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Podcast title Renaissance
Website URL http://memejeez.blogspot.com/
Description Rap Music
Updated Sat, 21 Feb 2009 08:16:29 PST
Image Renaissance: Meme, J-eez and Teflon of JMT Records
Category Music

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1. Podcoop
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Description: Hi everyone. Thanks for reading. I have spent quite a bit of time recently setting up Podcoop.com. It's now functional and I'd like to see whether I can get my friends out there in the blogging community to contribute some thought-provoking material to the new Podcoop community.
The site is a pretty simple concept. Basically, it's a forum where people can post text, add attachments such as media, etc and it will all be converted into RSS feeds with podcast media enclosures. Additionally, it is possible to call 954-607-1524 and leave a message, which will be attached to whatever post you specify and become part of your podcast.
Here are what I consider the benefits of using the site over other methods of producing online content:
Part of a community (when we get more members), so it will be easy to bounce ideas off others, get ideas for new content, meet like-minded peopleAll posts automatically converted to blog, podcast, videoblog, photoblog, depending on contentIf we get a lively community going, that's more exposure for your posts, and therefore your blog.If you decide not to post for a while, you will not lose your readers because other content-producers will take the slack. So, if you are interested, please visit the site and register (free, no spamming, etc)..... oh, and post!

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4. Where I'm From 2005
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Description: I'm from a place where the young girls get pregnant as teens
'Cause they're bored- there's no malls and no cinema screens
Tranquil by day, just the old ladies out
But by night time you just might get punched in your mouth
Not by enemies or rival drug gangs, just illiterates
Full of venomous ideas, respected as combat veterans
Most lads shun ambition while secretly wishing
That their biggest achievement wasn't being drunk in Ruthin
It's accepted that round here you get fame being arrested
The only way out is do well on your testses
Get out while you can or you'll be an old man
What happened? I was 21 yesterday. Damn
From where they spend all their dough on flash cars but can't beat ours.
And if you're not Welsh they look at you like you're from Mars
So we don't interact when we're back- stay off the beaten track
Pile four of us in a blue Focus- two in the front, two in the back
Hit the pedal, feel the movement as blood runs to your head
And head down the road so fast the blue car looks red
From behind, and our mass becomes infinite
'Cause that's the only thing to do that can keep your interest
Then you cruise around the square blasting out tunes
And laugh at all the sad bastards wasted off booze
I'm from where they sit on park benches and smoke cigarettes
And wish they never woke up out of bed
I'm from where they bitch and breed
And when I hit 18 I couldn't wait to leave
Still there's something to be said for the simple life
That's the reason I'm writing this rhyme
Some never see what they're even missing out on
That's normal if you've never seen the next town
I'm from where people make plans and never see them through
Why carry out plans today when tomorrow will do?
The seasons change- high pollen counts and freezing rain
And no matter what the weather people still complain
I'm from where they act silly, lean against the wall, pissing
Just thought I'd remind you all, that I'm from Ruthin

5. Say What You Say feat. JR
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Description: I suck money up like a black hole
Consistent when I spit on a track, homes
Thinking is dead and I'm bringing it back, homes
When you're thinking you're thinking, it's crap- fact
Not to bring the party vibe on down
You rappers talk more shit than Sylvia Browne
And I'm the conjuror of rap like Biggie was a fat, black rhinoceros
Everything you think or say? Preposterous!
Hypocritus and I'm Hippocrates
Fix up ill rappers with ease- please
Don't tempt me to end thee with some logic
Your grey matter splattered on my socks like dog shit
People like me put man on the moon
People like you, I scrape off my shoe
Insecure? No, I introduce
The new crew with whom I'm rolling on through
Forgive the lack of interviews with great minds
This podcast will be focused and then not sometimes
But let's not stray from what I came to say, like Jay
Gould. Life is fucking beautiful
As I step back and appreciate it while annebriated
I gather my pack of rappers to interview famous
And noteworthy personalities
Translate the cutting edge- cut it up for the streets
With large quantities of beats. Then increase the doseege!
And JREF gets half the proceeds!

