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Updated Thu, 22 Nov 2018 06:49:45 +0000
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1. How about hiring a motorhome for your next holiday?
http://hireamotorhome.blogspot... download (, 0.00Mb)

The Mooveo C707, a lovely big motorhome!
You don't have to wait until you get to your destination to feel like you are on holiday. Often we see people hire motorhomes with no real plan of where they are going and there is nothing wrong with that is there?Is this typical of normal holiday? Having no plan whatsoever?Probably not, but isn't this what it is all about? It's so easy to book your motorhome hire holiday using the internet or even the phone! How many holidays are there that start even before you get to your destination.
Owning your own motorhome is just a dream for most people and an impossible one at that! For this reason, most of us will be more interested in hiring a motorhome. Even if you could afford your own vehicle, you would be saddled with all the associated running costs. It's best to rent one and see how you get on with it, before you make any big purchase decisions.So how does a motorhome hire company get a huge fleet together? Will they be able to get their money back on their investment by hiring out the motorhomes? Well it turns out that many hire companies don't own their own fleet. Rather than being bought, the motorhomes are often leased. After the leasehold duration finishes, it's common for the vehicle to become part of the company's ex rental motorhome stock. In other cases the vehicles are privately owned, with the owner entering into a self hire program with the motorhome hire company. This works when the owner doesn't use his motorhome as much as he thought he would.
So you can see that there might be some risks if you are looking for private motorhome hire. I personally think that any sort of cheap motorhome hire may turn out to be a false economy. Primarliy down to poor insurance arrangements. The owner will either put you on his own insurance or get you to arrange your own. This seems to work fine when it’s just a Piaggio scooter that you are hiring on some remote Greek island, but is it really want to be doing here in the Britain - is it really what you want?. Use a motorhome hire company that knows what they are doing.
Campervans are not just for the summer, it’s a perfectly reasonable idea to use them in mid winter. Some motorhome hirers like to take their motorhome out to The French Alps and have their skiing holiday based around the comfort and flexibility of motorhome.. It's always good to head for the place that has had the most recent snowfall and hit some powder. Make sure you take advantage of this if you hire a motorhome.The motorhome itself can be as warm as you want it to be, with the modern diesel or gas heaters that they have. Keeping warm is not a problem. Being cold in a motorhome is really not an issue
If you are holidaying in the summer months there should not be a problem with not being warm enough. If you are going to north end of Norway or we have a cold wet summer in the UK, then you might need a bit of extra warmth. Eitherway it is not a problem with the modern central heating systems that are fitted to modern motorhomes. At the the flick of a switch you have instant heating even when the engine is not running. Gas systems in motorhomes are very safe indeed. For example if the wind blows out a gas flame, the gas supply will automatically be cut. Some modern motorhomes are now using diesel heaters rather than gas heaters. These sort of heating systems are now standard in the Chausson Flash range of motorhomes. This is a popular selling point for them with customers who like the diesel system over a gas one.
I would love to think that you are more ready than ever for your first motorhome holiday. Before you do anything else, have a look at hiring a motorhome. Have a look on the internet and decide which layout would work best for you. Don't be afraid to ask any friends you have with motorhomes for a poke around inside! For some, motorhomes are not the answer, but that is there loss. They are the ones confined to the same view every day of their holiday, ha! You can change your view whenever you like.

2. UK Motorhome Hire
http://hireamotorhome.blogspot... download (, 0.00Mb)

Well here we are, a brand new year: 2009, so first of all we wish you a very Happy New Year. We believe this is the year that UK motorhome hire is going to be one of the most popular kinds of holiday. The reason we believe this is because whilst our economy is falling to pieces, recent surveys have shown that people are still going to go on holiday just as much in 2009 than they did in 2008.
UK motorhome hire is an excellent way to control your spending whilst on holiday, there are no worries about having to consider where the cheapest places to eat and drink are, because you can do all that in your motorhome.
In fact the only things you really need to worry about are filling up with diesel (which is actually much cheaper at the moment than it has been for a long long time) and where you are going to pitch up. Campsites do vary quite a lot in price per night, but even so there are always deals to be had. In the UK if you avoid the campsites that are right on the beach and head slightly inland, bargains can always be found.
If you are planning on hiring a motorhome in the UK and then driving abroad there are some amazing bargains to be had. We always hear incredible stories of people finding bargains in Croatia and other less obvious countries, but even closer to home there are some little gems. My own personal favourite campsite is in Spain (Camping Vinaros on the Costa del Azahar) and costs just 10€ per night which includes 5 Amp mains hook up and some of the best shower and toilet facilities.
Wild camping is also an option when you are ‘en route’, which of course is totally free, but do be careful as it isn’t always the safest way to camp. If you are in France the Camping Municipal sites are always excellent value, you will always seem to find them next to a football pitch or a sports center.
At the time of writing the Euro is very strong making UK motorhome hire not such a bargain if you are planning on going abroad, but this may improve by the time your holiday comes around. If not, why not stay in the UK and explore England, Wales and Scotland like you never have before?
You can rent a motorhome in the UK by calling 0800 612 8719 anytime of the night or day.

