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Podcast title The Bare Truth
Website URL http://www.juliaarmstrong.com
Description Each week, Julia interviews someone from a different area of interest who expresses themselves from the core of their being in a unique and authentic way. Julia is a leading practitioner of core therapy, working to help others look at the stories and beliefs that have been created by them and around them, and to shift those that act to hinder true expression and block the natural pathway our heart yearns for us to tread.
Updated Tue, 14 Aug 2012 09:33:24 GMT
Image The Bare Truth
Category Religion & Spirituality

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1. Bare Truth 99: Phil Dhingra
download (audio/mpeg, 39.28Mb)

Description: Phil emailed me to let me know about his most recent book 'Character and Chemistry'. A man after my own heart, he is passionate about self improvement and personal change and about relationship. He has explored relationship deeply and is still doing so and has written about the importance of being mindful of how big a part both the character of a person and the chemistry between one another is in forming a long term relationship that has the potential for growth and deepening and maturing in the long term. We called him in Austin Texas, where it was 9am for him and the sun was just getting going to reach its full heat of 35 degrees later in the day! It was really enjoyable and stimulating talking to Phil, especially as relationship has been a driving force all my life and I have been eternally curious and explorative in seeking to understand what occurs in the spaces between us where the relationships exist! Phil's Twitter is: [philosophistry](http://twitter.com/philosophistry)

2. Bare Truth 98: Mike Holgate - Ironman Triathlete
download (audio/mpeg, 25.41Mb)

Description: I lived in Bath in the 80's and there was a big group of runners who were the fabric of my daily life, a few in particular became friends and Mike Holgate was one. He joined our Health Club - Springs - in 1982, not long after we had opened, and was a member for the whole time we ran the gym until we left Bath in 1988. Mike and I haven't been in touch since, but recently reconnected through a mutual friend and twitter! It was wonderful to speak to him after 24 years! He was only 24 when we first met and speaking to him over the phone to record this podcast, I could only imagine the 20 something Mike; he sounded the same! He was interested in running and living from a holistic philosophical position then and of course this has only deepened as he has explored going further in competition and facing his fear of water to become a triathlete - an ironman triathlete!

3. Bare Truth 97: Paul Hide
download (audio/mpeg, 31.47Mb)

Description: I met paul 14 years ago when I was working to unlock the patterns and pain of injuries from the disappointments and lows as well as successes and highs of a long running career. I was nearly 40 years old and wanted to run in to my old age, rather than live the story of the ex international athlete side-lined by injury. So began a long working relationship and friendship with Paul. I found his work and his energy behind it transformational and still do; he has moved north and now I only get to see him twice a year, but I still experience huge benefit from his input. Paul is a hypnotherapist, but he is also a life coach, a psychologist, a dream therapist and much more. He has a magic ingredient that makes him a magician - an alchemist...

4. Bare Truth 96: Rob Harley
download (audio/mpeg, 27.20Mb)

Description: I met Rob in 2001 when I called him at brighton University to see if he would help me in my training and put me through some physiological testing, so that I might find a way to enjoy my running again and run to the best of my abilities in my 40's. We started to run together over the downs and 11 years on we are still running over the downs and I am now enjoying my running in my 50's! I enjoy being in a conversation that never ends with Rob, that takes place mainly over the downs, exploring and sharing as the years pass by. Rob is a principal lecturer at the university and has always inspired me with his passion focus and integrity. He is a true friend and I admire the way he lives, the way he is and who he is. Here he talks to Andy and I about running with the torch for the alternative relay - and his preparation for the Antwerp half ironman which he completed last Sunday in 4 hours 58 minutes, and he finished 30 seconds ahead of his brother in law!

5. Bare Truth 95: The Rock Ride
download (audio/mpeg, 24.48Mb)

Description: Josie and Ross are cycling to Gibraltar from London in August - listen to them talk about their training and the causes they are raising money for and the logistics of organising a long long journey. I met Josie about a year ago and so heard about the idea from its seed. Josie has an adventurous creative spirt and so I wasn't surprised when she decided to accept the challenge. Ross was looking for someone to go with him; Josie was already fit from being a competing triathlete and Ross was used to organising tours but as a music manager. So Ross needed to get fit and Josie simply to say 'yes' and then meet Ross and get to know him as they rode around the roads together building up for a journey into the unknown for both of them...

6. Bare Truth 94: Pat Bowley - League of Mercy award for 40 years of volutary work
download (audio/mpeg, 23.42Mb)

Description: Pat is a great friend - so it was a delight to spend time with her in Beanzz interviewing her about her very well deserved League of Mercy award for her services to the hospice. Pat is also a wonderful artist and I am very privileged to be in the receipt of a series of her hand painted cards featuring Maude! Who you will hear all about...!

