch market, but I'm also going to sell my knowledge and my method as a course to other IT professionals around the globe so they can help businesses in their region to always be always ... always be always. It's a bit strange. But, help businesses also to be able to always be safely online. So, and get the benefits of the always saving business package. So, I'm going to create a lot of stuff for the following, coming ... the near future time. I'm natively Dutch, so my English ... if you hear me thinking, then you know why.

But, we will be creating a lot of content, and make a lot of noise in the market so people can pick it up and start following me while I'm building this business and growing my company further and further and further so we can make a massive impact and help ... well, let's make a big announcement here. Let's help all businesses in Europe to be able to be safe online while doing business and working wherever they want, and to be able to go through their data and emails at any time, at any place, on any device at their wishes, anywhere on the planet.

So, good to be here.

If you would like to follow me, go to Instagram @Cloud.Secrets, and there you can join and follow me while I’m setting all of this up.

In the near future I’ll be making offers so you can actually opt in for the course so you can teach what I know.

Just to give you a small teaser, so for those who are interested … and this is going to be a big game-changer, so listen up. I will be able to learn you how to make a transition for any customer within 14 days, without you having any prior IT knowledge at all, while start making money on day two. As I said, without any prior IT knowledge. So, that’s the biggest teaser I can give away for now. I’m still building this stuff, so hang on with me and bear with me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. So, go follow me @Cloud.Secrets at Instagram, and I’ll love to see you there.


Marcel Martens.