3. Credit Crunch Holidays
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Credit Crunch Holidays by MotorhomeAre you worrying about how to provide a fun alternative to expensive holidays for your family by making your own credit crunch holidays? Have you considered hiring a motorhome and travelling around the United Kingdom? Why could this be a good choice in the current unpredictable economic situation?
Poor sterling-euro exchange rate:
With the poor exchange rate of the pound sterling against the euro, British residents will get much less for their money in Europe unless the present situation improves. At the time of this press release, (December 16th 2008), we are seeing “parity” between the pound sterling and the euro for the first time ever.
As a result many United Kingdom residents will consider not going abroad for their 2009 holiday unless the situation improves.
This is why the smart money is on a motorhome holiday for 2009.
If the exchange rate does not improve before the summer then a motorhome holiday in the United Kingdom makes good financial sense.
If the exchange rate should improve in the pound sterling’s favour then you could still take your already hired motorhome to Europe and make the most of getting more euros for your money. Countries such as Spain and also the former Eastern block countries such as Croatia have great cheap campsites and meals out are inexpensive.
Better fuel prices:
It is worth noting that economic and political circumstances surrounding America and the Middle East have meant that fuel prices have stabilized during the autumn of 2008. Petrol and diesel are less expensive than they were a few months ago, a situation which looks likely to last into 2009 and a factor that is very important if you are considering a touring holiday.
Investing in the United Kingdom:
If you do “holiday at home” in the United Kingdom you will be helping to keep small businesses in your own country afloat. You may be helping other people just like you to provide for their families. You will be making a “greener choice” too by not flying to your holiday destination.
When you hire your motorhome in the United Kingdom and you pay in pounds sterling, you are not affected by fluctuations in the European exchange rate.
Families love motorhome holidays:
Children love camping holidays but sometimes Mums and Dads find the “under canvas” variety somewhat lacking in luxury!
With a motorhome you have warm, dry shelter if the British climate turns damp.
(Mind you I have been rained on more in Spain and France during camping and caravanning holidays than ever in Great Britain!)
You have your own toilet and shower facilities on board, especially useful if you have toddlers and babies. Older children actually like the novelty of using the campsite facilities.
You can pack everything you will need, including toys and games for the children, into your hired motorhome, to make it a home from home for your family. Flying abroad with young children and all their paraphernalia is becoming a nightmare in terms of baggage restrictions, surchages etc.
You can prepare cheap excellent meals in the motorhome kitchen with food bought from local supermarkets if you are trying to keep to a low budget.
Children make friends so easily on a campsite and often the bigger sites have events planned to entertain them too. You do not have to spend loads of money taking them to theme parks every day of the week.
Modern motorhomes are compact and easy to drive on most roads after a short practice.
You can carry bicycles on the back for light supermarket runs and simply for enjoyable family bicycle rides.
Most families have to accommodate each other’s varying tastes and enthusiasms. With a motorhome you are free to divide your holiday into different stops. You could spend a few days chilling on the coast, then travel to the one of the National Parks. You could stop off in one of the classic resorts such as Blackpool to satisfy the children’s yearning for arcades, slot machines, fun fair rides and candy floss!. Think of the possibilities of a motorhome adventure around Scotland or Wales.
A real bonus is that if you end up in an area or on a campsite that just doesn’t suit you or your family’s needs, you can simply pay up for the time you have stayed and move on somewhere else. Just think of the times you have booked self-catering accommodation and descriptions have been misleading, equipment hasn’t worked etc., leaving you stuck somewhere that you don’t like for a fortnight.
On the road:
One of the joys of travelling by motorhome as adults or with children is that you can pull off the road or motorway, use your toilet, brew up a cup of tea or coffee, make some food without being held to ransom by exhorbitant service station prices.
When you feel you need a break from driving, you simply stop and park up.
While we are reluctant to encourage wild camping for environmental and safety reasons, a motorhome is well equipped to cope with an overnight stop of this nature should circumstances arise.
Motorhome hire for weekend festivals in the United Kingdom:
Enjoy the summer festivals in luxury!
Until recently many motorhome hire companies were reluctant to hire out motorhomes for these purposes. They were concerned about damage and the fact that often it was groups of younger people who hired motorhomes for these occasions. However the best motorhome companies are now more broadminded about this area of the market as they have very strict insurance policies in place to protect the interests of all parties. Indeed the motorhome hire company is likely to demand a large deposit against risk of damage and possible higher cleaning costs,
What better way to begin your summer than a June holiday in the West Country of England before the crowds become too much, culminating with a weekend at Glastonbury festival?
If you’d like to find out more about motorhome hire as an answer to your request for credit crunch holidays you can call 0800 612 8719 (This is a free call from the UK) anytime of the day or night to get a quote.

4. London Stansted Motorhome Hire
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London Stansted is the official name for Stansted Airport. This airport is very popular with people arriving from Edinburgh, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Glasgow, Nice, Malaga, Alicante, Brussels and Belfast. We do find that a lot of expats who are now living abroad in the South of France, Southern Spain and even Ireland now fly back to the UK to visit their familes and friends.
When this temporary repatriation happens there are always three problems they need to solve. Transport from London Stansted, accommodation and how to get about the UK to see everyone. You can kill all three birds with one stone by hiring a motorhome. You get a transfer from London Stansted to your motorhome hire pick up point and then you collect your motorhome. After a short familiarization with the vehicle you now have your accommodation sorted and you can drive it around between your friends places.
We currently have two different models of motorhome hire available at London Stansted airport, a smaller 2 berth Trigano Tribute and a larger Hymer 575 classic This motorhome is an integrated 6 berth camper with everyone enjoying space and privacy. Enjoy home from home comfort for all the family in our flagship model!
Call 0800 612 8719 to arrange London Stansted Motorhome Hire

5. Campervan Rental Stansted
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Campervan Rental Stansted can be arranged by calling 0800 612 8719. At the moment there are the larger Hymer Motorhomes available and for couples this fantastic Trigano Tribute Campervan.
The Trigano Tribute 550 is a luxury 2 berth campervan ideal for couples. Based on the latest Fiat Ducato, enjoy real home from home comfort for couples.
Equipped with cutlery, crockery, CD player, fully integrated kitchen, and very comfy bed. Fully winter proofed, insulated and double glazed, along with diesel fired central heating.
Self contained, the Trigano 550 campervan uniquely incorporates a flexible bed arrangement, configurable for either two singles or a double. Full heating and luxurious washroom, with a toilet and shower.
Technical Specification:Overall length cm 542Overall width cm 205Overall height cm 270Engine 2.3i Litre Diesel TurboMass in running order 2720kgMaximum permitted mass 3300kgPassengers 2Berths 2Middle bed : kingsize/ 3/4 double or 2 single beds4 gas hob burnersGrillDiesel Fired Air HeatingFresh water 80 litresWaste water tank 80 litresLiving room battery Ah (20 h) K 20 (6)Sockets 12-V x 2Sockets 230-V x 3Sat NavRadio/iPod PlayerCruise Control6 Speed GearboxAlloy WheelsEngine Power 120BHPCampervan Rental Stansted canalways be arranged by calling 0800 6... anytime.