7. Bare Truth 93: John Stirk - Creative Movement and Yoga Practitioner
download (audio/mpeg, 43.45Mb)

Description: I met John a year ago. I was directed to him because my knee was hurting; and my historical 'left side' troubles were needing a deeper look at. John has been practising and teaching yoga for 35 years and practicing as an osteopath for 25 years. He has a passion for how we move. He teaches that 'How we move is how we are'. I have found John's work to be transformative, his understanding of the body and the mind is demonstrated in the moves he teaches and in his hands when he works on the body. He is a true healer and a true master of his work. He talked to Andy and I about shifting the mind to a space of quietness and stillness and softening both the mind and the body to allow more ease within and therefore more ease in life.

8. Bare Truth 92: Julia Armstrong - Running for England - Part 1
download (audio/mpeg, 20.56Mb)

Description: Julia had some great news recently regardng her running and I asked her to explain to us what's been going on. I have to admit it all sounds rather good. Me interviewing Julia is always a dangerous thing - expect much giggling, laughter and general mayhem. At least we avoided talking about her sex life or strange running habits (listen to episode 70 for those). Seriously though, I'm very exciting for Julia and I wish her the best as she leaps (literally) into this new phase of her running career. Part two is to follow...

9. Bare Truth 91: Peter Greaves - aspiring ironman
download (audio/mpeg, 35.76Mb)

Description: I was introduced to Peter through his father in law who is looking to publish something I've written about running - he showed my musings to Peter. He was very affirming about the stream of consciousness that tends to come from me if I'm asked to write about running!... But I discovered in speaking with him a kindred spirit; a lifelong runner and now triathlete, he described his recent challenge of training for an ironman triathlon as the race of truth. Speaking with Peter, and hearing about his joy of the movement of sport and of stretching how own boundaries, it was evident that his love of running is because he loves to run, and it was an inspirational message that ultimately must be the core reason we all run - because we love it.

10. Bare Truth 90: Beanzz Coffee Shop
download (audio/mpeg, 27.71Mb)

Description: I discovered Beanzz one day whilst walking along Grove road; I can sniff out a good coffee shop a mile away and so was instantly drawn in... I sat with my friend Si who is also a 'coffee person' and we both agreed that it was a truly great coffee experience. I also felt at ease and Tracy and Mikel were welcoming and open and made us feel welcome whilst giving us the space it seemed to while away our time for as long as we desired. I went back - and back again - and have been known to spend hours at a time in Beanzz; it has become my 'second office' - or 'Home' as Tracy commented once! I love it that I can eat healthy food should I want; but also enjoy the cakes and croissants too. And my coffee is always perfect... Andy and I really enjoyed finding out their secret and we are now resolved to record a podcast in the cafe ....!

11. Bare Truth 89: Sharon Aviva Jones - Applied Drama Practitioner
download (audio/mpeg, 31.73Mb)

Description: Sharon Aviva Jones is an applied drama practitioner. Over the years as well as her own career on the stage and on television, she has run drama worships using the space and the art of drama for people to explore together something that was important to them. It has proved to be a very powerful and expansive way for people to connect with themselves and one another, and to gain greater personal understanding and a deeper awareness of one another and the issue being expired at a more global level. She has been fascinated by rites of passage and the transformation that occurs at these important juncture and her most recent project which she talked about with andy and I is the very high rite of passage of birth... It was fascinating and illuminating exploring this subject with Sharon and she is starting pilot workshops for anyone involved intimately in the birth process, for instance midwifes and new mothers; but of course it extends to all people closely involved with the arrival of a new baby. Please do contact me if you would like more information on Sharon's workshops

12. Bare Truth 88: Kevin Marshall - Nordic Walker and Ultra Runner
download (audio/mpeg, 29.96Mb)

Description: Kevin had just finished a nordic walking session with one of his groups win we spoke and he told us of the transformation that occurs through his clients getting fit and then finding that they can join a group of people and make friendships whilst positively changing their lives. He has been fit all his life, more than fit! An exceptional ultra runner from a very young age and still competing in ultra events in his 50's and finding new challenges and stretching himself in every event he takes part in. I always enjoy talking with runners who have been running all their lives as I have - there is an instant recognition and understanding of what motivates and informs our life's journey! In Kevin's words: My view of the world sees the glass as half full and not half empty, and I apply this to everything I do, positive encouragement and realistic expectations help me to get the best out of those I work with. I am passionate about health and fitness and have always enjoyed mentoring and coaching individuals, so decided to chase another dream and take the plunge and start a new career as a personal trainer, helping others to achieve their potential.

