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Podcast title iShorts Video Podcast
Website URL http://http://www.myspace.com/...
Category Movies & Television

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1. Brotherhood
download (video/x-m4v, 150.50Mb)

Description: Robert loves his sister Mickey dearly. But sometimes he just can't help but mess things up. Will she be able to save him one more time?

2. Ed and I (Trailer)
download (video/x-mp4, 18.81Mb)

Description: Ed and Bert are good people. They are kind people. All they're trying to do is help another human being to straighten up his act. What kind of Christians would they be, would they not help his poor soul? However, this is a truely mighty task, the burden on their souls weighs heavy. Will they prove themselves worthy as Christians? Ed and I. You might as well see it. (Rated PG-13)

3. Oscar
download (video/x-mp4, 38.73Mb)

Description: Hollywood vs. Indie. Emmerich vs. Almodovar. The US of A vs. Old Europe. Happy ending guaranteed. Brakhage wins.

4. Lars
download (video/x-mp4, 28.06Mb)

Description: It takes a French girl to explain an American the rules of Dogme 95. And he thougth it was a professional production.

5. Eleven
download (video/x-mp4, 45.52Mb)

Description: Somebody comes home from shopping, brushes his teeth and goes to bed. In his sleep someone attacks him and a fight ensues. Somebody wins and drags the other into the bathroom. There it happens...