6. Dumb Shit
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Description: I drop bombs and leave no Survivors
Kill the whole cast of American Idol
I could've changed the channel, I was drunk, wasn't thinking
And I did it all just to glamourize drinking
Bush talks to bushes and spirits in the sky
Dude is either fucking crazy or just high
And he's in the White House controlling the country
Making policies from Fairytale Monthly, comfy
While people die over dumb shit
Doesn't give a fuck. Talks that Forrest Gump shit
I'm a smart guy, but don't always apply it
Look back and sometimes I ask why. It's
About self-discipline most of the time
Allow myself too much freedom in my life
End up walking in circles, goals not achieved
Take time out, step back and breathe

People do dumb shit
Sometimes they make me sick
Sometimes I sit an wonder
How did they get three kids

7. Flirt With Me
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Description: Boom bap...s... step, step back
Normally I don't act like that
It's the pheromones you give off
Make me make my best attempt to strip you off
When I rap, I sound serious and think soundly
But it all changes when I get that round thing 'round me
No wonder you shake it so proudly
She told me chill out and get that beat down me
Scent of her lips has me hoping
Later I'll raise her oxytocin
So I grab on, fake it, want it and take it
A change in the way my experience tasteses
Tunnel vision, slurred voice, lips moist
Part of me is pointing at my top choice
Inhale, lick lips, breathe deeply
Let the scent of a woman seep in

Touch, separate by a hair's breadth
She is so responsive
Push my luck, but not too quickly
She has to make the first move strictly
Eye contact, I want to make contact
She wants me too but too soon to act
Enjoy the moment, bodies entwined
I p..p..push inside
She push-es back, we grind
Both know what's on our minds
Every single signal signals
We are both animals
Less polite now, no pretences
Quick to show my intentions
I hope you don't think I'm too rude
But I really have to fuck you

8. Life on Earth
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Description: Life is hard. Nobody wants to help you out.
Who can you trust? You still have to feed your mouth.
Chase your dreams, but keep your feet on the street.
Sometimes you just have to believe.

Man, life is a bitch. Dude, you can't trust shit
Every friend I had done flipped up the script
You'd better believe it, n$%^& I done seen it
You don't trust me, then trust your heathens

I put my faith in my CNS, some faith in CNN
No faith in faith-based institutions
I keep my eyes wide open, propped with matchsticks
Shake hands with the people, watch out for drop-kicks

Life is a bitch if you keep on fucking up
Life looks good if you keep on looking up
You wanna live good then you've gotta keep your money up
The president don't give a fuck about the hood and all of us

Watch what I say, try to see both sides
There may be many times when I am not right
But if I'm open enough to be criticized
Then why can't they listen to I?

Man it sucks when you live with your mom
And she only grounds you when you did something wrong
But... when you did something right
You'll never get recognized

Play fair, but don't be a pushover
Walk soft, carry a big stick just like Hova
Go for yours, but try not to walk over people
If it comes to a fight, strike first and strike lethal

Karma: What goes around shall come around
What goes up must come down
Your real friends are real dangerous like

There comes a time to stand up
Brandish guns and man-up, even if it puts you in handcuffs
But if there's a smarter way, take it
If it's not you, don't worry about it, just fake it

Live life while you can
Don't let it grab you, grab the world in your hand
Look, you may not understand
But everyone makes their own plan

Mix up life. Stay focused, but have fun
There's a time to fight and a time to run
Yin and a yang, run with a gang, but god-damn
Don't always agree with your man

Wear life like a pair of shoes
Step on doo-doo? Don't kill yourself, just go and wipe it off, dude
Then you're gonna start all over
You're gonna feel so great when you take all that weight off your shoulder

Money is the root of all evil, au contrair
It's how you use it. Devils in the details there
Tell stories and anthropomorphize
But always remember why

This world is like a beat you keep making
It keeps on repeating itself and you can't even take it
You're gonna get tired of the same shit
Shooting and killing and girls getting raped-ed

Lose yourself in life, but leave out breadcrumbs
Killing time takes lives. Scream out redrum
Wonder why you wonder why, but git 'r dun
Before you die, 'cause you never get a second run