13. Bare Truth 87: Iwona Stepien - Painted T-shirts
download (audio/mpeg, 28.80Mb)

Description: I was having a coffee in Beanzz with Amy; on the table beside us a lady was having a meeting with a gentleman. Amy and I were chatting away so we didn't hear their conversation much, but were simply aware it was a conversation of a business nature! Amy left and I stayed! Now I couldn't help but overhear their conversation! I learnt a lot and gleaned that the lady, Iwona, was starting a business selling her T shirts which she hand painted. I was inspired by their conversation, by Iwona's enthusiasm and the gentleman's ideas and encouragement. As they went to go, they apologised for their conversation affecting my peace! I assured them that I had enjoyed them being there and that I had learnt a lot! Iwona and I continued to chat and she showed me her T shirts - it was a small leap to suggest that we met to record a podcast! It was such fun meeting Iwona, and her T shirt present I bought my niece is a huge success.

14. Bare Truth 86: Mark Kleanthous - double and triple triathloner
download (audio/mpeg, 35.14Mb)

Description: Mark is an incredible athlete. he has been competing for over 30 years and has taken part in over 100 triathlons, nearly a third of those over the ironman discipline - and further - double and triple!! He ran in the first London marathon as a 20 year old and had Andy and I laughing so much telling us of his training regime and the 'kit' he wore to train in! The years of experience, lead him very naturally to coach others with real empathy and understanding for all aspects of sport; physiological, psychological and emotional. It was a pleasure to talk with Mark and Andy and I very much enjoyed hearing about his journey through the years from competing in the first ever triathlon in the UK, to being a leading voice in a sport that now has 500 events a year in the country. His new book has just come out - 'the complete book of triathlon training' - It is a great book and this is how it is described : The book is for all athletes who want to improve in or convert to the fascinating sport of triathlon. It shows among other things how to construct a training program, how to approach a competition and offers an Encyclopedia that covers all aspects of triathlon.

15. Bare Truth 85: Hazel Lawrence - Advanced Skills Teacher
download (audio/mpeg, 35.21Mb)

Description: I have been friends with Haze for 19 years - we met because I (briefly) married her brother - our friendship has remained and from the day we met we laughed together! Haze's reputation as a wonderful teacher - one that truly helps children to see and become the magnificent human being they can be - has echoed back to me and reverberated all around since I met her, she is an exptional teacher; and for me an exceptional friend and a wonderful person who genuinely cares about other people and wants to make a difference. In this interview she talks about the innovative new teaching method she is involved with where there is team teaching and the opportunity for children to be really developed as human beings not simply academically. We had fun talking to Haze as you will hear!

16. Bare Truth 84: Andy White - First time marathoner
download (audio/mpeg, 42.70Mb)

Description: I met Andy aka doctorpod 6 years ago! He interviewed me for a mini podcast at the 'Starting over Show' which we were both involved with and I felt i had met a kindred spirit. It was therefore him I turned to when I needed a 'post production podcast person'. The quality of his work took my podcasts to another level... At around the same time, he had asked me some advice about getting fit - we mention the 'bursting stability ball' in the podcast ! Which somehow has naturally lead into me coaching him to run a marathon... It is great fun to be involved in creative projects with Andy, whether that is making a podcast or making him into a marathon man. He is brilliant to work with; great fun and very open and honest - and the most important of all, I have found a true friend!

17. Bare Truth 83: Kay Aplin - Architectural Ceramisist
download (audio/mpeg, 33.83Mb)

Description: Kay is a site-specific artist specialising in architectural ceramics and glass and has 15 years of experience creating public art works with a wide number of community groups. Her work is very tactile, employing relief techniques which make her pieces interactive and sensory. It was great fun interviewing Kay. The description of her bathroom in her Ceramic house made me instantly want to take a bath, it sounded to me as if it would be like swimming in a lagoon on a hot summers day. As Kay observed - I am an incurable romantic! The house is a representation of her journey through her art all over the country. Kay is a public artist and her projects always are created in collaboration with the people living in the areas; through her work she expresses for them all they would like to say and in her ceramic house she uses the tiles that she has made specially for her work throughout the land! I am going to visit this magical house and garden on my birthday and I am looking forward to it very much!

18. Bare Truth 82: Jerry Rothwell - Documentary Film Maker
download (audio/mpeg, 28.46Mb)

Description: Jerry Rothwell is an award winning documentary filmmaker. We met through a network of connections. He is next door neighbour to the artist Jane Churchill who we interviewed recently and he also has a link with Jim, my running friend who we also recorded a podcast with a few weeks ago. Jerry has just made a documentary called Town of Runners. It premiers today April 10th in London. The film follows the fortunes of coach Sentayehu Eshetu and three of his young hopefuls from school to national level athletics. He is a coach with a difference, who has dedicated himself to coaching runners, with great success and has literally turned the town into a 'town of runners'. 200 runners appear at dawn each day to take part in a hill session. Sentayehu will be over in the UK with the three girls and will be speaking at the brighton Marathon. The film will be shown at the Duke of Yorks and then appears in the Tribeck film festival in New York on April 19th and from April 20th will be appearing in UK cinemas. It was fascinating talking with Jerry about the process of making a documentary and the relationships that develop over time as the documentary progresses and reveals intimacies that are being openly explored maybe for the first time. We could have carried on talking all afternoon...

