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Podcast title Nuphunk Radio
Website URL http://nuphunk.blogspot.com/
Description Pete chases the bandwagon with a series of mixes from the studio. Minimal chat, and maximum randomness. Mixed live in the depths of East London lots of pops and crackles from his dusty records. iChat the show (AIM name: nuphunkradio)
Updated Sun, 28 Oct 2007 20:29:15 +0000
Image HotDog
Category Music

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1. Show 12 "Chango"
download (audio/x-m4a, 42.73Mb)

Description: Roots Manuva, Quantic,Chango Spasiuk, Stereolab, Al Brown, Wanderlea ... see chapters in Itunes or quicktime for tracklistings

2. Show 11 "Pitter Patter"
http://nuphunk.blogspot.com/20... download (audio/x-m4a, 52.51Mb)

Description: Check the chapters in itunes for tracklistings

3. Show 10 "J*zz Around Midnight" Special
http://nuphunk.blogspot.com/20... download (audio/x-m4a, 4.10Mb)

Description: Another dip into Nick Tolson's vintage radio archive. Let's travel back to 1958 and tune in to Connor Hamilton as he relieves himself of a fine collection of classic j*zz.

4. Show 09 "Phoenix"
http://nuphunk.blogspot.com/20... download (audio/x-m4a, 48.87Mb)

Description: After a six month rest, the show rises from the ashes. Check out the vintage radio broadcast submitted by Nick Tolson, sountracks and minimal chat...

5. Show 08 "Dude"
http://nuphunk.blogspot.com/20... download (audio/x-m4a, 61.39Mb)

Description: Another rambling mix featuring old and new chiller thrillers....

6. Show 07 "Widescreen"
http://nuphunk.blogspot.com/20... download (audio/x-m4a, 43.27Mb)

Description: Tracklisting: • Fout Tet - Rivers Become Oceans (Lo Recordings) • Shuggie Otis - Oxford Grey (CBS) • Bill Evans - Peace Piece (Milestone) • Fretless AZM - Brogal Frets (Plastic) • Cinematic Orchestra - Ode To A Big Sea (Ninja Tune) • Lalo Schifrin - Dirty Harry's Creed (Warner Bros.) • Ry Cooder - Leaving Missouri - Long Riders Soundtrack

7. Show 06 "Headshell Mix"
http://nuphunk.blogspot.com/20... download (audio/x-m4a, 56.78Mb)

Description: Classic mix tape from the headshell boys. Cut-up Hip-hop, Funk, Freestyles, and mash-up's with lots of contributors. Produced by Fifth Floor Productions in a dark East London subteranean studio for your pleasure.

8. Show 05 "Mixed Diet"
http://nuphunk.blogspot.com/20... download (audio/x-m4a, 67.17Mb)

Description: Lots of fibre, and no artificial chemicals. Nice and mellow for those with heart conditions and weak bladders

9. Show 04 "All My New Mastersounds 7's Special"
download (audio/x-m4a, 20.10Mb)

Description: Oooo, a little bit o' funky stuff. Check the link for more.....

10. Show 03 "Tense"
http://nuphunk.blogspot.com/20... download (audio/x-m4a, 53.44Mb)

Description: FolkRockJazzTechnoBrazilStuffage, getting it out of my sound system...

11. Show 02 "RandomRedefined"
http://nuphunk.blogspot.com/20... download (audio/x-m4a, 31.41Mb)

Description: A ClusterDuck of a mix, with a mercifully small amount of chat from Pete

12. Show 01 "Supernice"
http://nuphunk.blogspot.com/20... download (audio/x-m4a, 25.00Mb)

Description: This mix is the result of one months yearning for Linda, she comes back tomorrow...