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Podcast title Small Business Guru
Website URL http://www.small-business-guru...
Description Coaching, Inspiration & Practical Advice for Small Business Owners.
Updated Thu, 09 Mar 2017 09:28:24 PST
Image Small Business Guru
Category Business

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1. Ryan Donahue - Founder of HourTown
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Description: Ryan Donahue is the founder of HourTown, which is quickly becoming a leading online scheduling and marketing system for small business owners. He has more than 10 years of experience in the design of consumer Internet applications and a strong track record in developing tools that help to bridge the gap between technology and small business. As a founding member of the PayPal design and user research group, Ryan A highly sought-after expert in user-centered design methodologies, Ryan has consulted a wide range of Silicon Valley investors, non-profits and startups, helping them to design products that better meet the needs of their customers.

2. Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller - Gravitational Marketing
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Description: I'm honored to have two guest gurus this week - Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller…authors of Gravitational Marketing. Jimmy & Travis took a $200 investment & turned it into a multi million-dollar marketing firm. They train & consult entrepreneurs, small business owners & sales professionals...bringing a unique spin to the same-old-same old 'safe' marketing strategies recommended by traditional consultancies.

3. Gary Harpst - Six Disciplines (Spotlight Interview)
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Description: Our guest this week is Gary Harpst. Gary is the Founder & CEO of Six Disciplines a business excellence program designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses. Prior to Six Disciplines, Gary was a co-founder of Solomon Software. During the 20 years he led that organization, Solomon grew to be one of the industry’s market leaders, installing more than 60,000 systems in small to medium-sized businesses around the world. Solomon was sold to a Great Plains Software in 2000 for $142 million.

4. David Zinger - (Spotlight Interview)
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Description: David Zinger is the co-writer for Slacker Manager and founder of David Zinger and Associates.

5. Susan Evans - Co-Founder, Office Nomads
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Description: Our guest this week is Susan Evans, Co-founder of Office Nomads. Office Nomads is one of a growing contingent of co-working facilities popping up all over the country. Co-working offices are café-like collaboration space for developers, writers, & independent professionals. The idea being to help at home office workers to get out of the house and into an productive environment that allows for friendly interaction with colleagues. As their slogan states - its Individuality without Isolation.

6. Molly Gordon - Spotlight Interview
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Description: Our guest this week is certified business coach, Molly Gordon. Molly is the author of 4 books including her most recent endeavor, the Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur. In it she shares her story of how she became a business coach and the Three Instructions she uses to guide herself and her clients to a successful, balanced life.

7. Sam Carpenter - Author of Work the System
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Description: Our guest this week is Sam Carpenter. Author of Work the System: The simple Mechanics of Working Less and Making More. Eight years ago, he was exhausted by his career and brutal, 80 hour workweeks. Barely making ends meet, the demands of his struggling small business left little time for family or socializing. Then, Sam had a moment of insight in which he turned everything around. Now, using principles detailed in his book, Sam works only two hours a week and earns more in a month than he used to in a year.

8. Ilise Benun
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Description: Our guest this week is Ilise Benun co-founder of Marketing Mentor. A six month coaching program where she works small business owners and entrepreneurs to develop and implement successful marketing strategies.Ilise Benun Marketing Mentor Ilise is the author of 4 books including "Stop Pushing Me Around," "Self Promotion Online," "Designing Web Sites for Every Audience" and "Public Relations For Dummies. She has extensive experience working with entrepreneurs in the area of self promotion. Ilise has conducted workshops for the American Marketing Association, the National Association of Women Business Owners, and the NYU Entrepreneurship Summit --to name but a few. Ilise is passionate about her work. She has a keen insight and a no-nonsense approach. I learned a lot from Ilise in the short time we spoke….and I think you will too. Some Takeaway Points: * Look for opportunities in the problems others around your are experiencing. * Follow up is a fundamental - many sales have been lost due to poor follow up practices * Marketing and self-promotion are disciplines. A practiced approach with a mentor will greatly increase your chances for success. * Marketing should be integrated into your day to day activities -- not done once a month or once a quarter. * It's best to focus your time and energy on a few strategic marketing activities - this will give you your best chance for success

9. Dan McComb - Co-Founder of Biznik
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Description: Our guest this week is Dan McComb co-founder of Biznik, an online business networking community built around member hosted events. Dan is a web-developer turned social entrepreneur. He and his wife founded Biznik in 2005. They were disappointed with the approach and effectiveness of some of the more traditional business networking groups. Biznik started small with only a couple dozen friends gathering for coffee - but soon devoted members started popping up all over the world. While the largest concentration of their membership is based in their hometown of Seattle, chances are their's a biznik community forming in your area.

