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Podcast title Teri Rose
Website URL http://www.terirose.com/
Description Discover secrets to success for fulfilling dreams of love and matters of the heart, weight loss, conquering fear and stress or work from home. www.terirose.com
Updated Sun, 31 Aug 2008 14:50:31 -0600
Category Health

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1. Please Visit Peace of Success
http://www.terirose.com/2008/0... download (, 0.00Mb)


Keep up with the latest at PeaceOfSuccess.com

Learn the simple steps so you can have it all-financial freedom, a feeling of being in control, and peace of mind to enjoy everything important to YOU.

Scientific validation is surfacing every day that confirms the power you have to change what you do not like about your life. Don't wait a decade for the text books to catch up before you will believe it is true.

2. My Short Sabbatical
http://www.terirose.com/2008/0... download (, 0.00Mb)


I will be the first to say that "life happens" at
times. The important thing is flowing with it and
staying in balance.

And so I will have to admit that a lot of life has
been happening for me lately. What that means is
that I have fallen behind in a few things that are
important to me, like keeping up with my blog
postings and podcasts.

I love to push myself by constantly creating visions
of life as I would like to know it in reality. And
because I do that, many new opportunities for growth
happen both in my personal life and in my business.
I was in the middle of some exciting things I have
been working on when there arose a need to focus on
my family for a bit.

I found that I wasn't feeling good about anything I
was attempting to do as I was spreading myself too
thin and not accomplishing my goals in any of the
areas where I was focusing.

That is the time to step back, assess priorities and
let some things go for at least a bit. My personality
doesn't like that but I am happy to say that I have
grown to a place where I am at least able to do it
without feeling guilt and anxiety over it.

I keep running across so much good information that I
would like to share, so that makes it tougher to be
away. I will continue to put it in a folder for now,
knowing that I will be back soon.

3. A Leap of Faith
http://www.terirose.com/2008/0... download (, 0.00Mb)


This week I have a story from someone who would like to
inspire other women to have faith and do something to get
out of situations that don't allow them to live up to their
potential. Here is some of what she had to say.

"Teri, Thank you for the opportunity to share my story. I
recently divorced in April 2007 from a very bad marriage. I
was living in the Bahamas and not earning much money when I
decided to move back to the States. I put my request out to the
God of the Universe (The Source of all things). I requested that
I have enough money to acquire a townhouse as well as a new
vehicle without having to depend on relatives. I originally had
planned on leaving the Bahamas in Sept 2006 but my source urged
me to stay until there was no resistance within my spirit. Thank
God I stayed until April 2007. I was awarded a bonus from my job
as well as stock options I cashed in which I was not aware of in
April 2007. If I had left in Sept.2006 I truly would have had to
depend on relatives. I moved back to the states Jun.2007 and I
have a brand new condo and a brand new 2007 vehicle..."

4. The Information Highway To Your Mind
http://www.terirose.com/2008/0... download (audio/mpeg, 1.09Mb)


Grab the Wheel Podcast Episode 49

There is a pathway of information that flows into your mind and out of it.

( length approx. 5 minutes)

5. Jay's Story and the Information Highway
http://www.terirose.com/2008/0... download (, 0.00Mb)


Last week I talked about my experience of receiving the help
I requested in my visualization. By making my intention known
and creating the energy of expectation that I would get the
results I wanted, I actually got the results I was looking
for. By all appearances, it didn't seem like it was going to
happen but the important thing is to focus only on what you
would like to see happen. Thinking like that doesn't fit what
most people have been taught. Most of the time we feel like
things are done to us and that we have no control over them.
We think about what is and never use the power that is within
us to co-create our reality. I don't believe it is solely up
to each person's thoughts but those thoughts do have an impact.

When you realize that there is what is sometimes referred to
as a web of energy or a matrix and that it connects everything
in the universe, it is easier to understand the importance of
thoughts and the message that you send out into that matrix.
You do get a response to your intentions and requests for help.

6. The Law of Attraction and Everyday Use (Audio)
http://www.terirose.com/2008/0... download (audio/mpeg, 1.61Mb)


Grab the Wheel Podcast Episode 48

The Law of Attraction works on the little things as well as the big things.

( length approx. 7.1 minutes)

7. Don’t Let Emotions Run Wild
http://www.terirose.com/2008/0... download (, 0.00Mb)


Continued from last time…

As time went on and the driver didn't arrive as
scheduled, I found myself involved in some negative
self talk. My day was being messed up because other
people couldn't live up to what they had committed
to. Then I caught myself visualizing how I would
let the driver know about it.

I stopped myself again and used the techniques I
practice to calm down and stop the negativity. I
created a feeling of love in my heart and brought
back in the visual image of doing my work out,
feeling a sense of accomplishment and gratitude that
it had all worked out so well. I thought of all of
the cool little things that seem to happen when I
have my head screwed on right-which allows me to
focus on the end result with gratitude. With a
sense of wonder and awe I considered that the
solution could come because a friend stopped by or a
car could drive by with a couple of the strong young
guys from down the street that would love to make
some extra money getting the box up my porch stairs.
It felt exciting knowing it was all about to work
out somehow.

