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Podcast title Today's Tarot
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Updated Mon, 28 May 2018 23:34:51 PDT
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1. Today's Tarot Podcast #15 - Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone of the Tarot School
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (, 0.00Mb)

In this special episode, I take time to talk with a "dynamic duo" in the Tarot world. Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone run the online Tarot School at www.tarotschool.com, and are also authors, speakers and leaders in today's worldwide tarot community.

I hope you enjoy this interview, and I also take some time to read and respond to listener mail!

Today's Tarot Podcast - Your source for what's new and exciting in the Tarot world.

Show link here

2. Today's Tarot Podcast #14: (Part 1) The Suits and their Elements
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 94.86Mb)

In this episode, I cover the 4 different suits and their intricate meanings and connections to Hebrew letters, the zodiac, and other influences. After I talk about this for about 20 minutes, I then turn to a fascinating 2-part lecture given by Joy Vernon, tarot instructor with the Avalon Center for Druidic Studies and member of our Denver Tarot Meetup group. This 2-part lecture is in 2 separate podcasts.

As always, I appreciate your feedback via email at tarottoday@gmail.com.

Music Credits: Artist Kenji Williams, Song Name "Epic" is the intro song and later during discussion of the suits, the artist Saros performs "Soundscapes". This pod-safe music courtesy of www.magnatune.com.


3. Today's Tarot Podcast #14: (Part 2) The Suits and their Elements
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 95.41Mb)

This is the second session delivered by Joy Vernon regarding the Suits in the Minor Arcana.

Show link here.

4. What's Next on Today's Tarot Podcast (14)
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 0.44Mb)

Description: Coming up next on the Today's Tarot Podcast, we review the meanings of the 4 suits in the Minor Arcana, and their associations with the elements and other qualities and meanings, with the assistance of Joy Vernon, a Tarot Instructor with the Avalon Center for Druidic Studies
at www.avaloncollege.org.

Joy gave a 2-part series on this topic for the Denver Tarot Meetup Group (go to the site here to see pictures of Joy and people during the lecture) in mid-late September, and people very much enjoyed it, so I'm making it available to you!

Preview audio here. The episode should be posted within the next 2 weeks (by early October).

5. Today's Tarot Podcast #13: Interview: Ferol Humphrey, Living Tarot Meetup, Dallas, Texas
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 50.41Mb)

In this special interview edition of the Today's Tarot Podcast, I interview Ferol Humphrey, Organizer of perhaps THE largest and most successful Tarot Group on Meetup.com. Ferol talks about her career in Tarot as a reader and leader, and also all the fun she has had organizing local Dallas Tarot enthusiasts through http://tarot.meetup.com.

Here is the specific link for her Living Tarot group: http://tarot.meetup.com/94

Ferol's email is: bigideasatwork@hotmail.com

If you have suggestions for future interviews for the show, or feedback, please contact me at Tarottoday@gmail.com.

Show link here.

6. Today's Tarot Podcast #12: Conclusion of the Major Arcana (Sun, Judgment, the World and other Cards)
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 28.98Mb)


In this conclusion of my series on the Major Arcana, I cover the meanings of the Sun, Judgment (Aeon), The World (or the Universe) and some special cards that have been added on / into the Major Arcana:

The Multiverse in the Quest Tarot (www.questtarot.com) and Truth and Intuition, referenced in the book The Complete New Tarot by authors Otto and Rob Docters van Leeuwen.

I also mention another tarot podcast, The Tarot Connection, and two very cool websites, www.tarotpedia.com and www.numberquest.com.

Next time I will visit with Ferol Humphrey, group leader of the Dallas-based Living Tarot Meetup group, regarding the success of her group and what tarot.meetup.com has to offer
you as far as starting or joining a group of your own.

Show link here.

7. Photos from my Denver Tarot Meetup Group
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (, 0.00Mb)

I am really having a lot of fun with local folks in Denver thanks to http://tarot.meetup.com. A part of the www.meetup.com website. Meet anyone locally in YOUR town who shares interest in any common subject, i.e., Tarot, Astrology, Runes, Politics and a lot more.

I also have a link to their site to the right > scroll down

Tarot readers owe it to themselves to check this out and get connected to others with a strong Tarot interest who live near them!

Check out the photos from our last meeting in Denver at ISIS books www.isisbooks.com here:


8. What's Next on Today's Tarot Podcast (12)
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 0.73Mb)

Description: Coming up next on the Today's Tarot Podcast:

Is the power of the sun shining it’s light in your life?

What judgments are you making about yourself and others?

Are you feeling on top of the world, or feeling like the world has taken you on?

Hi My name is Scott, host of the Today’s Tarot Podcast.

In my next episode I conclude my fool’s journey through the Major Arcana, covering these cards, and a few secret cards that are added in a few decks and that you may not have heard of.

My show can be found on I-Tunes under Today’s Tarot, or at feeds.feedburner.com forward slash TodaysTarot.

Don’t fear the tarot cards, learn them, love them and live them.

Listen to show promo here

9. Today's Tarot Podcast #11: Interview: Joseph E. Martin, Quest Tarot Deck Creator!
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 49.90Mb)

In this first interview show of the Today's Tarot Podcast, I talk with Joseph Ernest Martin, creator of the Quest Tarot deck. You can see images of all the cards in the deck and much much more at his website www.questtarot.com.