19. Bare Truth 81: Tom Roper - Runner, Observer and Commentator on Life
download (audio/mpeg, 29.72Mb)

Description: I was invited as guest of honour to the 25th anniversary of Seaford striders which is where I met Tom. He said very nice things about my 'few words' at the dinner in his blog and in an e mail exchange following this arranged to meet to record a podcast. Tom is amongst other things an observer and commentator on life. He writes an excellent blog which had made Andy aka 'doctorpod' and I laugh out loud. The day that he was coming for our 'podcast philosophique' as it transpired to be, Tom had been enjoying and writing about 'The spirit of Schubert' which was a series on radio 3 and on our podcast day it was Schubert the Wanderer, which was very fitting way to herald a podcast on running and the bigger 'wandering journey' therein. It was very enjoyable interviewing Tom, his dry self effacing humour only slightly hid his intense curiosity and passion for life which appears to inform his desire to connect through the written word and as a social media voice for both the running and sailing club. Sharing himself through his own running journey connects us all, because if we run we know that it is a journey that never ends keeping us engaged wondering where it will lead us to next? Tom's blog reflects this perfectly...

20. Bare Truth 80: Cas Holmes - Textile and Mixed Media Artist
download (audio/mpeg, 30.55Mb)

Description: It was a joy to talk with Cas. We had never met, but she had heard the podcast we recorded with Jane and got in touch. Something that struck me about Cas, apart from her wonderful art made from things that she has found, was her peaceful energy and how very present she was in the dialogue, every bit of her connected. She doesn't own a car and so walking and noticing is part of who she is and has always been. Her love of people shines through and her desire to help others access their own creativity whatever that may be. In her own words: I am a mixed media artist who works with textiles, paper and found materials. My particular interest is the link between the built and natural environment (Urban/Nature) and issues relating to sustainable practice. I create [works to commission for public and private settings](http://www.casholmes.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/7.html) and have pieces in collections around the world, including the Museum of Art and Design in New York, Arts Council England and the Sir Leonard Cheshire Foundation. The often overlooked things of daily life and observations of the land inform my work. Connecting paint, mark and image I reflect the 'hidden edges' of our landscape, verges, field edges and wild spaces, 'stitch sketching' to capture a moment before it is gone. I exhibit in the U.K and abroad and enjoy working on collaborations and installations with other artists. This includes a recent installation, Curiouser and Curiouser at Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery and workshops in Europe and Australia. My book [The Found Object in Textile Art](http://www.casholmes.textilearts.net/page158.html), (published by Batsford 2010), looks at some of the processes I use. I will be a guest artist at the Knitting and Stitching Show 2012. For [details of my exhibitions](http://www.casholmes.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/9.html), purchase or commission a piece of work, or look at my collaborations and teaching please browse through my on-line presence or contact me direct via email.

21. Bare Truth 79: Matt Shore - Personal Trainer and Healer
download (audio/mpeg, 33.16Mb)

Description: [http://www.eastbournekettlebells.com/Matt-Shore.html](http://www.eastbournekettlebells.com/Matt-Shore.html) [http://www.total-fitness-personal-trainer.com/](http://www.total-fitness-personal-trainer.com/) It was great to talk to Matt about his life and his vision for the future. His own philosophy is embodied in how he works with others and he is someone who you can definitely attach the label 'He walks his talk'! I have only known Matt a short time but it has become evident to me why his clients respond so well to his coaching and teaching and healing. He truly cares about people, and genuinely wants what they want for themselves. His approach is holistic and really does address how the mind and body work together to achieve our goals, but his work is also transpersonal allowing for magic to occur which might not have been expected in the beginning! Talking about his 'boot camps' got Andy and I all keen again to visit!

22. Bare Truth 78: Kevin Izzard - The South Downs Double (Part 2)
download (audio/mpeg, 39.35Mb)

Description: Here's part two of Kevin's amazing South Down Double story.

