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Podcast title The Motion
Website URL http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/
Description Conversations create and transform culture. As the world becomes more and more polarised, it is becoming harder and harder to give validate varying opinions, and free thinkers are often mocked or criticised. But guess what? We’re not always going to agree, and in being open to disagree, we can give voice to open and curious minds, and engage in authentic conversation which in turn shape culture. If you're inquisitive, open to see the other side, or maybe just a little devil's advocate. This debate podcast is for you. Each Wednesday, join Fé Oj along with her two guests, who are challenged with swaying Fé's vote in their direction. With topics ranging from music to politics, this podcast is due to get your emotions in motion.
Category Society & Culture
News Commentary

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1. Can You Be A Successful Black Capitalist Without Selling Out?
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 62.45Mb)

Description: Following Diddy’s speech at the Grammy’s; a fellow artist Mase criticised the billionaire for preaching black empowerment by night but cheating Mase out of his masters. Jay Z’s annual brunch tends to spark conversation on the redistribution of wealth. Then there’s Monique’s constant calling out of her ’sister’ Oprah who the former feels wanted to work for free to please the producers of Precious. The topic of black capitalism is by no means an easy one - in this capital driven world, can one aspire to the top without ‘selling out’ along the way?

2. Has Social Media Ruined The Sanctity of Moments?
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 63.32Mb)

Description: Following the unfortunate and untimely death of Kobe Bryant, positive tributes flooded Instagram & Twitter, but unfortunately some negativity still managed to find its way in. There's also those that feel it necessary to record and publish vulnerable moments - be it intimate memories or acts of charity, such as giving to the homeless. Has the prevalence of social media ruined the sanctity of moments?

3. Rappers Should Take Accountability for the Consequences of their Lyrics
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 57.60Mb)

Description: Whether it's Future or Lil Pump rapping about drugs, or UK drillers rapping about trapping and cheffings. This music is often enjoyed in the charts... until there are negative consequences associated with these lifestyles and rappers then come under fire. In the debut episode of the motion, Ope and Waz of the hip-hop obsessed podcast Lost in Sauce join Fé Oj to argue this motion. Ope believes that rappers should be held accountable, whereas Waz thinks it is fans who should take individual accountability for the choices they make.