6. Motorhome Rental Stansted
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Motorhome Rental Stansted. Stansted Airport is now one of my favourite airports in the UK. It is really easy to get to in the UK, being just off the M11 which of course joins up with London’s Orbital Motorway, the M25. Stanstead Airport or London Stansted as it is officially called is in the county of Essex in England. It is just 40km from London and is a great place to start your motorhome hire holiday.
This is a lovely example of a Hymer 575 Classic Motorhome for hire in Stansted, Essex.
The 575 classic is an integrated 6 berth camper with everyone enjoying space and privacy. Enjoy home from home comfort for all the family in our flagship model!
Equipped with TV, cutlery, crockery, CD player, fully integrated kitchen, luxury washroom, hotel quality interiors and comfy beds. Fully winter proofed, insulated and double glazed, along with gas fired central heating.
Technical Spec:Overall length cm 604Overall width cm 227Internal width cm 212Overall height cm 295Engine 2.8i Litre DieselMass in running order 3020kgMaximum permitted mass 3500kgPassengers 6Berths 6Forward bed approx.208 x 145 cmMiddle bed 185 x 124 cmRear Bed 200 x 84 cmCooker rings 3Forced air heatingFresh water supply 120 litresWaste water tank 100 litresLiving room battery Ah (20 h) K 20 (6)Sockets 12-V x 2Sockets 230-V x 3Color TVCD PlayerBike RackEngine Power 127PS (93KW)

7. Mooveo Motorhomes
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I just had this email from Steve Moss at Motorholme, it may be of interested to readers thinking about buying one of the excellent Mooveo Motorhomes that we personally find to be an excellent all round motorhome and also the perfect vehicle to hire out. Here’s Steve’s email:
Still “on the fence” about owning a buy to let motorhome?Consider the recent news about the £ falling to a record low against the Euro….What does that mean? It means a lot more Brits and Europeans will take their holiday in the UK next year, which is great news for the motorhome hire business! Unfortunately, the cost of a new motorhome is also set to rocket by 10% - 15% more than this year’s prices. WHY? The vast majority of motorhomes are made in Europe, which means we buy them in Euros and sell them in £s.
How can you “cash in” on next year’s hire boom and avoid being clobbered by the price increase?We’ve already sold all our allocated Mooveo stock for 2008, but we were approached recently by another motorhome dealer about their last Mooveo model….
Pilote Mooveo C647 Renault 2.5 turbo diesel Sleeps 6 Rear bunks Air conditioning Comfort pack 3 year warranty & breakdown cover Brand new!On the road price was £35,400 - subsidised buy 2 let price only £29,995. Low deposit finance - £1,000 down and monthly repayments approx £380 (subect to status). We also provide a rental income guarantee worth £7,500 over the next three years.
And finally, did you know that if you invested in a motorhome for hire purposes, you could claim up to 40% of its purchase price as a capital allowance against your income tax?
If you’re facing a hefty tax bill this year, perhaps from your salaried income or even capital gains from selling a property, this could be an ideal way to “offset” some of your money that you’ll otherwise have to pay over to the taxman.
As I mentioned, this is probably your last chance to own one of our brand new Mooveo Motorhomes at an amazing price and even offset some of your upcoming tax bill!

8. Ex Rental Motorhomes for Sale
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Motorholme are the UK’s largest supplier of motorhomes to hire and naturally are also the UK’s largest supplier of ex rental motorhomes for sale. There are huge savings and discounts on all the ex rental motorhomes that are for sale.

We can help you find the ideal ex rental motorhome that matches your requirements and maximises your return, should you wish to put it into the amazing ‘buy to let motorhome scheme’.

To view the complete range of ex rental motorhome models that are available, click the link below to take you to the ex rental motorhome search form or alternatively call Motorholme on
0800 612 8719

Go ahead right now - life’s too short to not have your own motorhome!

Search for Ex Rental Motorhomes for Sale

9. Motor Home Rental
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Want to rent a motorhome?
There’s actually lots of motor home rental companies in the UK, but non offer a service like Motorholme. Here are some reasons why:
Convenience, they have local pick ups from all over the UKBritains Biggest Choice of a 300+ vehicle fleetSuperb Value with great rates & special offersDoor to Door Service - Delivery & CollectionSimple Hire Quotes with All inclusive ratesSales - Mega Bargain deals!Every size of motorhome you will ever need with a range of 2 - 7 berth modelsGo here now to order your Motor Home Rental

10. Uk Motorhome Hire
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The leading company in the UK for motorhome hire is Motorholme. Fact. So why am I so sure? The reasons are many, but one of the most important things is that they have the largest network of motorhomes and campervans for hire in the UK. This means that, if you are searching for a ‘motorhomes for hire in Scotland’ or you are planning on flying to Heathrow Airport and you need a UK motorhome hire company that can provide a motorhome at the airport then this is all possible.

UK motorhome hire is now more popular than ever, even with the UK now officially heading for a recession, the motorhome hire business is not suffering and this is because people are no longer looking at expensive overseas holidays, but instead thinking of neat ways to explore the UK and nearby countries in Europe such as France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain.

Also, customers are more than ever aware of the environmental aspect of taking holidays that involve plane flights. A motorhome holiday is a much more greener way to have a holiday especially if you rent a motorhome model with a rear bike rack, so that you can take some bikes with you.

11. Motorhome Hire Sheffield
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Here’s an example of a motorhome available for hire in Sheffield
Motorhome Hire Sheffield: The Mclouis Glen 430 motorhome.

The McLouis Glen 430 is the ideal, go-anywhere camper. Smart, compact and plenty of room for everyone!

New to motorhoming? The 430 is a great introduction. Ideal for up to 5 adults, suits both couples or small families. Equipped with cutlery, crockery, CD player, fully integrated kitchen, luxury washroom, hotel quality interiors and comfy beds.

Fully winter proofed, insulated and double glazed, along with gas fired central heating. Featuring an oven and cab air conditioning, the dinette converts into a good sized double bed when required, with a further double bed over the cab and a single bed.

Self contained, you can literally park and enjoy the 430 almost anywhere!

Measuring the same “footprint” as a medium sized van, power assisted steering and economical 2.0ltr Turbo diesel engines makes the 430 very easy to drive and park.

