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Podcast title Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds
Website URL http://usefulsounds.com/
Description A podcast about the new digital worlds and all its gadgets
Updated Wed, 29 Mar 2017 12:29:24 -0700
Image Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds Podcast
Category Technology
Society & Culture

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1. Useful Sounds No. 050: Who's that women and why do you listen to her?
http://usefulsounds.com/Useful... download (application/x-shockwave-flash, 0.00Mb)

Description: Summary:

Download MP3 (37 min, 21 MB)

Show notes:

those strange subscribers who do not like my interviews
it should be switch on and record - but not if you installed vista
no, i never reinstalled my XP
mobile gadgets! love GPS!
transcription of this podcast? not going to happen.
blog fatigue vs podfading, or what twitter has to do with this
how do you cope with this kind of stress in producing and consuming?
fun with blognation and me being Co-Editor for Germany (sorry Robin, I missed out on Belgium)
the limited view on copy cats from the outside and why those "cats" are quite satisfied with 'just' the German market
feedback required - what are your questions about Germany?
shout out to Croncast, Couchpotatoes and Coverville
being disappointed about not going to the PME (I am going to Barcamp Vienna instead, but it will not be the same)
podcasting is three years old and people still are confused about it
crazy next weekends: Startup Weekend, Barcamp Vienna and Barcamp Munich
the reason I started podcasting again really? to tell you all about the web2open and all the events around it.
looking for European Barcamp organizers

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band Futureshock.

2. Useful Sounds No. 049: Look back on 2006, an outlook on 2007 and 5 things you don't about me
http://usefulsounds.com/Useful... download (application/x-shockwave-flash, 0.00Mb)

Description: Summary:
Starting into a new year it is always a good idea to take a look back. But also to add some things you may not know. ;)

Download MP3 (30 min, 17.5 MB)

Show notes:

being in the now: 2007 really feels like 2007!
surprinsingly you did not like me interviewing other people like on bloxpert
a short intro what US is about - it has been quite a while ;)
2006: a lot of travelling and a lot of people
2006: similar topics over the year: women on conferences and english as a limiting factor
2006: the slow wake up of Germany, although not grass root but pushed by big media and companies
The upcoming Podcamp in Germany at 13/14 of January
2007: that is going to be fun !
2007: the old world is supposed to be merging / enter the new world - but there are risks
Second Life: a new hype but already with a lot of problems
2007: Where are my jet packs? Question for you: What did SF and technology promise you but it still has not been delivered?
The "5 things you might not know about me" meme

please call me Nicole
I really love piano and synthesizer (or my first concert with Saga)
nearly 20 years of being online or why Nicole 17 is a bad choice for a nickname
No love for horses. Ever.
I like simple things, details, and gestures which show that somebody pays attention

I will put the link to the blogposting with the written version from ctbk as soon as it is available.

See other results from other blogs or take a look at my German version.
some goals for 2007: get to know the person behind the connection
a quote for you: if you dare to be remarkable we will dare to make a difference

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band Futureshock!

3. Myspace, podshow, what is the difference?
http://usefulsounds.com/Myspac... download (, 0.00Mb)

Description: if you want to:
connect with me on podshow - connect with me on myspace

You could think the Podshow profile pages and myspace are the same. Well, of course Podshow was built after that model but have you seen the available tools for myspace? Wow.

You might wonder why there is no show listening of my shows on the podshows search engine. Well, easy answer: The T&C are so that I will not put my shows into the listening as long as I have to give over rights just to get listed. Not happening. But you close your eyes and take my page for my Useful Sounds page if you like. ;o)

As for myspace - I am not sure if it would be clever to do a Useful Sounds myspace page as I do not really see this as a blog / social media tool venue for myself. What do you think?

Oh and: Are there any nice "my profile on myspace / podshow" icons?

4. Useful Sounds No. 048: Web site change and my experience with MS Speech API for dictation
http://usefulsounds.com/Useful... download (audio/mpeg, 13.93Mb)

Description: Summary:
About what I have been doing lately as well as my experiences with Microsoft's idea of speech recognition.

Download MP3 (24:08 min, 14.2 MB)

Show notes:

The usual hickup with a crashing audition
Are you still there? Useful Sounds has moved over to usefulsounds.com - please update your links as well as check your podcatcher. :)
All podcasts entries have been moved over to this web page and all blog postings should be merged to cruel to be kind
Redirecting the feed: Shoutouts to Podnova for handling of the feeds as it is supposed to be!
Buuh for Odeo! I had to kill the old feed and am not able to transfer you, sorry. (Link to the new page on odeo.)
Some comments on my recent trip to the StatesSteep streets in San Francisco (try of picture proof one and two) and touristy stuffThe museum of modern art - nothing I can relate toThe Vegas Style: "European" structures in San Jose
Quiting my old job and some vacation in too warm Germany
World Cup: unexpected flag explosion all over the place, my stay at the Coca-Cola flat and a new addiction to Coke Blak
My failed experiments with English Speech Recognitiontesting especially the MS Speech Engine APIwhy can't I train such an application with my own writing? What better way to train it with your own voice and style?I don't mind training an application - I know I don't fit into your saved profiles! But at least I am consistent in my speaking.stupid training lessons from Microsoft for voice training - who talks like H.G. Wells or Aesop?
Portable Media Expo is coming! Yuuuuhuu! :o) :) :)
Do not give up your audio podcast! Not everybody loves Video!
A teaser for next episode: In a world of infinite choice, context - not content - is king.

Claiming the Odeo Channel (odeo/97e6010dc9627079)

5. useful sound dot com opened
http://usefulsounds.com/useful... download (, 0.00Mb)

Description: Finally I have take usefulsound.com as the main domain for just my podcasts. ;)

This is the claim my podcast posting with a dozen of keys as well as a notice for you to please change the links if you have some to useful sounds like on a podroll ;o) Thanks in advance.