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Podcast title Tumblon: Parenting starts with you
Website URL https://blog.tumblon.com
Description Tumblon.com co-founder Graham Scharf interviews persons of interest on topics of interest for parents, including: child development research, children's literature, imaginative play, nutrition, literacy, advocacy, character formation, public health, and more.
Updated Fri, 08 Jul 2016 09:52:16 +0000
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Category Kids & Family
Society & Culture

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1. Secretary of Education Duncan speaks to early educators
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Description: In an address to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan pushed to “get schools out of the catch-up business” by preventing the achievement gap that emerges before children ever set foot in school. He reminded his audience: You have all heard President Obama speak of the need […]

2. Early Childhood is critical for human – and national – development
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Description: At the fourth African International Conference on Early Childhood Development in Dakar, Senegal researchers convened to consider this finding: “Early Childhood Development (ECD) has been identified as the number one social economic investment that will enable developing nations to quickly attain sustainable development.” The leaders who gathered presented the implications of early childhood development for […]

3. What CAN we learn from Baby Einstein?
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Description: Walt Disney has made headlines in the New York Times by offering a refund to buyers of their Baby Einstein videos. The New York Times estimates that one in three families in the United States owns at least one of these videos, which is one reason that this story is getting so much press. Of […]

4. Why Australia is recommending no TV for children under 2
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Description: Australia’s government has been attracting attention and criticism of its new recommendation that children under two years of age not watch any television. What is the rationale behind it? The Guardian supplied this helpful explanation: Experts in child development have found that three things optimise brain development: face-to-face interaction with parents or carers; learning to […]

5. Forbes highlights the importance of parent engagement
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Description: In a recent article on funding early childhood education, Susan Urahn, Managing Director of Pew Center on the States, issued the following call for the Early Learning Challenge Fund, which the U.S. Senate will take up in October: Add conditions to increase family engagement in early learning. Any state that receives federal money should have […]

6. World Health Organization on Early Brain Development
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Description: How much do the early years matter? The World Health Organization provides this summary in their early child development fact sheet: Early childhood is the most intensive period of brain development during the lifespan. Adequate stimulation and nutrition are essential for development during the first three years of life. It is during these years that […]

7. Family: Perfect for fostering child development
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Description: There are many champions of innovative methods for nurturing children. Some will advocate technology, others high quality pre-school, and still others one of any number of methodologies for ‘optimizing your child.’ In contrast to all of those, Urie Bronfenbrenner, an esteemed scholar in developmental psychology came to this simple conclusion: “The family seems to be […]

8. World Health Organization traces adult challenges to early childhood
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Description: The World Health Organization (WHO) early childhood fact sheet unambiguously states that what happens in the family during early childhood is critical for virtually every aspect of human life: During early childhood (from the prenatal period to eight years of age), children undergo rapid growth that is highly influenced by their environment. Many challenges faced by […]

9. World Health Organization Key Early Child Development Facts
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Description: Last week the World Health Organization issued a fact sheet on early childhood development which included this summary: KEY FACTS Early childhood is the most important phase for overall development throughout the lifespan. Brain and biological development during the first years of life is highly influenced by an infant’s environment. Early experiences determine health, education […]

10. Skip Hop diaper bag giveaway: Give us your opinion!
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Description: What are the most pressing problems that parents of young children face? We’ve identified four, and you can tell us if you agree and what we might have missed! Participants in our online survey will be registered in our giveaway. One participant will win a free Skip Hop Duo Deluxe or Skip Hop Dash diaper bag (their […]