PLEASE NOTE the McLouis 430 is located at

Motorhome Hire Sheffield, South Yorkshire call 0800 612 8719 for more details

12. Loire Valley Tours
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Loire Valley Tours
Loire Valley Tours by MotorhomeThe Loire Valley is a fantastic place to visit and has been popular with British visitors for many years. Loire Valley tours by motorhome adds an extra angle on to the tour giving maximum freedom and flexibility.
The Loire Valley is one of the most beautiful and historically interesting regions of France and it’s not too much of an arduous drive from the UK. This tour has been designed to make driving distances easy to handle, giving our clients lots of free time to explore the area at their leisure. The architecture of the typical Loire Chateau is stunning, you will be amazed at their lavishness and architectural design.
The architects used the River Loire as a design element and their results are often remarkable. When you combine this architectural elegance with the area’s natural beauty and its superb class wines, it is easy to see why visitors return time and again on Loire Valley Tours.
Here is a typical Motorhome Loire Valley TourThe 2 or 4 week tour described below is a typical tour. Sometimes people prefer to stop mostly on campsites, sometimes they stop at the free ‘aire de camping car’ which the French love so much and of course many selected vineyards will let you sample and buy their wines and let you camp at the vineyard free of charge if you buy there wine, otherwise a small tip of a about 5 euros (although not expected) would be nice for the grape pickers tip box.
Day 1Collect your Motorhome at a location convenient to you in the UK. The rest of the day is spent travelling to Dover and getting a good feel of your motorhome. If you want to you could spend Saturday evening at a campsite near Dover, if you prefer.
Day 2Catch a ferry from Dover in the late morning and arrive at Calais at about 13.30 local time. A drive of 40 miles (nearly all on motorway-Peage), will bring you to the first campsite near Boulogne.
Day 3Today is the longest drive of the whole tour, a distance of about 170 miles, but nearly all on motorway, so it should be very easy. You then arrive at a top class campsite near the town of Moyaux in Normandy in mid afternoon. The campsite has its own restaurant, so the cook can take a holiday if you wish.
Day 4A completely free day to relax and even explore the local area.
Day 5A drive of about 155 miles today will bring us to our first campsite on the Loire, in the town of Angers. There is no food on site, but shops are less than a mile away.
Day 6A free day to relax, visit a local vineyard taste the wine and stock up, or explore as you wish.
Day 7Another free day which will give you enough time to further explore the very interesting town of Angers,– or to catch up on the chores.
Day 8A short drive (about 50 miles), along the river to our next campsite near the town of Saumur. There will be enough time to fully enjoy driving along the banks of the River Loire and making the occasional detour to visit an interesting-looking village. The campsite restaurant will stay open for us this evening if enough people want to use it.
Day 9A free day today.
Day 10After a well deserved lie-in, move on to the next campsite near the town of Onzain. The distance is only about 65 miles so there will plenty of time to visit some local attractions en route. These could include Chinon, Azay-le-Rideau, Tours, Chenonceaux and Amboise. The campsite has its own restaurant and take-away and there is a supermarket within 2 miles.
Day 11Relax or explore, as you wish. Stock up on with local wine again if you must.
Day 12We start to head for home today, albeit at a leisurely pace.
After a drive of about 120miles we will arrive at our penultimate campsite near the river Seine at Poses. You can stroll along the tow path and visit a local restaurant in the nearby village if you wish or just chill out. Whatever takes your fancy at the time.
Day 13After todays drive of about 100 miles, you will arrive at our final campsite near the village of Villers-sur-Authie. This might be a good time to visit a local restaurant as a finale to your holiday.
Day 14The tour ends this morning, so it is time for an early start for home. (06.00) Calais is 65 miles away. It’s good to catch the early morning ferry approximately 10.00am. You will have ample time to do your last minute shopping and fill up with cheap Diesel in Calais.

13. Motorhomes for Sale in Germany
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If you are thinking of buying a motorhome then some consider it to be a good move to buy one in Germany. Motorhomes for sale in Germany tend to be cheaper than the UK and are usually excellent quality German or other European brands.
Please do be aware that if you are considering renting out your motorhome, then we do advise that right hand drive models are definately easier to rent out and the vehicle must be registered in the UK to be eligible for Motorholme’s Self Hire Scheme.
If you’d like to find out more about renting out your motorhome please give us a call on 0800 612 8719. If you are settled on the idea of buying a motorhome in Germany, read on…
This article was originally on the most excellent motorhome list web site please see this site for the best information available in the UK. The article was written by Stan Wood.
“A lot of people want to buy abroad, but are nervous of doing so. Having done so myself, successfully, saving at least £5000 in the process, as long as the price difference between the UK and Continental countries remain, I would NOT dream of buying a motorhome in the UK.
The first thing you have to accept is, it is not as convenient as popping down to your local dealer!!! So you say: “Yes but if anything goes wrong I can take it back to the local dealer”, well, if you have saved £5000 THE ENGINE can fall out and you are still quids in.
I suppose we have to address the LHD question, I don’t know what your circumstances are, myself I wanted a LHD, in a few weeks I retire and intend to travel mostly on the continent. I am much happier driving abroad in a vehicle designed for such conditions. Its easier to drive a LHD in England where I KNOW the road system than a RHD on the continent.
Where should I buy on the continent?
Germany has three good points:First, their MOT is called TUV a very stringent test.Second, after searching the net for 12 months, I found Germany offered the lowest prices.Thirdly (and to me, very important), I was concerned that the vendor had legal title to the vehicle, e.g., no outstanding finance on the vehicle, that he was the actual owner etc, etc. In Germany there are two documents that come with the vehicle called the FAHRZEUGBRIEF (this is the document they carry on the vehicle in case they have to show police in case of accident or speeding). The other is called the FAHRZEUGSCHEIN. (THIS DOCUMENT IS KEPT IN A BANK) it is the same as the deeds to your house, whoever has possession is THE LEGAL OWNER. In Germany they have no idea what an HP check is.So, if you are still interested, a few tips, search and search the internet, the German motorhome magazines all carry great lists of m/homes for sale, if you see an advert for your ideal m/home, if the vendor is NOT on the internet FORGET IT, you will want pictures of the m/home, you will want a copy of the BRIEF and the SCHEIN, you will want answers to questions hence the internet, build a rapport with the vendor praise the German, or whichever build quality, assure them you are not a timewaster, don’t be afraid to haggle, send him a picture of you and the misses, he then has a picture of who he is dealing with.
A few facts, Germans do not like cheques, arrange through your bank to have money transferred. If motorhome is 6 months old or has 6000 miles on clock, no VAT to pay.
Drive straight off the ferry to home, spend £25 getting it registered in UK, Then have it MOTd and headlamps and rear fog light converted etc, etc. ALL this was done buying PRIVATELY, not from a dealer, from a dealer it would be a doddle.
Resale value:My motorhome is a Dethleff, a big German manufacturer. It is a 1995 M reg (had it 12 months now), it had 31000 kilometres (19000 miles) on the clock, the TUVs verified this, power steering, air assisted suspension, roof rack, double cycle carrier, Fiamma awning, 10 track CD player with top of the range Motorola radio, tape player. Fully winterised, imobilser. NO OVEN or GRILL, the continental manufacturers just don’t fit them, (I met a chap in France who had bought one of the big Hymers, from the manufacturer in Germany, no GRILL no OVEN). Get a £34 skillet from the shows, we use ours in the house too, save ££££s on electricity.
WHAT DID I PAY?…..£11900Expenses: 2 one way flight tickets to Hamburg, 2 nights B&B £48, diesel home, ferry from Calais.If you don’t want a LHD then forget it, they are all LHD. Anyway if you do buy LHD and one day want to change it, for a different model, what’s to stop you going to the continent and part exchanging it.
What do you do about insurance for bringing the vehicle back to the UK?
You cannot drive back home on the original license plates. Buying private or from a dealer you will be issued with export license plates. Having this number, they will stamp you out a new license plate cost £5, all this is done at their vehicle registration dept, Comfort Insurance, who I asked how to get over this problem, said they would insure the vehicle on the CHASSIS number, and on return to the UK, after registration, inform them and they would issue new insurance documents on the new registration plate. I then asked what would happen if I didn’t buy the vehicle? They said, no problem, let them know and all I would incur would be a small administration charge.
What is the procedure for registering the vehicle when you get it back?The UK Vehicle Licensing people will issue you with a pack that contains all you require to register the vehicle in the UK. Fill out the form together with your export documents, and MOT certificate. Cost £25, plus your cheque for 6 or 12 months vehicle excise duty.
The German Motorhome Glossary:
If the vendor doesn’t speak English you can bet he knows a man that does. Its not really a big problem, when I was in Germany the amount of Germans I met who spoke English really does put us to shame.
Some useful terms when looking at the ads (thanks to John Harris for these):
1 hand = 1 owner
Anhängekupplung, = Towing hitch
Auspuff = Exhaust ( honest )
Automatik getriebe = Automatic gearbox
Dachgepäckträger = Roof rack
Dachreling = Roof rails
Duomatic = Automatic gas bottle changeover
Erneuert = Renewed
Fahrertür = Driver’s door
Fahrradhalter = Bike rack
Fahrradträger = Bike rack
Gründig Farb TV = Grundig Colour TV
Heckleiter = Rear ladder
Heckstützen = Rear wind-down corner steadies
Hubbett vorn, = Front bed
Klimaanlage = Aircon
KombiKassettenRollos = combined blinds and flyscreens on windows
Kuhlschrank 135 lt. m AES = Fridge 135 litres with automatic energy select
L- Sitzgruppe und Sofa, = ‘L’ shaped seating area with sofa
Luftfeder- Niveaulift,= Adjustable air suspension
Markise = Windout awning
Neupreis = New price
Neuwertige Bereifung = New tyres
Nichtraucher = Non-smokers
Pilotensessel = Pilot seats
Radblenden = Wheel Trims
Sat- Antenne = Satellite Dish
Scheckheft = Fully documented and serviced
Seitensitzgruppe = side seating ( normally lengthways seats )
Serviceklappe = Access door
Servolenkung = Power steering
Sicherheitsschlösser = Security locks
Sonnenmarkise = Sun Awning
Stauraum Außenklappe = External access door to luggage locker
Stereoanlage mit CD = Stereo system with CD
Thermomatten für Fahrerhaus = Insulated cab screens
Umluftanlage = Blown air
Vollautomatische Sat Anlage Typ Oyster = Oyster fully Automatic Satellite System
Vorzelt = Awning
ZusatzSpeigel = Additional mirrors

