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Podcast title allthatabstract's podcast
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Description All That Abstract Podcast- A helpful voice in the community, everyone has a story to tell, we provide productive tools for your personal and business journey. Thinking and acting both locally and globally to bring about change.
Updated Mon, 27 Jan 2020 23:23:59 +0000
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Category Education
Society & Culture

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1. Top 10 Goal Commandments
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Goals are something that we all have and look forward to seeing them become a reality! We set them as New Year resolutions, for our weight, our careers, for our children, families and even our pets lol So, how many of them do we actually achieve? Are all of our goals achievable? When we set them we think that they are so why do we often quit? Join the conversation with us as we discuss the 10 top goal commandments as we learn how to set attainable goals and achieve success in our everyday lives!

2. Small Town Big Dreams |Episode 3
http://allthatabstract.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 26.37Mb)


All That Abstract PODCAST Small town Big Dreams! In today's conversation we have T Springs, Comedian, father, son, brother, community hero and so much more! Join the conversation as we discuss that it's possible to have Big dreams in a small town AND turn those dreams into a reality! We'll discuss the steps it takes to overcome the obstacles of being stagnated in a small town, how to achieve your dreams no matter where you live, and so much more! Thanks for joining the conversation, it's going to be an amazing experience!


Directed & Edited by Solomon Hall

3. What's Your Why? |Episode 2
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In today's conversation we have Domonique Boone with Leslie's Laundry Care,  Jasmine Parker with Allure Realty Group, Chris "CP The Peoples Champ" Dj, Elise Queen with "Been Crowned" and last but definitely not the least Marvin Wilson of Funding Credit!  Join the conversations as these amazing entrepreneurs share there Why with us and what gives them their drive!  We will discuss the importance of having a why, multiple why's and how it can and should evolve over time!  Thanks for joining the conversation, it's going to be an amazing experience!

4. AllThatAbstractPodcast-Episode1
http://allthatabstract.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 8.93Mb)


In Episode 1, host Dallas Kane and Solomon Hall speak about All That Abstract Podcast. You will get a short introduction to this new podcast and in-depth discussion about business and personal growth.

All That Abstract Podcast - like chapters in life’s great book, you are writing the story...abstracting what the summary means to you and putting it into #action