Joseph talks about his inspiration getting the deck created and published, it's worldwide success and it's special features.

If you have any questions or feedback, or would like a private reading, please don't hesitate to email me at Tarottoday@gmail.com.


Show link here.

10. Today's Tarot Podcast #10: The Tower, The Star & The Moon
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (, 0.00Mb)

In this episode, I continue my exploration of the Major Arcana with the next 3 cards in the series: The Tower, The Star & The Moon, as promised in my recent promo.

In an upcoming episode, I will feature an interview with the creator of the Quest Tarot deck, Joseph Ernest Martin.

On another note, I want to report that the second meeting of the Denver Tarot Meetup.com group was a GREAT success last night. We had over 10 people there, giving and receiving reading, sharing experiences, telling stories and having a great time. If you would like to meet people who live near you that enjoy Tarot, go to www.meetup.com and enter "Tarot" and your zip code, and either join or form a group in your area to celebrate Tarot with others!

Show file here

11. What's Next on Today's Tarot Podcast (10)
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 0.69Mb)

Description: Here is a preview of the next Today's Tarot Podcast.


12. Today's Tarot Podcast #9: The 6 Decks I Own and Use
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 24.17Mb)

Description: What's in a deck? There are many different Tarot decks in all shapes and sizes, and one for everybody. In this episode I talk about the six different decks I own and use and what makes them special.

They are:

The Quest Tarot
The Witches' Tarot
The Adrian Tarot
The Rohrig Tarot
The Yeager Tarot
The One World Tarot

In addition to talking about the different artwork and unique qualities of the individual decks, I talk about where you can find these decks and how to care for them.

Show link here.


13. Today's Tarot Podcast #8: Next 3 Major Arcana: Death, Temperance, The Devil
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 45.57Mb)

Description: In this episode I proceed with our exploration of the Major Arcana with the cards Death (13), Temperance / Alchemy (14) and the Devil (15).

I also read two emails from listeners and answer / clarify their questions.

You can email me with further questions or feedback, or to request a tarot reading of your own for $30 at Consumer007@gmail.com


Show link here.

14. Today's Tarot Podcast #7: Special: Astrology Reading!
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 51.51Mb)

Description: In this special episode I do an astrological reading for one my show listeners, Kelly! This reading is perfect for birthdays, taking a full panoramic view of every area of someone's life. If you would like me to do this reading for you or have show feedback, please contact me at tarottoday@gmail.com.


Show link here.

15. Today's Tarot Podcast #6: The Hanged Man
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 12.70Mb)

Description: In this podcast, I talk about the Hanged Man card and all of the involved associations and nuances including planets, astrology, runes and hebrew letters. You can contact me at tarottoday@gmail.com, and read the blog at tarottoday.blogspot.com.

Show episode here.

16. Today's Tarot Podcast #5 - Justice Card
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 12.46Mb)

Description: I'M BACK! :) Thanks for your patience. I talk about a new deck, the Quest Tarot, the great information wrapped in each card, and a new show format, starting with the Justice card.

Email me at new address: tarottoday@gmail.com

Show link here.

17. Today's Tarot Podcast #4: Next 6 Cards in Major Arcana
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 29.02Mb)

Description: In this installment of Today's Tarot Podcast, I continue covering the cards in the Major Arcana. This time we talk about The Lovers, The Chariot, Strength, The Hermit, the Wheel of Fortune and Justice. I also cover some general tips when it comes to reading for others, and read aloud some email questions / comments from listeners.

If you have feedback / questions on the show, or would like me to do a reading for you, please contact me at Consumer007@gmail.com.


18. Today's Tarot Podcast #3: The First 6 cards of the Major Arcana
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 12.66Mb)

Description: The major arcana are 21 cards in the Tarot deck (but not in the modern day descendant playing deck of cards) that represent the universal themes of life we all go through from birth, youth, life, old age, death and rebirth. In this podcast, I cover the first 6 of these cards and their meanings.

If you have more questions about the tarot, or you would like me to read your cards, feel free to contact me at Consumer007@gmail.com.

Show link here

19. Today's Tarot Podcast #2: Listen to an Actual Reading
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (, 0.00Mb)

Description: Hello everyone. I hope life is going well for you.

In this episode, you get to hear an actual reading I performed for a friend Ron regarding his question on career.

As I go through the reading, I explain more about the "Celtic Cross" spread, one of the most common, what it means when cards are upright or reversed, and also talk about the Major and Minor Arcana in the Tarot deck and how the Tarot deck is the ancestor of the modern deck of playing cards.

I hope you will enjoy this episode. I can also do YOUR reading over the phone. If you would like a reading from me, please contact me at consumer007@gmail.com.


show link here

20. Today's Tarot Podcast #1: Dedication / Show Purpose
http://tarottoday.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 9.77Mb)

Description: This will be a blog / discussion and podcast about Tarot, it's history, it's usefulness and what it offers people in everyday life. I am a tarot reader of many years, and have done hundreds of readings for friends and friends of friends that have brought deep insight and positive changes to their lives.

I look forward to sharing and learning together about this wonderful gift from our wise ancestors and focusing directly on how you can use it in your life, as well as the meanings of the cards and different spreads, blessings and applications you can use.

Here is the first Podcast in the Series Today's Tarot Podcast. Enjoy the show!

Scott (Signifcator: Magician)