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Podcast title Let's Get Real w/ Amir Helaly
Website URL http://amirhelaly.libsyn.com/w...
Description "Let's Get Real" is an entrepreneurial-based interview series, hosted by Amir Helaly, that focuses on the mindset of some of the greatest success stories of our time. In each episode, Amir puts heavy emphasis on what the interviewee was feeling during times of adversity and how they were able to overcome it. In the process, the series shares some of the most insightful stories, wisdom & insight to help listeners take their life & business to the next level!
Updated Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:51:26 +0000
Image Let's Get Real w/ Amir Helaly
Category Education

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1. $100 Million CEO Shares “Mindset To Success”! (SAM BAKHTIAR INTERVIEW)
http://amirhelaly.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 47.23Mb)


I had the opportunity to sit down and interview the one and only Dr. Sam Bakhtiar, co-founder of Camp Transformation Center, and founder of One Percent Nutrition, and One Percenter Podcast! 💯
You won't want to miss this interview as Dr. Sam Bakhtiar shares with us stories that he has never shared before ANYWHERE else! 🤫🤯🔥

Dr. Sam Bakhtiar was raised by a single mother and after fearing for their lives after a series of bombings in Iran, his mother decided it was best to leave the country for a better life. 🙏
After not making the cut for the basketball team, Dr. Sam Bakhtiar went to the local boys club after his mother told him that he should not give up and to try again the following year. What ended up happening is that Sam became fascinated by the people training at the gym and their physiques, which inspired him to train and eventually become a Champion Bodybuilder!


Follow SAM BAKHTIAR on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sambakhtiar/

Follow AMIR HELALY on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amir._helaly/