14. Motorhome Hire Scotland
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Motorhome Hire in Scotland has always been one of our best sellers. Scotland is wild and beautiful and lends itself to motorhoming because there are not so many hotels and B&Bs as there are in other parts of the UK. Think about what you could do on a motorhome hire holiday in Scotland this Autumn.
What’s On? Well, from music festivals to Highland games, surfing to stone-skimming, horses to huskies, find out what’s on across Scotland by just visiting Scotland and absorbing the whole feel of Scotland.
City Breaks: a day at the shops… a night on the tiles… and much, much more! From retail to romance, plan a brilliant break in one of Scotland’s six spectacular cities.
Golf: Augusta? San Roque? You ain’t seen nothing like a Scottish links course! Live your golfing dreams on some of the best, and most beautiful courses in the world.
Here are some comments from readers about motorhoming in Scotland:
Miranda Colewall, Derbyshire.
on 01/20/2008
Lovely to drive around and see Scotland
Dicky Dalton, Watford, Hertfordshire
on 01/21/2008
It’s good to see that when you are looking for motorhome hire in Scotland you can pick one up from almost anywhere you choose.
Dave Gibbs, London
on 01/21/2008
I do love Scotland, but the one thing you just cannot rely on is the weather! I’ve had some very very wet times up there and right in the middle of summer too!
Monica Richardson, Putney, London
on 01/22/2008
I just realised that if you are looking for Glasgow Prestwick Airport motorhome hire you need to really get a motorhome from Ayr and not Glasgow.That’s OK though as they have campervans and motorhomes in Ayr too
Stanley Boardman, Santa Monica, California, USA
on 01/22/2008
One of the best places in the world to visit
Troy Dooley, Vancouver, Canada
on 01/23/2008
I think this would be a blast. What a way to see some great sites.
Lykke Li Zachrinsson, Stockholm, Sweden
on 06/09/2008
motorhome hire scotland - what an excellent idea! Scotland is one of my favourite parts of the UK
Motorhomes available for hire in Scotland:
Campervan Rental Scotland - 5 Berth5 Berth 840se Autotrail Cheyenne, Motherwell, Lanarkshire
5 Berth - Swift 590RS - Location Stornaway, Western Isles
5 Berth - Avantgarde 130 Location: Newtown Stewart,Dumfries
5 Berth - Roller Team 4 Location: Stromness, Orkney Island
5 Berth - Compass 300 - Location Tenby, Pembrokeshire
5 Berth - McLouis Lagan 410 Location: Falkirk
5 Berth Luxury - Elnagh Regency 640 - Location Dundee
5 Berth - Benimar Anthus - Location Penicuik
Campervan Hire Scotland - 6 Berth6 Berth - Rimor Katamarano - Location Ormiston, East Lothian
6 Berth Swift Sundance
6 Berth - Swift Suntour 630G - Location Aberdeen
6 Berth - Rollerteam Granduca 171 - Location Perth
6 Berth - Kontiki 665 - Location Ayr, Ayrshire
6 Berth - Lunar Champ A630 - Location Aberdeen
Motorhome Rental Scotland - 7 Berth7 Berth - Rimor 677TC - Location Paisley Renfrewshire
7 Berth - Euromobil 770HS - Location Glasgow
7 Berth - Laika Ecovip 2.1 - Location Penicuik, West Lothian
7 Berth - Laika Ecovip 2.1 Classic - Location Glasgow

15. German Christmas Markets by Motorhome
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This is a superb opportunity to visit two of Europe’s best Christmas markets in Holland and Germany, and of course the chance to stock up on Christmas beer, wine and spirits at low, French prices. This tour is could be done as a 14 day motorhome hire tour which could include some more historic towns in Germany as well as Luxembourg and Belgium.

