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Podcast title View From The Cheap Seats V2.0
Website URL http://cheapseats.wednesdaysha...
Description Geeks Doing Geeky Things So You Don't Have To (Again)
Updated Mon, 10 Nov 2008 02:40:46 +0000
Image View From The Cheap Seats V2.0
Category Arts

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1. Brad, Ty & Scott Make a Porno
http://cheapseats.wednesdaysha... download (audio/mpeg, 59.31Mb)

Description: After seeing Kevin Smith’s new movie ZACH & MIRI MAKE A PORNO, we locked ourselves in Brad’s van for an hour and this is what happened. In advance, we apologize for actually recording this and putting it on the internet.  Stuff that was said and done in that van is probably better off forgotten.

2. VFTCS V2 #1– The Return
http://cheapseats.wednesdaysha... download (audio/mpeg, 28.97Mb)

Description: Not a hoax and not an imaginary story.  And definitely not an April Fool’s joke.  Here it is– View From the Cheap Seats Version 2, #1 featuring Brad, Ty & Scott discussing the comic and the movie of DC’s THE NEW FRONTIER.  Sit back and enjoy!

3. VFTCS EP 40 - TV Talk
http://cheapseats.wednesdaysha... download (audio/mpeg, 25.25Mb)

Description: We recorded an episode and lost it so we recorded again and this is what you get. All I remember is we talked some TV. Enjoy.

4. VFTCS Ep 10
http://cheapseats.wednesdaysha... download (audio/mpeg, 23.56Mb)

Description: Top Albums

5. VFTCS Ep 9- The Avengers
http://cheapseats.wednesdaysha... download (audio/mpeg, 23.24Mb)

Description: The New Avengers, the Young Avengers and the Ultimates. Which ones should you be reading right now?

6. VFTCS Ep 8- Revenge of the Geeks
http://cheapseats.wednesdaysha... download (audio/mpeg, 38.69Mb)

Description: The episode where we geek out over Revenge of the Sith DVD

7. VFTCS Ep 7– All Things Batman
http://cheapseats.wednesdaysha... download (audio/mpeg, 36.31Mb)

Description: We’re back for another go at this, looking at the recent release of Batman films on DVD.

8. VFTCS Ep 6
http://cheapseats.wednesdaysha... download (audio/mpeg, 25.52Mb)

Description: We talk about everything from Google Reader to cute girls at Best Buy to help Ty out. This one includes all that plus talk about Serenity/Firefly soundtracks.

9. VFTCS Ep 5- Finding Serenity
http://cheapseats.wednesdaysha... download (audio/mpeg, 17.82Mb)

Description: As fans of Joss Whedon’s Firefly, did you really think that we were going to miss the opportunity to talk about Serenity?

10. VFTCS Ep 4
http://cheapseats.wednesdaysha... download (audio/mpeg, 18.21Mb)

Description: Ty & Scott (sans Brad tonight) talk newer comics- including Full Moon Fever, Yotsuba, All Star Batman, Astonishing X-Men and Warren Ellis.