23. Bare Truth 77: Kevin Izzard - The South Downs Double (Part 1)
download (audio/mpeg, 36.57Mb)

Description: I met Kevin 9 years ago in the Tri Store in Eastbourne; Kev talks about this himself in the podcast!! I have coached him for almost that length of time and essentially what has emerged for me is a really true friendship. Kevin is an incredible person, clear and open and sees through the 'madness' that can occur on this planet. He treads the path of a warrior of light - truly - this is how I see him. He displays incredible strength and tenacity in his sport, but also as a human being, when the going gets tough he steadies himself and digs in deeper. He really is a master in that all that he demonstrates out on his bike (his real love, although we have had other projects as he reveals!) he transfers to the way he does his dealings in life and with others. It is a privilege to know Kevin and more importantly to be his friend. Here's a link to [Kevin's article about the South Downs Double](http://bikemagic.com/news/guest-blog/kevin-izzard-joins-south-downs-double-club.html)

24. Bare Truth 76: Fiona Bugler - Runner and Writer
download (audio/mpeg, 42.33Mb)

Description: Fiona and I have been running together for three years - it is our anniversary on March 1st! It is wonderful to have a running companion and a friend all rolled into one! We have the opportunity to do the endless explorative chatting that I so love doing with a girlfriend - and we get to put the miles in too! Fi's passions are running and writing - and she has created a lifestyle that allows her to fulfill them both! I am eternally amazed at Fi's capacity to manage her life - as a Mum as well as a runner and writer! She works hard at all she does and has boundless energy and enthusiasm and is great company whatever the hour of day or whatever the weather!

25. Bare Truth 75: Don Came
download (audio/mpeg, 30.49Mb)

Description: I have bumped into Don over the years in the gym, in coffee shops and we have talked sport and life, only fleetingly, but for enough time to recognize that we share a philosophy of our sport being an ongoing place of learning and growth and mirroring life - Although life can be harder! But at least the sport has accessed some inner strengths and latent talents - develop some skills that can then be applied in life too! Don has been actively involved in the martial arts since 1976. He has acted as a civilian instructor for a Metropolitan Police karate club and taught successful self-defence courses for the Crime Prevention Office in South London. Constantly looking to improve his base knowledge and refine his skills as a martial artist, Don completed an honors degree in exercise science at Brighton University in 1997. This has provided an understanding of biomechanics, physiology and psychology which continues to influence the development of the Academy and its students. Formerly a member of the renowned "International Institute of Kyusho Research" before becoming a fully fledged Kissaki-Kai Instructor, he has been at the cutting edge in the research, rediscovery and further development of the effective self-defense techniques found within the fixed forms (kata) of karate since 1997. Don has collaborated with the Eastbourne Borough Council to develop a pilot scheme for a youth protection programme aimed at helping young people who have been victims of, or are considered at risk of, physical violence. In demand as a freelance physical intervention consultant, Don regularly provides specialised training courses for companies in the private sector.

26. Bare Truth 74: Steve Broadbent
download (audio/mpeg, 26.45Mb)

Description: I arrived in benidorm in November 2010 for a weekend of reporting on running. As I got into the lit to find my hotel Steve joined me and he instantly became the 'marathon runner I would write about'... Having heard many of his stories over breakfast, he was an obvious 'podcast person' for the future! Steve is a 'man on the move' he has run since he was a young boy, he loves the fells, but has competed all over the world in ultra events and boasts 4 sub 3 marathons. He worked as a police officer for 30 years and when he retired created adventures to undertake which he told Andy and I about. He also re trained as cabin crew and enjoyed 6 months fulfilling a dream. He is soon to take up a position on long distance train travel and alongside journeying on foot bicyle car train or plane he finds time to take part as a TV extra - one rather memorable part standing out!...

27. Bare Truth 73: Sean Blair - Audio Fuel
download (audio/mpeg, 20.30Mb)

Description: I met Sean and his business partner Clare a couple of years ago, when I was invited to a launch of Audio Fuel's sports music and coaching product with Martin Yelling. It was a great evening and I liked the concept of training with your own personal coach in your head, as well as music that matched the rhythm of your running. I am a sound of the sea person, so to try it out on me was a big test - and I genuinely liked it and could see the value to enhancing performance and providing motivation. So to record a podcast with Sean, was very exciting. He is very enthusiastic, about his products certainly, but about life and training and possibilities. Interviewing him was inspiring and he talked about Audio fuels latest product range 'Tri Harder' which they created with Chrissie Wellington who is currently four times ironman world champion! It sounds a great range - and just speaking with Sean, boosted my desire to get really fit again following being side-lined with my knee injury!...

28. Bare Truth 72: Nick Dale
download (audio/mpeg, 28.50Mb)

Description: It was fascinating talking with Nick Dale about his endeavour with 5 others to run around - on the top - of the York City Walls! It instantly conjured up my childhood images, much of it spent on the top of walls, if I saw a wall I wanted to be on the top of it! So running around on the top of a wall for over 2 miles instantly captured my imagination. But they are going to run all day!! From dawn to dusk in order to raise money for the Tuberous Sclerosis Association. Here is their story in their own words... 'We were discussing running a marathon, decided it was boring, so came up with the idea for setting a world record for running round York City Walls. The boys from the black irish drink would'nt ratify it so it is an unofficial World Record attempt!! Hating running, being 40, heavy boned, with dodgy knees (Nick) should make for a short lived record. Luckily the rest of the team (David F, David C, Mark, Phil, Paul) are amazingly fit, healthy, running machines so running dawn till dusk round a 2 1/2 mile circuit of rough stone walls with steps should be a walk in the park. We are raising money for The TSA because Sam, Nick's little boy, has the condition. Sam has brain tumours, epilepsy, polysystic kidney disease and learning delay. We are running in Feb cos' its near his birthday and not, as some of you cynics might think, because the days are shorter!! Research in TSC is currently at a very exciting stage with the first drug treatment released in 2011. Your money is needed to make sure research continues to find further treatments for the various symptoms of the condition. So give us some of your money and laugh at the thought of just how much pain we are going to be in'!!