8. The Law of Attraction and Everyday Use
http://www.terirose.com/2008/0... download (, 0.00Mb)


This week I am going to tell you a story that
illustrates the practical use of The Law of
Attraction. I think that too often, people think of
The Law of Attraction as something involved in
attracting their big goals or dreams to them. My
belief is that The Law of Attraction works best when
you focus on the little things and create the vision
of moving forward toward the desired results with
everything you do. It is the daily steps that
result in movement toward and manifestation of the
life you would love to be living. Once you are a
true believer that there really is relevance in your
thoughts and beliefs and a correlation with what
surrounds you in real life, then it becomes easier
to focus on the end result and the way it will feel
when you get there. But until then, use it with the
little things and build up confidence.

Here is my example.

I decided to get an elliptical trainer for my
combination Christmas/birthday present and give
myself the gift of physical fitness in 2008. It's
become obvious to me as I attempt to zip my jeans
that I need to make some changes.

9. Why Do You Do What You Do?
http://www.terirose.com/2008/0... download (audio/mpeg, 1.31Mb)


Grab the Wheel Podcast Episode 47

Learn how your subconscious thoughts can block your goals.

( length approx. 5.5 minutes)

10. How Can Anyone Hate Fruit?
http://www.terirose.com/2008/0... download (, 0.00Mb)


Continued from last time…

Here is an example that made me realize the important
part that past experiences play in the way we think
in the present.

I noticed that as I ate a bowl of mixed fruit this
morning for breakfast, I really enjoyed it. What is
so relevant about that?

I said for years that I hated fruit. How can you hate
fruit? Fruit is as diversified as anything in existence.
There are various colors, textures, flavors, sizes.
None of that mattered to me. Eating fruit felt like
punishment although as I grew up, I never really stopped
to think about what I was saying or why. I just knew
that I hated fruit. I actually found myself feeling
agitated when I was offered fruit to eat. Looking back,
I actually loved peanut butter and banana slices on toast,
but yet I hated fruit. My favorite pie was cherry pie
but yet I always said that I hated fruit.

11. Why Do You Like What You Like?
http://www.terirose.com/2008/0... download (, 0.00Mb)


Do you ever wonder why you like or dislike something
or someone for no apparent reason? Understanding
that can be very powerful and is very much related
to clearing blocks to success. Knowing where to
look when you can’t seem to reach your goals is the
first step in realizing success.

The mind forms its opinions and then each one of
those opinions creates energy that affects your life.
That energy is a major contributing factor in
determining what the Law of Attraction amplifies and
attracts back to you.

I was at a friend’s house recently and she was raving
about the leading man in a movie she had seen. I had
never seen him in a movie but was familiar with him.
I opened my mouth before engaging my brain and said
that I didn’t really like him.

12. The Law of Attraction and the New Year's New You (Audio)
http://www.terirose.com/2008/0... download (audio/mpeg, 1.78Mb)


Grab the Wheel Podcast Episode 46

If you want greater success, learn how to use The Law of Attraction to change your life.

( length approx. 8 minutes)

13. Breaking Down The Law of Attraction
http://www.terirose.com/2008/0... download (, 0.00Mb)


You do not literally see feelings or thoughts but they
are real and active-causing an effect in the physical.
They are energy and that is what your body is made of.
If we were taught to work with the body's energy as we
grew up, it would seem normal. Why is it that you grow
up thinking it's ok to stick a needle full of a toxic
solution through your skin. The solution disappears from
your sight with the purpose of threatening your immune
system and tricking it into building up a defense. To me,
that seems like an odd and barbaric thing to do yet it was
considered normal as I grew up because I was taught to
believe was necessary for health.

As I studied on my own and learned of the discoveries
of people like Dr. Bruce Lipton, I have become acclimated
to the idea that the body is made up of energy. I have
discovered that I can work with every goal from health to
finances to relationships at the source of the problem-
the energy that makes up the problem. And amazingly, I
have discovered it works. Yes, sticking a needle full
of toxins does work in some cases but so does working with
the body's energy. I have learned to look beyond what I
have been taught is normal to see if there are other
solutions. I have found that there are other things
that work.

Quite often, I have found it to be literally impossible to
permanently change the way I feel when negative things
come up so they aren’t reoccurring. I have experimented
with different tools over the years in an attempt to change
my emotional state and remove the negative thoughts from
coming to my mind. I think it is necessary to do some type
of energy work to remove the source of the negative self
talk or thoughts so you aren’t just burying them. To do that
you have to reach to the level of the unseen. You have to
get to the place where memories are stored and reprogram
the information there.

14. The Law of Attraction and the New Year's New You
http://www.terirose.com/2007/1... download (, 0.00Mb)


I would like to wish you a Happy New Year. I hope
you are as excited about your life and projects as
I am about mine. If you aren't finding the kind of
success you dream about, I am more determined than
ever to help you change the things you don't like
about your life.

You have been given the power to use your thoughts
and energy to create the changes you desire. That
is The Law of Attraction in action. It is real,
available and ready to go to work for you and with
you. You can use it to make your goals happen.

I know that it is the inner feeling that sets the
course for everything. That is what the Law of
Attraction works with-the energy that comes from your
inner feelings about things. That is what I have
dedicated myself to work on and that is what is allowing
me to bring a new me to the new year. I stopped looking
outwardly-wanting the things that other people did or
had control over to change. I finally got it that I
was creating my reality through my perception of the
events going on around me.

15. New Discoveries and The Law of Attraction Audio
http://www.terirose.com/2007/1... download (audio/mpeg, 1.81Mb)


Grab the Wheel Podcast Episode 45

Understanding the new discoveries about how energy works allows you to get The Law of Attraction working for you and your goals.

( length approx. 8 minutes)