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Podcast title This Denison Life
Website URL http://mod.blogs.com/this_deni...
Description Real stories about student life at a liberal arts university in rural Ohio.
Updated Thu, 18 Aug 2005 21:57:32 PDT
Category Education
Arts & Entertainment

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1. Sober as a Fox
http://mod.blogs.com/this_deni... download (audio/mpeg, -0.00Mb)

Description: Besides studying and partying, what do college students in rural Ohio do with their time? Why, fishing of course! A group of students creates an oral narrative around one such expedition.

2. Lust
http://mod.blogs.com/this_deni... download (audio/mpeg, -0.00Mb)

Description: Campus life is a hotbed of hormones. But some desires can't be acknowledged openly. A group of students waxes poetic on that most collegiate of emotions, lust.

3. Fish
http://mod.blogs.com/this_deni... download (audio/x-mpeg, 21.83Mb)

Description: One of the great things about college life is making friends, and if you're lucky one of those friends is your "Belushi." A group of students pay tribute to their friend, Fish.

4. Perusing Porn
http://mod.blogs.com/this_deni... download (audio/x-mpeg, 7.25Mb)

Description: Some students deal with raging hormones by turning inward, rather than outward. But with roommates, things can get tricky. What drives some students to look at porn?

5. Study Drugs
http://mod.blogs.com/this_deni... download (audio/x-mpeg, 8.35Mb)

Description: Many students resort to using drugs as study aides, to keep the alert while writing a paper or studying for a big exam. A group of students sets out to discover why, how, and how much.

6. Favorite Song
http://mod.blogs.com/this_deni... download (audio/x-mpeg, 13.26Mb)

Description: Everyone has a favorite song they're embarrassed to admit liking. Why do we hide some of our musical preferences in shame? A group of students sets out to uncover the truth about "that song."

7. Denison Security
http://mod.blogs.com/this_deni... download (audio/x-mpeg, 6.72Mb)

Description: Campus security officers are there to protect students, sometimes from themselves. But how far should they go? A group of students sets out to take a fair and balanced view.

8. Dating at Denison
http://mod.blogs.com/this_deni... download (audio/x-mpeg, 7.73Mb)

Description: How hard is it to get a date on a college campus these days? Not a "hookup," but a real date? Are students prepared for relationship life after college?

9. Greeks: Black and White
http://mod.blogs.com/this_deni... download (audio/x-mpeg, 11.87Mb)

Description: What are the differences between black and white fraternities and sororities? A group of students explores the issue through interviews with Greeks of all colors.

10. Our Cafeteria Workers
http://mod.blogs.com/this_deni... download (audio/mpeg, -0.00Mb)

Description: They make and serve the food, and sometimes provide a little solace and nurturing away from home. Students explore the lives and stories of cafeteria workers.

11. NTBF
http://mod.blogs.com/this_deni... download (audio/x-mpeg, 31.24Mb)

Description: For some, college provides an opportunity to start a business or a band. A group of students chronicles the artistic development of a student hip hop group. My Odeo Channel (odeo/3cad871f25c757ae)