29. Bare Truth 71: Jane Churchill
download (audio/mpeg, 31.91Mb)

Description: Jane is an artist - her art reflects her and she is her art. Her whole life is a creative process and when I went to Jane's last installation I heard comments like 'She is a genius' and 'this is something very special'. And those words reflected Jane herself. She is a genius and she is very special. I have known Jane for ten years - or ten million, we tend to forget the exact length of time, as we exist in a never ending dialogue of exploration and wonder at what ifs and possibility... It is a joy to be in her presence and it is a joy to be in her imaginary worlds and feel transported to wherever you desire...

30. Bare Truth 70: Jim Wallis
download (audio/mpeg, 27.93Mb)

Description: Jim is motivated by growth through experience - through observing ourselves in relationship with one another and within adversity when it seems that it is 'us against us': our vulnerabilities and limitations. 'Us against 'stress': against things we cannot control and instead lead us to a place where we see that our resources lie within us, and how in relationship that we can support one another in the learning and in the realising our own inner strengths and innate talents and so be part of the creation of something 'more' together. From this position, Jim is interested in how sport can develop people, grow communities and make a difference in how people build a brighter future. He has been involved in Football for Peace which he discusses with Andy and I in the podcast, but he is exploring how this concept has wider opportunities to unite everyone through using sport to develop collaboration and co operation between individuals and groups We also discuss running clothes and general habits of runners - using me as the example - or perhaps it is only about me..!

31. Bare Truth 69: HMO Landlady
download (audio/mpeg, 35.60Mb)

Description: I am a follower of HMO Landlady's blog since she begun writing it - I love it - Serena's stories about the antics of her tenants, is written with humour and love. She makes me laugh out loud as I read! But what comes across very profoundly is her generous and open heart and the fact that she truly cares about her tenants and their well-being. This is what Serena says herself of her role as an HMO landlady: HMO Landlady fell into the world of letting houses out on a room by room basis back in 2007. I've made lots of mistakes, unintentionally fallen foul of the law on the odd occasion, been taken for a complete ride by some tenants and wondered what the hell I was doing most the time! There are 8 houses in the portfolio of which the mortgage company owns a very large proportion: 3 Houses of Multiple Occupancy and 5 houses let to families.
I balance being the main carer of my 3 children with the ongoing needs of 15 tenants across 3 houses. The divide is often blurred, but the skill set remains the same. I began writing it after realising that fellow HMO landlords are either corrupt, criminal or just plain rubbish at their job.

32. Bare Truth 68: Chris Finill
download (audio/mpeg, 30.45Mb)

Description: I had interviewed Chris in April when the dream of running across America was just that, a dream inspired a few years previously by reading James E Shapiro's book 'Meditations from the breakdown Lane: Running Across America... And here he was back to be interviewed again having achieved the dream and the most poignant finale was that James Shapiro was on the beach on Coney Island on November 5th to greet Chris and his friend and running companion Steve Pope. On November 6th they lined up for the New York Marathon and ran 3.38 having run 42 miles every day since setting off from San Francisco on August 17th. They had to overcome many hurdles along the way, the challenge of the weather for one and Chris being injured across a whole state! Chris and Steve are raising money for Help the Heroes. But this was a dream that had burned in Chris's heart for some years and he lives by the same philosophy as me, that it is important to live a life without regret for the things that you wish you had done.

33. Bare Truth 67: Helen Summer
download (audio/mpeg, 23.06Mb)

Description: I first met Helen in Toronto! She was assisting on a Running Crazy trip to run the Niagara Falls half marathon and she looked after us all very well indeed. It was in Calvia Marjorca, in December this year, that I discovered that she had written a book with the title fittingly 'Running Crazy'. The book features people who have run 100 marathons or more. It is so easy to write that down, but as a marathon runner myself of significantly less marathons under my belt than 100, I know what a huge feat running 26 miles once is, let alone 100 times or more! In speaking with Helen it is evident that this book is about humanity and the personal quests and journeys of individuals rather than just about running. In speaking with Helen, it seemed to me that she glimpsed the souls of the people she interviewed and saw more about the person than simply about their running, but then running, a simple action, one foot in front of the other, is as complex as each human being taking those steps, and unraveling themselves in the process.. Helen said that all the people she interviewed have their own personal reasons for running so many marathons and all have their own stories to tell. Set out in 26.2 chapters, which was Helen's son Jack's idea, she hopes that the book will appeal not only to marathon runners but to anyone who enjoys heart warming human interest stories that inspire and entertain! 'Running Crazy' is due to be published on March 5th, by John Blake publishing - it is currently available on Amazon for pre-order.

