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Podcast title The Traveling Man
Website URL http://travelingmanpodcast.blo...
Description Traveling adventures from the source.
Updated Mon, 28 May 2018 22:25:40 PDT
Category Travel

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1. Episode #8
http://travelingmanpodcast.blo... download (audio/mpeg, 22.75Mb)

Description: Welcome to the 8th episode of the traveling man brought to you live from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Don't forget to email in your wild and wacky travel adventures to morgan@travelingmanpodcast.com. The contest has been extended to September 15th and grand prize winner gets a free iPod Shuffle! Once again following our new format we've got some great segments ahead:

- Local View: Buenos Aires, Argentina
- Hotel Review: Marriott Plaza Hotel - Buenos Aires
- Travel Technology: Website review - www.travelpost.com
- Ending Quote: You'll have to listen to find-out!

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2. Episode #7
http://travelingmanpodcast.blo... download (audio/mpeg, 26.06Mb)

Description: This episode is brought to you live from Caracas, Venezuela. In an effort to bring you more podcasts I've decided to reduce the length of the podcast - hope you enjoy the new format. Also don't forget that our contest continues for the Wild and Wackiest Adventure in Travel - email in your story and you could win an iPod Shuffle!

- Local View: Venezeula
- Hotel Review: Westin Camino Real - Guatemala City
- Travel Technology: Skype
- Ending Quote: Pablo Escobar

Download Episode #7

3. Episode #6
http://travelingmanpodcast.blo... download (audio/mpeg, 47.90Mb)

Description: Not to fear...episode six is here! This episode is brought to you live from Cambridge for the first time. Jam-packed with some great information from down-under. Learn the history of Australia as well as a bit about the dangerous creatures about on the island continent. Special guest Jason Lake joins us live from New Zealand for a some great travel advice.

- Mailroom
- Contest!
- Wild and Wacky Adventures in Travel: Lantau to Hong Kong Island
- Australia's History: A very brief primer
- Danger, Danger: Deadly animals of Australia
- Hotel Review: The Grand - Auckland New Zealand
- Travel Technology: The Zen & Art of International Cellphonology
- Travel Comfortably: The secret to a good flights sleep
- Special guest: Jason Lake live from New Zealand

Download Episode #6

4. Episode #5
http://travelingmanpodcast.blo... download (audio/mpeg, 64.60Mb)

Description: This episode of the traveling is brought to you live from New Zealand! In the first of our new International travel adventures I cover Hong Kong and Singapore. This is the longest episode yet and rings-in at about an hour total - jam packed with some great International travel tips and tricks as well as the usual wild and wacky adventures. Enjoy!

- Mailroom
- Wild and Wacky Adventures in Travel: San Francisco to Hong Kong and more
- The truth about International travel advice: To believe or not to believe...
- Hotel Review: Rosedal Hotel in Hong Kong
- Travel Technology: Noise Canceling Headphones
- The truth about Singapore
- History Lesson: Singapore...now and then

Download Episode #5

5. Episode #4
http://travelingmanpodcast.blo... download (audio/mpeg, 38.18Mb)

Description: The traveling man comes to you live from the Pacific Ocean! In this special cruise-centric edition of the Traveling Man we examine all things cruise. Come join the adventure in Puerto Vallarta, or learn how to get great cruise deals online. Just sit back, relax, and welcome to the Traveling Man.

- Mailroom
- Wild and Wacky Adventures in Travel: Off-roading in Puerto Vallarta
- How long to cruise: The joys and pains of the ship
- Hotel review: Cruise accommodations reviewed
- Travel Technology: iPod Video
- Escaping Ashore: picking the tour that is right for you
- Special guest: Dr. Bruce Linton

Download Episode #4

6. Episode #3
http://travelingmanpodcast.blo... download (audio/mpeg, 32.42Mb)

Description: The traveling man returns live from Philadelphia, PA! This episode is jam-packed with new travel tips and info from living it up in Toronto to avoiding colds while on the road. Our first ever mailroom segment is also featured in this latest addition to the traveling man's adventures!

- Mailroom
- Wild and wacky adventures in travel
- The low-down on rental car insurance
- Toronto: home of the cheap four-star hotel
- Travel Technology: Slingbox takes your TV on the road
- Stay well while on the road: avoid getting sick while traveling
- Travel news update

Download Episode #3

7. Episode #2
http://travelingmanpodcast.blo... download (audio/mpeg, 31.95Mb)

Description: The second episode has arrived live from London Ontario! I have also made the executive decision to podcast twice a month rather than every week. This gives me more time to put together the podcast and make it bigger and badder each time. In this episode we discuss:
- Another wild and wacky adventure in travel (2 this episode)
- To GPS or not to GPS, that is the question
- The art of the business hotel
- How to become a rental car guru
- Surprise interview!

Download Episode #2

8. Episode #1
http://travelingmanpodcast.blo... download (audio/mpeg, 22.76Mb)

Description: The first episode of The Traveling Man is here. This week we are brining you the podcast from Florida!

In this episode we discuss:

- Morgan's Wild and Wacky Adventures: The Tollbooth of Doom
- Timing is everything: The Secret to Airport Food
- Hotel Review: Radisson's new Sleep Number Bed...fact or fiction
- Travel Technology: Seat Guru
- Travel News Updates

Download Episode #1