Visit Aachen Christmas Market by Motorhome
The Dutch town of Valkenburg holds its annual Christmas markets in superb setting of a local cave. This means that even if it rains or snows everybody should be dry and comfortable. The stalls sell everything the Dutch associate with Christmas, including room and tree decorations, seasonal delicacies and some different ideas for Christmas presents.
About 20 miles from Valkenburg is the German town of Aachen, which holds one of Germany’s biggest and best Christmas Markets. It is always interesting to compare the two different Christmas events and we usually arrange to spend an evening at the Aachen event.
The campsite in Valkenburg is within 10 minutes walk of the caves so you needn’t worry about indulging in the more potent Christmas spirits which may be available!
If you would like to book a motorhome to visit Germany call 0800 612 8719 or click here for motorhome hire availability
A typical 14 day motorhome Christmas market tour
Why not include Luxembourg and Belgium?

SaturdayPick up your motorhome and get familiar with it. If you want to, you could spend Saturday evening at a campsite near Dover.
SundayOn Sunday catch a morning ferry from Dover to Calais. After disembarking, you can drive of about 220 miles, nearly all on motorway, to arrive at the campsite in the town of Valkenburg. The campsite has its own snack bar, and a choice of restaurants is within 5 minutes walk.
MondayThe town of Valkenburg has its own, unique Christmas market, held annually in two caves, within 10 minutes walk of the campsite. There are a huge variety of stalls selling Christmas items which may be familiar to you – along with some others which you may not recognize. The caves are open all day, so you can visit this wonderful spectacle whenever you wish throughout the day.
TuesdayVisit the world-famous Aachen Christmas market. You will be able to spend the evening tasting the various local specialities (including their wonderful mulled wine called Glühwein) and comparing the German Christmas items with the Dutch.
WednesdayWhy not have a completely free day so that you can relax and explore the town of Valkenburg at your leisure – or re-visit the Christmas Market!
ThursdayHead south, Monschau is near the Belgian border. Monschau offers visitors a wealth of things to see and do. Quaint shops, romantic old streets, half timbered buildings, a wonderful selection of restaurants & cafes, a historic mustard mill, various museums and the old friary to mention just a few.
FridayToday you can choose what to do at Monschau, there is the Guido-Breuer Historic Mustard Factory, the Red House Museum, a Monschau Train Tour and a Glass Museum
SaturdayYou could travel to Koblenz today. Lovely Koblenz has been nicknamed the “corner of Germany” because of its geographical position as a meeting point between the Rhine and Mosel rivers. Rebuilt with great care after WWII, Koblenz has become a bustling center of the mid-Rhineland region. Its roads lead to castle dotted landscapes, lush vineyards and to region’s larger cities.
SundayToday is a laidback lazy Sunday in Koblenz. The main sites of Koblenz are the Old Town, Church Of Our Lady, Mittelrhein Museum, Basilica St. Kastor, Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Rhein Mosel Halle.
MondayNow travel west on the A48 to Trier. Trier is an important gateway, lying only 10km (6 miles) from Luxembourg on the western frontier of Germany, where the Ruwer and Saar rivers meet the Mosel. The city is rich not only in art and tradition, but also, because of its location, in wine — it’s one of Germany’s largest exporters.
TuesdayToday we go to Luxembourg where fuel is the cheapest in Europe, also tobacco and wine are ridiculously cheap too.
The north of the country lures outdoors enthusiasts with lovely settings promising fabulous hiking. The Moselle Valley, just east of Luxembourg City, is one of Europe’s most idyllic wine-producing regions. And the capital is no more than an hour’s drive from anywhere else in the country.
WednesdayToday we go into Belgium and on to Brugge. Known as Venice of the North, Brugge is a charming and uniquely captivating city. Built over a network of canals dating back to the 13th century, Brugge has been remarkably preserved and changed little. The centre is a maze of cobbled streets filled with gastronomic restaurants, winding waterways and Brugge also has some of the most magnificent examples of gothic architecture in Europe. Chocolate is very important to Belgians and Brugge is home to many shops selling the best in Belgian Chocolate!
ThursdaySadly it’s time to head back to Calais and spend the night in the municipal campsite near the beach. The site can best be described as “adequate” but it is one of the few campsites in northern France which is open at this time of the year. You could treat yourself to an end-of-tour dinner in a good quality local restaurant if you want to give the chef a rest.
FridayThis morning we go to Cité Europe to stock up on the other Christmas essentials, wine, beer, whisky, cognac etc. etc. The savings you make can really help make your Christmas easier on your pocket. Don’t forget to fill up with cheap diesel before boarding the ferry.

16. Motorhome Rentals
http://hireamotorhome.blogspot... download (, 0.00Mb)

These are some questions and answers supplied by Karen from Motorholme, our new partners in motorhome rentals.
Some of the most common questions and answers regarding motorhome hire:
Can I take my dog/pet?
Yes, in most vehicles it is OK, provided that you understand you are responsible for any damages or extra cleaning charges that might be involved.
Do you hold a bond?
No - many motorhome hire companies require a cash cleared bond of between £500 to £1250 in addition to the hire charge. This is then returned to you if the van is returned in an acceptable fashion and all rules have been adhered to. MotorHolme do not agree with this practise and we do not believe it is either ethical nor legally enforceable.
Can I leave my car?
Yes, at all our locations we provide complimentary parking facilities - cars are parked at owners risk
Is there any training on how to operate the motorhome?
Yes - every motorhome has a full handover session covering all aspects of the vehicle operation and safety which takes about half an hour.
Do I need to book camp sites?
Yes - in the peak season space is very limited and it is worthwhile booking ahead. Some of the top UK sites are members only and you may wish to join the Caravan Club who offer sites and also certified locations to their members for around £39 per year.
Can I just stop and stay anywhere?
No - aside from your own personal security, most councils have a zero tolerance policy on illegal overnight parking, it is best to stay at camp sites or certified locations if you can. In Europe you can usually stay over at any of the motorway services for a minimal fee.
What is included in the vehicle?
We aim to provide everything you need for a camper van holiday, but items like bedding are not normally included unless you are travelling from overseas. We also do not provide camping items such as chairs and tables. Everything such as cutlery, crockery, shower, fridge, gas bottles, toilet cleaining fluid etc. is included.
How do I book a vehicle?
If you see a model that you like on our web site, call us. We can give you up to the minute availability and you can make your reservation over the phone. We require a deposit to hold the booking and the balance is due at least 1 month prior to collecting the vehicle.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes - we accept all major credit and debit cards.
I hope these questions and answers are useful - do not hesitate to call Motorholme directly, if you have any more questions or queries.