34. Bare Truth 66: Rob Bowley
download (audio/mpeg, 25.47Mb)

Description: It was a delight to listen to Rob talking about his violin and the discovery that his flow is more powerful and joyous than ever before. Rob fell in love with the violin when he went to a concert from when he was a small boy, he then started to play because he knew he had found what he had come to do. In his early twenties he lived in Paris and played in Orchestras and as a soloist, living the life he had dreamed of. In his late twenties his life changed direction and he put his violin away. Now in his early 40s he is playing better than ever before and he spoke to Andy and myself about how Tai Chi and playing the violin reflect and compliment one another. Rob also works as an acupuncturist and I am privileged to have experienced the benefit of his treatments, which like his Tai Chi and his violin come from a centered and clear place within him.

35. Bare Truth 65: Barefoot Doctor - The Message
download (audio/mpeg, 25.26Mb)

Description: Barefoot Doctor has recently written a great book called [The Message](http://barefootmessage.com) The book gives us practical ways to learn how to live with consciousness - I first read his words of wisdom and inspiration in the Sunday Observer magazine - I used to 'save him up to last' such was the profundity and the effect of his words - I looked forward to them each week. So it has been no surprise and pure delight to read his new book - where he encourages us to do the work that asks us to step up and be the difference we want to see in the world. He challenges us to recognize that it is in the challenge of facing our own truth and through the discipline of the practice to centre ourselves that all can be achieved. He emphasizes that the liberation lies with ourselves and the power to create a vision for a better world will be through our collective efforts 
It is a book for heroes and warriors - Do read his book - it is life changing. In his own words: 'THE MESSAGE is crucial reading for you if you're at all concerned about the critical state our world's in and want to do what you can to contribute to creating a new world in which we, our children and our children's children can live together in peace, plenty, joy and harmony - and sustain it. Enough of us have evolved now to reach critical mass - what we have to do now is evolve together, collectively. I show you, how by centering yourself, you realise your angelic self and as you do, the ten commandments, which we've been unsuccessfully trying to live by for millennia, suddenly take on a whole new light as perfect precepts for grace, for living together successfully in a new world’

36. Bare truth 64: Stephanie Anderson
download (audio/mpeg, 25.29Mb)

Description: I met with Stephanie for tea at the Grand! We decided that the Grand would be quiet enough to record our podcast and also give us a tea and chat opportunity. Two and a half hours after meeting we turned on the recorder! It was magical listening to Steph describe her writing worlds and her writing process. It filled me with excitement, these worlds she described made anything seem possible. I am always inspired by Einstein who encourages us to use our imagination to create with. If we can create it in our imagination, surely it means it is possible in 'real life'! However for anyone wishing to open to the creative writing process and discover success in 'becoming a writer', Stephanie has profound yet simple straight forward advice; turn up at the page regularly and do some writing...

37. Bare truth 63: Stewart Pearce
download (audio/mpeg, 25.53Mb)

Description: [The Angles of Atlantis](http://www.theangelsofatlantis.com) [The Alchemy of Voice](http://www.thealchemyofvoice.com) I had a wonderful time in the company of Stewart Pearce who is a master of voice, a sound healer, a seer and an Angel facilitator. Stewart has written a book called 'The Alchemy of Voice', which teaches how we all have a signature note, that is our true note that comes from our soul and that we must speak from our hearts, so that we can connect truthfully with one another. 'If words arise from the heart, they will enter the heart. If words arise from the tongue alone, they will not pass beyond the ears' - AlSuhrawandi. I had travelled to London to interview Stewart again as his new Book 'The Heart’s Note' is now out. The book shares powerful insights about the knowledge of the heart as the seat of the soul and how a practical daily application of love can create answer to the myriad problems of life. Stewart was saying that when we first came into the world we felt choices with our heart, but that got lost and instead people think with their head and so often live in fear and anger instead of love and compassion. I always love being with Stewart as he is the embodiment of what he teaches and I come away enriched and expanded.

