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Podcast title Bombastic
Website URL http://fbombpod.blogspot.com/
Description Basketball, challenges, and insults.
Updated Tue, 28 Aug 2018 12:41:58 PDT
Category Audio Blogs

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1. Bombastic - Episode 7
http://fbombpod.blogspot.com/2... download (audio/mpeg, 11.65Mb)

Description: Size: 12.2 MB
Time: ~16 mins

Thought I'd do it again. Had to kill a few hours.

2. Bombastic - Episode 6
http://fbombpod.blogspot.com/2... download (audio/mpeg, 29.28Mb)

Description: Size: 29.2MB
Running Time: 42:38

Here is Episode 6. Nothing but talk, except for a brand new all-original introduction. Oh, and if you want one of your own, contact Brandon.

Umm, I don't know how to describe this one. "Uncensored" would be a good start. This one will really let you hear what I am like.

3. Bombastic - Episode 5
http://fbombpod.blogspot.com/2... download (audio/mpeg, 10.46Mb)

Description: Size: 10.4MB
Running Time: 15:14

Number 5 is now available. Yes, this one is quite long. But also remember that I haven't created a podcast in over 2 weeks. I'll try to keep it to 10 minutes next time. In this episode I will talk about AIM, CS classes, my recent blog posts, relationship stuff, shocking laser tag, censorship, and my pinched nerve.

4. About Episode 6
http://fbombpod.blogspot.com/2... download (, 0.00Mb)

Description: I should have another podcast up within the next 4 days.

Oh, and check this out...

My Odeo Channel

5. Bombastic - Episode 4
http://fbombpod.blogspot.com/2... download (audio/mpeg, 3.95Mb)

Description: Size: 4.1MB
Running Time: 5:45

Episode 4 is here! I start to get a little more offensive in this episode. Starts off with my hate for two certain basketball teams followed by some appreciation for good conversations. Overall, it would probably get a PG-13 rating, although some might push for a rated R. Even though I say good night, keep listening for my open challenges to celebrities!

(Sorry about the crazy changes in length of podcast. I'll settle into one time eventually. That will probably be 7 minutes.)

6. Bombastic - Episode 3
http://fbombpod.blogspot.com/2... download (audio/mpeg, 8.97Mb)

Description: Size: 9.4MB
Running Time: ~13 mins.

Here is episode 3. I think I did a much better job of mixing in the music. Unlike the previous podcasts, this one is much longer. If you're on dial-up, expect this to take a long while. If you're on high speed internet, then it should only take a minute or two. Once again, if you have comments or suggestions, let me know.

7. Second Podcast (3.5MB)
http://fbombpod.blogspot.com/2... download (audio/mpeg, 3.47Mb)

Description: Here is my second podcast. Really it's my first, but I did do a sample earlier.

I did an 8-minute show, but my stupid audio software deleted it. So here's what I made up.

8. Test
http://fbombpod.blogspot.com/2... download (audio/mpeg, 0.07Mb)

Description: Test