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Podcast title Two Guys Opinions...not that it matters...
Website URL https://twoguysopinions.podbea...
Description 1 hour of talk. 2 middle aged men. 3 topics each.
Updated Mon, 07 Oct 2019 23:08:47 -0400
Image Two Guys Opinions...not that it matters...
Category Society & Culture

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1. Episode 3: The Incredible Shrinking Donuts and the Storming Area 51 Fiasco
https://twoguysopinions.podbea... download (audio/mpeg, 182.94Mb)


Marc's topics:

YOUTUBERS TO STORM AREA 51? Area 51 was expecting an incursion of many thousands of UFO conspiracy theorists and anti government “tin foil hat” people over the last week. Marc discusses the birth of the idea, the government response and the disappointing outcome.

TELECOMMUTING. Should your employer let you work from home if it’s a viable option? If you are an employer, do you think your staff will be productive in pajamas and slippers? If you’re an employee, do you think you’ll be passed over for a promotion because you’re not in the office? The rise of telecommuting from the 90’s to today.

PATENT PENDING. Marc looks at some of the most interesting technology patents of the last few years and a glimpse of what might potentially be in development by some of the big tech companies. 

Mike's topics:

SHRINKFLATION. Smaller retail food portions. We know you've noticed. Portions are smaller and prices are bigger. Do they think we don't know what's going on?

KIDS SPORTS. Are you a soccer mom? Basketball dad? The importance of organized sports for children.

MIKE GOES ON A RANT. Mike discusses the realities and the frustrations with organized children's sports and the clique culture. No, not every child is Michael or LeBron. Reality slaps ensue.


2. Episode 2: Fortnite Fortunes and Red China Ramblings.
https://twoguysopinions.podbea... download (audio/mpeg, 160.85Mb)



Marc’s topics: 

BINGE WATCHING. My take on Netflix and other streaming services and their hold on customers. The evolution of the TV series. 

CHINA'S SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM. Be good or be punished..facial recognition and big brother. Coming soon to a country near you! 

CRITICAL THINKING. “The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.” Is this being taught at school? The zombification of America. Why do I have to work through multiple sources and news outlets to figure out the truth? 


Mike’s topics: 

DEATH OF CABLE.   Can cable survive the low cost and options available from streaming services?

SOCIAL MEDIA.   Is it beneficial? The pros and cons of engaging. Do we need it?

GAMING.  Past to present advances. Kids today can now say “ I just won a million dollars playing a video game!” Now what do parents say when their kid is playing too much Call Of Duty?

3. Episode 1: Wow, we're out of shape and drink a lot of coffee.
https://twoguysopinions.podbea... download (audio/mpeg, 53.05Mb)


Marc’s topics:

COFFEE.The love of it, the need for it..where to get it, how much of it to drink, best brewing methods, foo-foo coffee drinks and places. Coffee snobs.


TOO MANY CHOICES. Why are there 18 different kinds of Triscuits? Overchoice or choice overload is a cognitive process in which people have a difficult time making a decision when faced with many options.


BODY HACKING. Grinders…the bio-punk movement.. open-source transhumanism, and techno-progressivism…a brave group of pioneers, or just a bunch of crazy people who are implanting themselves with chips?


Mike’s topics:

ATHLEANX. A discussion about wellness and the popularity of Jim Cavaliere's Altheanx brand of fitness.


MOTIVATION. How do you create good habits? Pitfalls to avoid...baby stepping and laying the foundation for real change.


OOPS I FORGOT MY TOPIC. Mike apologies for his lack of preparedness for the premiere podcast episode and promises to get his act together!



https://athleanx.com/  See what Mike was talking about and why this guys is pretty motivating.

https://bodyartforms.com/blog/grindhouse-wetware.asp  Meet the Grinders!