17. Costa del Azahar
http://hireamotorhome.blogspot... download (, 0.00Mb)

Well it certainly is not perfect, it is 0.5km to the nearest beach, but that is a pebble beach that my daughter does not really like, "too hard", she says. The nearest sandy beach is 4km. There is the very scary N340 road right next to it with trucks thundering up and down all the time, but to be honest we do not really notice the noise, it is all hidden away from us. There are three excellent supermarkets within ’spitting’ distance and there is a busy town just 4km away.
The camping pitches
There are lots of great size pitches (parcelas) each surrounded by hedges and palm trees, each pitch has 6A mains hook up and a small stone sink so that you do not have to carry any water from the water supply. The ground is level and covered with small stones. You can easily manoeuvre a caravan or motorhome into the pitches and you can specify sun or shade. If you do not have a caravan, you can rent one of the wooden chalets very cheaply too.
Toilets and washing facilities
There are two toilet and shower blocks. The toilets have seats and toilet paper, quite rare for a Spanish campsite. The showers are hot at all times of the day. The sinks all have mirrors and liquid soap. The cleaning lady seems to hover about all day keeping them immaculate.
The bar and restaurant
At the time of writing a pint of St Miguel costs 1.50€ and you can have a slap up meal for 2 for just 30€, unbelievable! There is even a free wireless internet connection or if you do not have your own computer there are two PCs that are just available to use. Brilliant!
The swimming pool
A 25m pool and smaller baby pool is open from Easter until November, it is not heated, so can be cool sometimes, but is thoroughly refreshing when the sun is baking down.
The ambiance
Well, like any bargain priced European camp site, out of season it is full of retired folk from Britain, Belgium and Holland who are escaping the grey wet miserable weather at home to have a long rest in the sun. We have got to know people here who stay here for 8 months of the year and everyone is very chilled and laid back. It is never too busy and I have never complained about it being too quiet either.
The price
We have always found staying here to be cheaper than staying at home. At the time of writing (which is ‘low season’) a ‘parcela’ with 6A electricity for a caravan plus car or motorhome is 10.70€/per night if you stay for more than 8 days. No problem there, the first time we came here we booked for 3 nights, but stopped for 5 weeks!!"

18. Motorhomes for hire based in Nottinghamshire
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Here are two motorhome for hire in Nottinghamshire, at two extremes really, a small motorhome ideal for a couple and a large 7-berth motorhome ideal for a large family or a smaller family planning a long trip and needing extra space and privacy.
Romahome Duo
The Romahome Duo is a budget 2 berth camper ideal for couples. Based on the Citroen, enjoy real home from home comfort for couples.
Equipped with cutlery, crockery, TV, fully integrated kitchen, hotel quality interiors and a comfy bed. Fully winter proofed, insulated and double glazed, along with central heating.
Cab air conditioning, the Duo motor home uniquely incorporates a flexible bed arrangement, configurable for either two singles or a double. Full heating and luxurious washroom, including a toilet.
Power assisted steering and powerful, yet economical1.9ltr Turbo diesel engines makes the Duo very easy to drive and park.

The Romahome Duo is located at:
Mansfield, Notts.
Technical Data:Overall length cm 470 Overall width cm 170 Overall height cm 230Engine 1.9i Litre Diesel Turbo Maximum permitted mass 1950kg Passengers 4 Berths 2Middle bed : kingsize/ or 2 singles 2 gas hob burners Grill 3 way 60 litre fridgeFresh water supply 20 litresWaste water tank 20 litresLiving room battery Ah (20 h) K 20 (6)Sockets 12-V x 2 TV Cassette player & radioSockets 230-V x 1 Engine Power 71BHPEuramobil Integra - 7 Berth
The Euramobil Integra is an extremely spacious 7 berth camper. Enjoy real home from home comfort for up to 7 people.
Luxuriously equipped with cutlery, crockery, CD player, fully integrated kitchen, microwave, luxury washroom, hotel quality interiors and comfy beds. Bike rack, awning and TV.
A flat on wheels! - with a heated winter garden, that’s what this integrated model looks like. Guests can be invited to gather at the front or the back, as you wish. Wherever you are, you can admire the most beautiful of landscapes through the large windows on all sides of the rear diner or the through the wide front cabin. Of course, a big kitchen and a huge wardrobe are also part of the deal.
Power assisted steering,reversing camera and powerful 2.5ltr Turbo diesel engine makes the Integra very easy to drive and park.

The Integra is located near Nottingham
Technical Data:Overall length cm 8246Overall width cm 230Internal width cm 212Overall height cm 320Engine 2.5i Litre Diesel TurboMass in running order 4200kgMaximum permitted mass 5000kgPassengers 7 Berths 7Forward bed approx. 195 x 142 cmMiddle bed 190 x 130cm Rear Bed 211 x 150 cmCooker rings 4Forced air heatingFresh water supply 120 litresWaste water tank 100 litresLiving room battery Ah (20 h) K 20 (6)Sockets 12-V x 2Sockets 230-V x 3 Bike RackCD Player TVEngine Power 127PS (93KW)

19. Motorhome Hire Nottinghamshire
http://hireamotorhome.blogspot... download (, 0.00Mb)

Romahome Duo

The Romahome Duo is a budget 2 berth camper ideal for couples. Based on the Citroen, enjoy real home from home comfort for couples.
Equipped with cutlery, crockery, TV, fully integrated kitchen, hotel quality interiors and a comfy bed. Fully winter proofed, insulated and double glazed, along with central heating.
Cab air conditioning, the Duo motor home uniquely incorporates a flexible bed arrangement, configurable for either two singles or a double. Full heating and luxurious washroom, including a toilet.
Power assisted steering and powerful, yet economical1.9ltr Turbo diesel engines makes the Duo very easy to drive and park.

20. Motorhome Hire Nottingham
http://hireamotorhome.blogspot... download (, 0.00Mb)


The Euramobil Integra is an extremely spacious 7 berth camper. Enjoy real home from home comfort for up to 7 people.
Luxuriously equipped with cutlery, crockery, CD player, fully integrated kitchen, microwave, luxury washroom, hotel quality interiors and comfy beds. Bike rack, awning and TV.
A flat on wheels! - with a heated winter garden, that’s what this integrated model looks like. Guests can be invited to gather at the front or the back, as you wish. Wherever you are, you can admire the most beautiful of landscapes through the large windows on all sides of the rear diner or the through the wide front cabin. Of course, a big kitchen and a huge wardrobe are also part of the deal.
Power assisted steering,reversing camera and powerful 2.5ltr Turbo diesel engine makes the Integra very easy to drive and park.