10. Michael Bungay Stanier - Spotlight Interview
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Description: Our guest this week is Michael Bungay Stanier. Michael is the founder of Box of Crayons. He helps organizations, teams & individuals get 'unstuck' and get going on stuff that matters. Michael - masterful facilitator and trainer, a certified coach and an experienced consultant. He is also the creator of Get Unstuck & Get Going™, a self-coaching program endorsed by leaders in the coaching, corporate and non-profit worlds. I found my discussion with Michael fascinating. His insight and creativity in helping organizations produce GREAT work is inspiring and something every business owner should take to heart.

11. Tom Ziglar - CEO, Ziglar Corporation
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Description: Our guest this week is Tom Ziglar. Tom is the CEO of the Ziglar Corporation and the son of world renowned motivator Zig Ziglar. In our interview, we discuss the value of trust in the sales relationship. We also learn how core set of great content and a unique approach -- can be grown into a wide array of derivative products. Zig Ziglar could have published a couple books and been done with it. But his organization was able to build on their initial success and repurpose that content into new services and media -- everything from sales training, to CD series, to books of motivational quotes -- to now -- the internet with their newsletters, blogs and the Ziglar Vault. Another takeaway from this interview, how important sales training can be to the small business owner. It really is a matter of investing in yourself. Just closing one more sale a month, a quarter, or even a year can mean the world for an entrepreneur and their bottom line. Sales is a process -- it can be learned and mastered -- all without losing who you are.

12. My Morning Checklist
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Description: A couple weeks ago I wrote a couple articles - one on the importance standardized process and one on the importance of planning your day. In discussing this topic with a friend, he asked to see the checklist I use as well as an example of my morning work plan. So, I decided to record the process I use for preparing my daily work plan. You can view this with the video below. I’ve also attached a copy of my morning checklist as well as an example of a daily work plan both of these are at the bottom of this post. What This Checklist Represents Essentially, this checklist is making sure I get the morning anxieties out of my head and into a trusted system. I wake up anxious — with a million thoughts running through my mind. This helps me capture those thoughts and process them objectively. Once I’ve captured all that ’stuff’, I can compare that list with my plan. How does relate to my goals? My projects? My next actions? If I find alignment, I’ll add it to my daily work plan. Some things I’ll defer just because I know it’s not as important as some of my other priorities. Others, well they’ll just get added to the plan today because they need to get done. All in all, this checklist is just one example of how you might approach your day. It only has value if I follow it. I find if I ‘wing’ it, I regret it. I do want to call out, I didn’t invent any of these ideas or concepts. My routine was cobbled together from best practices I’ve learned from my mentors as well as renowned productivity leaders like David Allen and Peter Drucker. All systems can be improved. So, I’d love to learn (and see) some examples of how you plan your day. Please feel free to share them in the comment section below. Or email them to: info@small-business-guru.com. Some Tools To Consider: MindManager - http://www.mindjet.com OneNote - http://www.microsoft.com/onenote Personal Brain - http://www.thebrain.com

13. SEO for the Small Business Guru
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Description: Listen to our 2007 Webinar on Search Engine Optimization presented by Sage Lewis of Sage Rock www.sagerock.com Learn how to make your web site rank better on Google. In this seminar you’ll learn: * Target the phrases your customers are searching. * Learn the 5 most important factors to rank well in Google. * Make your site a link magnet for other web sites. * Learn how to use the Google Sitemap to rank better in Google. * Use all the work your competitors have done to beat them in the search listings. Listen to the archived This presentation is available to our Premium Members (please be sure to login first). About this Seminar Google is the #1 search engine, by far. Companies that control the top listings in Google control the top of mind real estate of the most important online property. Companies that control the top listings in Google for their industry are regarded as the brand leaders by their potential customers. Companies that control the top listings in Google are generating a higher return on investment and lower cost per acquisition than all of their competitors who do not control the top listings in Google. About Our Presenter: Sage Lewis started his online marketing company, SageRock.com, in 1999 during a time when most Internet companies were failing. SageRock, however, has thrived under Lewis’ direction — growing an average of 30% every year, while also being recognized as one of the top ten search engine optimization firms in the U.S. by a third-party resource in the industry, Marketing Sherpa. Regarded as a web marketing expert, Lewis speaks regularly to business organizations like NEOSA and COSE, serves as a resource for press about industry trends, and teaches a recurring class on search engine optimization at Cleveland State University. You can download and print the slide handouts now, linked in a .pdf file below. When you click the link to the slides, choose Save (not Open) to download them. Then you can use Adobe’s Acrobat Reader to view and print the slides from your PC. Download the PowerPoint Presentation: http://www.small-business-guru.com/wp-content/uploads/small-business-guru-seo-for-the-small-business-owner.ppt

