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Podcast title The Edge of Faith
Website URL http://edgeoffaith.com/podcast...
Updated Tue, 05 Jun 2007 09:04:47 PDT
Category Religion & Spirituality

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1. EOF: Time Is Against Me
http://edgeoffaith.com/2005/08... download (, 0.00Mb)

Description: Electronic trance music & spoken word
bleedbeat - featuring Gordon Venturella

"You can purchase amusement, but not satisfaction - You can pay for distractions but not fulfillment - You can build a bigger box, but you're still in a box - You can buy faster transportation, but you're still going....nowhere."

movie clip taken from Cool Hand Luke
sermon clips taken from Life in A Box

Download Mp3: Time Is Against Me

2. EOF: Slipping Into Doubt
http://edgeoffaith.com/2005/09... download (audio/mpeg, 10.92Mb)

Description: Electronic trance music & spoken word
bleedbeat - featuring Gordon Venturella

"There really are just a few big questions in life. Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where will I go when I leave this life? The big questions in life are in response to the only things we know about this life and that is that I am here, I got here somehow, and I’ll leave here someday." —taken from the sermon Not Without a Doubt

"If you keep thinking there's a solution, you'll die here… Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you? There are no answers, only choices." — Solaris

Download Mp3: Slipping Into Doubt

3. EOF: Where You Are Affects What You See
http://edgeoffaith.com/2005/10... download (audio/mpeg, 19.35Mb)

Description: Original electronic music & spoken word production by bleedbeat, featuring Gordon Venturella. Vocal clips taken from the sermon Arrogance.

A classic story and an electronic musical soundtrack are woven together to take you on a journey to a distant land, to see a different perspective, and to see yourself...because where you are affects what you see.

Download Mp3: Where You Are Affects What You See

4. EOF: Tightrope Walker
http://edgeoffaith.com/2006/05... download (audio/mpeg, 8.25Mb)


Trance music and spoken word by: bleedbeat | 9:00 min

Electronic music featuring a short story about Charles Blondin, who, on June 30, 1859, was the first man ever to cross Niagara Falls by tightrope.


Sermon clips taken from: When You’re In Over Your Head | by Gordon Venturella

Download mp3: Tightrope Walker

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