21. Motorhome Hire Pick Up Points
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I was looking at the location of our visitors to ths site and it seems that the three most popular locations where you would like to pick up your motorhome are London, Birmingham and Bristol. So, just to confirm, if you are looking for motorhome hire London, motorhome hire Birmingham or motorhome hire in Bristol, then yes indeed we can supply motorhomes and campervans in all these places.
London, Birmingham and Bristol also have some of the main UK airports, so if your motorhome holiday begins at an airport, then airport transfers can be arranged to take you straight to your motorhome

22. Motorhome enthusiast
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Rick Lomas is from Newcastle, Staffs, England. He lived around Staffordshire until 1980 when he went to live in Cardiff and then the following year in Aberystwyth, Dyfed, Wales. Here he worked as a bass player in a band called ‘Tony Lamb’s Boogie Box’ and eventually moved a few miles up the cost to Borth. Borth was Rick’s first taste of living in a caravan, in fact it was a static caravan at Ynyslas. Rick shared the caravan with Mike Mullins and had a great summer in 1983.
Rick left Wales in 1984 and lived for a short while back in Stoke-On-Trent with his parents before moving onto Coventry.
After Coventry Rick moved ‘down south’ to Finchley, London. In 1985 Rick went to Hatfield Polytechnic which is know known as The University of Hertfordshire. Rick studied Electronic Engineering where his interest in the UNIX operating system was to prove useful later on. At the time his home was in Radlett, Hertfordshire where he remained when he then got a job working as a Unix Systems Administrator for Reed Elsevier in Clerkenwell, London.
The money from the job in London was sufficient for him to buy a 1 bedroom flat in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, where he lived from 1989 until 2001.
In 2001 Rick left the UK to live in Serre Chevalier, France. In France Rick enjoys skiing, mountain biking and working on his online businesses. The chance meeting with Andrew Hughes of Motorholme, served to be a great amalgamation of skills, enterprising spirit and ambition. Rick’s main focus is the motorhome hire business and the promotion of business for Motorholme is his main work.
Rick Lives with wife Susan, a writer and artist, his daughter Madeline. Rick has a Mooveo Motorhome in the UK, an Eccles Amethyst Caravan in Spain and a Ski Chalet in France and spends roughly equal amounts of time in these 3 countries.
You can contact Rick at his website RickLomas.com

23. Motorhome Hire Essex
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Hymer 595 Available for hire in Essex
Here is an example of motorhome for hire in Essex, UK.
To hire this or other similar motorhomes call 0800 612 8719. There are many more motorhomes in our network in Essex and the rest of the UK. This Hymer is one of our favourite models and although customers are sometimes intimidated by it’s size, it only takes an hour of driving to realise that this is a really comfortable and luxurious vehicle to drive.
Hymer 595The 595 B Classic is an integrated 5 berth camper with everyone enjoying space and privacy. Enjoy home from home comfort for all the family in our flagship model!

Equipped with TV, cutlery, crockery, CD player, fully integrated kitchen, luxury washroom, hotel quality interiors and comfy beds. Fully winter proofed, insulated and double glazed, along with gas fired central heating.

Self contained the 595 incorporates a horseshoe rear lounge, 2 X double beds plus a generous single and plenty of storage. There is also further storage facilities in the rear of the vehicle. Power assisted steering and powerful 2.8ltr Turbo diesel engines makes the 595 very easy to drive and park.

PLEASE NOTE: The Hymer 595 is located at:

Wickford, Essex

Overall length cm 694
Overall width cm 227Internal width cm 212Overall height cm 295Engine 2.8i Litre DieselMass in running order 3020kgMaximum permitted mass 3500kgPassengers 5Berths 5Forward bed approx.208 x 145 cmRear bed 208 x 144 cmSingle Bed 200 x 84 cmCooker rings 3Forced air heatingFresh water supply 120 litresWaste water tank 100 litresLiving room battery Ah (20 h) K 20 (6)Sockets 12-V x 2Sockets 230-V x 3Color TVCD PlayerEngine Power 127PS (93KW)

24. Motorhome hire, a different kind of holiday
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Hiring a motorhome and just taking off somewhere is just different. You can’t compare it with something like a package holiday it really isn’t the same. Last weekend we were invited to spend a few days with some friends at the Camping Hippocampe at Volonne, near Sisteron in Provence, France. There was actually 18 of us there, a mixture of people from the UK, Corsica and France. The ages of the people there went from Alfie, age 8 months to my friend Clive, 51 (years not months) so some of us were quite happy to hang around the bar and some were happy to hang around with the kids at the swimming pool. But what made it for me was when my daughter said, “can we go back to the motorhome?”, all she wanted to do there was just chill. ‘Chilling’ doesn’t come naturally to young Madeline (aged 4), so it was quite a relief for everyone.
Later on that evening we had a great alfresco meal and then devoured our way through a 10 litre ‘box’ of Vin Rosé. OK we got ‘told off’ slightly for making too much noise, but it was bedtime really. In the morning Madeline just woke up and wandered over to our friends tent and started playing with their kids, which was quite relaxing for us too.
So what did I learn from this? Well it was mainly that you can enjoy camping for camping’s sake and nothing else. Just a peaceful time spent with friends and fellow campers.
For your information, even though it is nearly September, the weather down near Sisteron was beautiful. Each day was about 28C, but in the evening it cooled off nicely so that you could get a good night’s sleep. Even though it was just a short stay, I really did enjoy it and it’s really put me in the mood for when we go to Spain in October.
Do yourself a favour, call 0800 612 8719 and ask about motorhome hire. It will soon be out of season and you can benefit from out of season prices and flexible hire dates.

25. Mazda Bongo Motorhome
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The Mazda Bongo was first made in 1995, which is based on a Japanese people carrier. It is normally powered by a 128 bhp 2.5 litre turbo diesel engine, it is usually fitted with a four speed automatic gearbox and is available in rear wheel drive or as a full time 4×4.
The standard equipment is very comprehensive including an amazing electric lifting roof and even electric blinds on most models! The more standard features are front and rear air conditioning, power steering, electric mirrors and electric windows.
At the touch of a button, the elevating roof opens automatically and gives you a choice of layouts and functions. The inner roof platform can be pushed upwards allowing maximum headroom, whilst still leaving useful storage space. With the platform down an additional upper sleeping area can be created accommodating 2 more adults.
The Mazda Bongo is a unique 4 berth, 5 or 6 seat camper conversion which provides a fantastic blend of an everyday user-friendly people carrier which is economical and compact enough for day to day use, school runs and the supermarket car park. It transforms into the perfect family camper for trips out, weekends aways & brilliant holidays.
So why not change your life today - take a holiday in a Bongo!
The conversions can be either a traditional 4 or 6 seat side layout giving maximum headroom.
A quality vehicle with 2 burner stainless steel hob and smoked glass top, making sink unit, full electric pack and mains hook-up.