14. Jill Jolley - Owner's Spotlight Interview
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Description: Our guest this week is Jill Jolley, founder of Jill’s Consultant List, A National Directory of Business Consultants, Experts & Mentors. Jill is the epitome of someone who’s created their business as a way to achieve the lifestyle goals. She lives in Carmel California and provides consulting services all over the country. Yet, she does this entirely from her home office because she made an agreement with herself that she was going to make it on her own terms and that meant she wasn’t going to travel. This provides her with the flexibility to be available to her family and still have an outlet for her entrepreneurial ambitions. Further, Jill has parlayed her experiences as a consultant to create — www.JillsConsultantList.com which acts as a matching service for consultants and their clients. I really enjoyed speaking with Jill this week and feel I’ve found a new friend. Someone who’s breadth of experience and advice will help anyone looking to hang their shingle up as a business coach or consultant.

15. Michael Feuer, Founder of OfficeMax
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Description: I'm honored to have as our guest this week, Mr. Michael Feuer, founder of OfficeMax. Mr. Feuer founded OfficeMax1988 with one store and $20,000 of his own money. The original plan called for 100 stores and instead, grew to 1,000 stores on three continents with over $5 billion in revenue. OfficeMAx was later sold to Boise Cascade Corp. for over $1.5 billion. Mr. Feuer then launched another start-up, Max-Ventures, a venture capital that invests in retail-oriented businesses. You can read his regular column in Smart Business Magazine at www.sbnonline.com I think you'll find Mr. Feuer's story fascinating and very inspiring. I know I could have talked with him for hours. His experience and depth of knowledge as an entrepreneur are extremely rare. I'm very appreciative that he took the time to speak to me. I know I walked away from this conversation with some really great ideas that I plan to incorporate into my approach to business. I hope you enjoy listening to our discussion..

16. Customer Satisfaction: The Formula For Success
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Description: Learn the Formula for Customer Satisfaction in 6 Minutes. As business owners we focus a lot on customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, not many of us understand exactly what defines customer satisfcation. And if we don't understand the dynamics of satisfying a customer, our hopes of delighting a customer are slim to none.

17. Owner's Spotlight Interview - Ray Leach
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Description: Our spotlight interview this month is with Ray Leach, CEO of JumpStart, Inc. JumpStart was formed to accelerate the growth of early-stage ideas into venture ready companies in the Northeast Ohio region. Ray has 20 years experience leading high-growth entrepreneurial organizations. His career began at IBM and has been principally focused on information technology previous to JumpStart. Ray is a Sloan Fellow and earned an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. He also serves on the boards of the Council of Competitiveness in Washington DC, the Red Cross Blood Services of Northern Ohio, the Pittsburgh Venture Capital Association and is the Chairman of the Invent Now Kids board of the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum.

18. Owner's Spotlight Interview - Marty Lyman
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Description: Our guest this month for our Owners Spotlight Interview is Marty Lyman. Marty is president and founder of Compass Solutions based in Akron, Ohio. Compass designs and implements telecommunication and internet solutions for businesses. He is also on the board of trustees for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (www.umdf.org). Marty founded his business six years ago in a time when the communications industry itself was in a tailspin. However, with good planning and a disciplined approach Marty has been able to grow Compass into a thriving business. Marty offers us some sage advice as someone who’s built his business from the ground up. Some take away points: Know why you’re getting into business in the first place In order to reach long term goals, you need to keep them in your face on a daily basis. You also need to break them down into incremental steps you can take each day, each month, each year to finally achieve them. In planning your first year, you need to be prepared both mentally and financially. Building a long term relationship with customers cannot happen overnight. But when you get to a certain point the payoff can be BIG, because when they grow, you grow. I learned a lot from my discussion with Marty. I hope you’ll find it as powerful and motivating as I have.