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Podcast title Online Moving Quotes - A Sure Way To Save On Your Next Move
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Description Before trusting your belongings to a mover, request your no-obligation moving quotes to save money and check the movers' customer services.
Updated Thu, 28 Jul 2016 10:55:21 +0000
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1. Online Moving Quotes - A Sure Way To Save On Your Next Move
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Because of the current economic situation, you might be face with the need to have to move to obtain employment or perhaps you are considering re-training yourself by going back to school in another state. Moving is always a challenge that nobody looks forward to meet. The search for the best value, the best mover, the logistics of moving is just way too much for anyone to handle by themselves that trigger all kinds of emotional turmoil.

There should be quite a few items on your moving checklist that you need to get done to successfully move to your new home. If you think of moving as a three-phase approach, researching moving company quotes should be one of the items in your initial phase.

Why Does It Matter To Request Several Online Moving Quotes?
Simply said: It saves you money.

If moving yourself is not an option, then you next choice is to hire help. But Who can you trust your possessions to help you move reliably, caring for your property while at the same time charge you a fair market price for this moving? After all, moving scams are all too real and frequent enough to make consumers think more than twice to hire a given interstate moving company.

When you use the Internet to request online moving quotes, you accomplish two things:

a) it gives you an idea as to the market value of your move.

b) it allows you to shop around for the best mover that can handle your relocation.

What Should You Expect In An Interstate Moving Estimate?
A full-service moving quote can vary from moving company to moving company depending on what you're expecting the mover to do. Do you want the relocation company to provide a full moving service from A to Z? or do you just want the mover to just handle the loading, moving, and unloading of your possessions?

Knowing exactly what you need is an essential element is getting the best moving rate for your relocation. Another tip is to have decided what is being moved and what's staying behind. Regardless of how much you are moving, it's always a good idea to get several free moving quotes from these long distance movers.

When you're requesting various choices in long distance moving companies quotes, ensure that you're dead on asking the right questions with the right industry lingo. Inquiry as to what is the moving delivery time, what happens if the move takes longer than usual, and what are your risks is for whatever reason you can not take delivery on the scheduled day. Some movers will have you pay moving storage if you can not take possession of your belonging on the agreed upon day. What is industry standard however, is to give you an estimated date of delivery to ensure both parties are covered - do ask these questions as you progress through the cycle of evaluating your free moving estimates.

When you're trying to get several interstate moving companies to get moving quotes, make sure you get everything in writing. Don't focus just on the base price. Some companies will charge by the actual items that you list on your inventory. This can be a very time consuming procedure, as you go through your entire home and make a list of every little thing that will be relocated. However, this can lead to lower overall moving costs and can prevent you from being charged more than you planned at the last minute.

The other option is to have your quote based on the space that you'll actually use in their truck. This can have several benefits. First of all, you will only be charged for the exact space that you're using. If they planned that you'll need Y number of square feet for your dresser let's say but you only use Y-3 square feet - you will only be charged for the actual space that is taken up. It's also much simpler to compare moving quotes as you'll be able to estimate much better your moving cost.

Be aware that moving quotes are either non-binding or binding quotes. The non-binding quotes are a bit more risky because the mover can always opt to charge you a more than the non-binding quote. However, you should expect a 10% difference between the initial moving quote and the final moving charge. Binding relocation quotes can be more predictable, but you could wind up paying more than you should as the final moving price tag.

Why Is A Moving House Quote Important?
Comparing moving quotes can give you a clue as to what you should expect the final moving cost is going to be. For the most part, this price takes a big chunk of your moving budget and it is a must do in your initial phase of moving if you like to get the best moving rate.

Research The Market

Always remember to take your time when you are getting prices and looking at moving companies. There are plenty of scam artists out there that would love to take your money, so be sure to check the company you are interested in with the Better Business Bureau. This will make your life easy knowing that the company you hire has good values and a great reputation with various customers.

If you really want to have a stress-less move, you better compare movers' services. Narrow down your choice to 4-5 movers, dig up other testimonials online by doing a Google search on the company name followed by the words customer feedback in quotes in the Google Search Window type:
"company name customer feedback"

You could learn a few things or two about your potential moving partner.