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Podcast title Adventures of Thomas Brin (Video Podcast)
Website URL http://www.thomasbrin.com/
Description SCIENCE FICTION--Video Podcast (16 x 9 / Apple TV optimized): The Adventures of Thomas Brin is a science fiction series about a man who thinks he's a machine. A Jules Verne meets Silent Running aesthetic, the Adventures of Thomas Brin harkens back to 60's scifi were the visual effects (VFX) did not have to look real to draw a viewer into the story. Created almost entirely on a virtual set with real actors, this surreal science fiction series is a new, bold direction in independent movie making. From Jeff Sayre, the creator of Thomas Brin, "My vision for the genre of science fiction is to create worlds that, although they are obviously fictitious in look and feel, send the viewer into a fantasy-like realm. I like to think that I am beginning to learn how to use VFX to create moving, impressionist paintings where the mere hint of an idea is sufficient to let the viewers imagination take over. In today's world where even the worst movies can have stunning, well-crafted, real-looking VFX, I wanted to do something different, creating an almost picturebook-like realm." Look for our video podcast in the iTunes Music Store.
Category Arts
TV & Film

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Link to this podcast Adventures of Thomas Brin (Video Podcast)


1. Gardens of Tomorrow: Episode 3
http://podcasts.thomasbrin.com... download (video/x-m4v, 122.89Mb)

Description: Video Podcast (16 x 9): Thomas escapes from Dr. Crick's lab and attempts to leave CloudCity. A new nemesis is introduced.

2. Gardens of Tomorrow: Episode 2
http://podcasts.thomasbrin.com... download (video/x-m4v, 70.42Mb)

Description: Video Podcast (16 x 9): Thomas awakens in Dr. Crick's lab. He struggles with the reality that he is not a machine but a biotic himself.

3. Gardens of Tomorrow: Episode 1
http://podcasts.thomasbrin.com... download (video/x-m4v, 53.55Mb)

Description: Video Podcast (16 x 9): The war between the machines and the biotics rages on. Thomas Brin is sent on a mission to destroy the last remaining genetic repositories of the biotics. But Thomas's mission is stopped short as he is confronted with his past.