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Podcast title the Culture Vulture Supplement
Website URL http://www.cyberears.com/index...
Description This podcast is like a vitamin when you can't get a full, nutritious meal. Therefore, the podcast is to act as a ''supplement'' to my radio show on CKMS 100.3, radio waterloo. This show focuses on Canadian independent music. A podcast a week keeps the unhappiness away.
Updated Sun, 09 Mar 2008 00:00:00 -0800
Image the Culture Vulture Supplement
Category Music

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1. For N. Bender: Rich LaViolette Live
http://www.cyberears.com/cybrs... download (audio/mpeg, 38.12Mb)

Description: This is an uninterrupted, unedited, pure set by genius folk artist Richard LaViolette, live from 130 King St. Waterloo, Ont. from April 21st, 2007. Beautiful, majestic and entrancing. Mr. Noah Bender has been requesting this file for ages, so its upload is dedicated to him. Enjoy! Also, check out trepid.org for similar shows.

2. FINALLY... the Moglee Interview
http://www.cyberears.com/cybrs... download (audio/mpeg, 50.87Mb)

Description: In early December, Moglee came in to visit CKMS. With technical issues, this file has been problematic, but its finally up! Interview and performance. This is a direct recording that was used on air. Enjoy!

3. the Shady J's Play the 'Drome
http://www.cyberears.com/cybrs... download (audio/mpeg, 31.35Mb)

Description: Shady J's folk rock at CKMS 100.3 live on the Culture Vulture, and some musings from the C.Vult on the future.

4. Knock Knock Ginger is Delicious
http://www.cyberears.com/cybrs... download (audio/mpeg, 24.46Mb)

Description: The Live recording of Waterloo's Knock Knock Ginger from the Palindrome Studio at CKMS 100.3!

5. Exclusive East Coast Radio Special!
http://www.cyberears.com/cybrs... download (audio/mpeg, 39.93Mb)

Description: A special recording of the Superfantastics and Blue Heeler (Julie Dorion and Dick Morello) from a stop at CKMS' Palindrome Studio. These two East Coast bands are on tour together and they both rocked the socks off of the Pledge Drive Special, incase you're wondering why Dick keeps mentioning fundraising and the space time continuum. Also, Knock Knock Ginger and Mohawk Lodge. Dig it? Dug.

6. The 3rd (finally)
http://www.cyberears.com/cybrs... download (audio/mpeg, 47.23Mb)

Description: A short podcast with the likes of Andrew Bird, Gogol Bordello, Caribou and many others. And ofcourse, C. Vult commentary.

7. the Second Podcast, oh la la
http://www.cyberears.com/cybrs... download (audio/mpeg, 65.03Mb)

Description: Well, lets try it again, shall we. Musical nutrition at its finest. On this cast, we hear Swan Lake, Electric President, !!!, Chad VanGaalen, the Constantines, Dogs Die In Hot Cars, along with a few others. How fun!Canadian and indie music from Waterloo, Ont., with your Culture Vulture, tearing at the shreds with a pointy beak at the shreds of modern culture.

8. the Inaugural Podcast
http://www.cyberears.com/cybrs... download (audio/mpeg, 60.62Mb)

Description: I have promised this for months, and its taken me a while, and I'm sorry. I was very fearful that this would not be successful, but suprisingly, I didn't blow anything up. I know. I'm proud of myself. So here is the first CV supplement, with one very quakey bird. But the music kicks some serious bum: Aqualung, DEE, Sea Wolf, Fimo, the Neutrinos, the Rum Circus, the Sleepless Nights, Elk City, Iain Ferguson, among many others... This is the supplement and it adds good stuff to your body via your ears (kinda like Spinach carrying a kick ass guitar accompanied by broccoli with an amazing synth).