38. Bare truth 62: Sandra Crathern
download (audio/mpeg, 31.68Mb)

Description: It was a joy to speak with Sandra. She so clearly 'walks her talk' which I found inspirational to hear. She has turned her own life around and lives with a sense of great ease within and without. Her story in itself would be enough to encourage you to go to see her for guidance and help, but it is her warmth and enthusiasm and the feeling that she really cares that came across to me when we spoke. Here is some information about her work and her mission: Are you living your dreams or do you find yourself being pushed and pulled in so many directions, you've lost sight of your own sense of purpose in life? Do you want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, yet find it difficult to resolve recurring health issues or act on your best intentions? Innavision provides a powerful system that enables you to simplify your life, allowing you to take back control. Using proven, innovative techniques that empower you to make choices and changes, you can develop a healthy work/life balance that is aligned with both your personal and professional aspirations. This can help you to live a happier, healthier life that is true to your self. * Gain the personal and professional satisfaction you desire * Enjoy the good health that is meant for you, and * Truly live the life you are designed for Every day, more and more people are transforming their everyday health and lives as well as regaining control over their personal and professional futures with the help of Innavision. My approach At Innavision, the focus is on making wellness a priority for you. This means taking into consideration your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Rather than treat effects of issues, I will help you to identify and resolve the causes. "Innavision's mission is to help you to grow and develop your true potential as well as maintain your health and wellbeing. I seek to understand your individual needs, so that you can find a solution that is right for you." Sandra Crathern, Innavision Founder Professionally trained as a nurse, I have worked for over 25 years nursing those in need back to health. This has also included running well woman and smoking cessation clinics. Along with my extensive knowledge, experience and qualifications in health and social care, I am accredited by the International Coaching Federation as an NLP Master Practitioner combining training in anger and stress management. "I firmly believe in walking the talk, and I live a healthy life that is congruent with my own inner vision. Now, I want to help you to live the life of your dreams..." Innavision's Health and Wellness Coaching programmes provide you with strategic, practical and creative solutions that enable you to: * Recognise your individual needs and core beliefs * Establish your goals, and * Determine how you will achieve them As a qualified and experienced professional, I will work with you to achieve your health and wellness objectives.

39. Bare truth 61: Andrew Westgate - surfer, healer, writer and Tai Chi practitioner
download (audio/mpeg, 30.03Mb)

Description: I met Andrew 10 years ago and we found that we had a shared core interest in learning to go with the flow! He has surfed all his life and I have run and both these disciplines have honed in us the knowing that we must relax and get out of the way of ourselves to live live. Andrew has always practiced Tai Chi and is now a teacher and also a Reiki healer. He is therefore familiar with working with energy. Understanding and practicing the principles of Yin and Yang is core to his life and to all he does - being aware of the energy moving when you are still, and being still and present when you are moving. Andrew Jane and I formed our writing group which we called Gold and Silver (GnS for short) and we used to meet regularly in 'the Long Rooms' in Lewes until it burnt down! I do remember we frequented some other eateries too as the process of our writing unfolded. It was the environment we created together and support of Jane and Andrew that meant I wrote my book. 'Running to learn'. The Long Rooms, rose like the phoenix from the Ashes to turn into Real Eating Company and the three of us are meeting for a reunion there in the new year. Andrew talks about how he uses Tai Chi - lives Tai Chi - in all he does, his business life, his writing, his guitar playing and his surfing

40. Bare truth 60: Chinwe Russell
download (audio/mpeg, 21.87Mb)

Description: It was wonderful talking with Chinwe. I was excited when I read her website and found she was from West Africa the place of my birth. Her Mother was making soap in Nigeria the 60’s when I had just been born, not so far away, also in West Africa in Sierra Leone. It was evident as we talked that her business chose her, it seems to have come from within her. She creates the products herself and they are natural and organic and come from the women of her birth place, a fair trade practice with the energy of Africa and the women and the Shea but with its profound and energizing qualities that nourish and nurture the skin. I was certainly won over and I am very much looking forward to my face cream arriving in the post!

41. Bare truth #59: Hazel Courteney - Countdown to Coherence
download (audio/mpeg, 23.51Mb)

Description: It took awhile for Hazel and I to record our interview due to many factors that held it up, including one occassion where we did actually meet, but the time had become limited limited and so we had lunch instead, which was perfect as it gave us time to connect and look into one another's eyes which allowed for the soul recognition and for the vibration of our conversation to be more powerful in spreading the message of Hazel's new cutting edge spiritual/science book called 'Countdown to coherence'. Hazel is an astounding person who has lead a fascinating life, as well as being a health and spiritual writer she experienced a profound near death experience in 1998 which radically altered the way she saw the world and opened her to other dimensions which are existing all the time but few of us are in touch with and ultimately lead to her launching her new book. I really enjoyed Countdown to Coherence - it is profound and inspiring and yet easy to read, a unique book, in which Hazel travels widely to meet numerous distinguished yet controversial thinkers and scientists who offer their cutting edge verified research and theories on a vast range of subjects. 'Coherence denotes 'everything coming together as one' - and Profesor Gary Schwartz from the university of Arizona sayd of this book:' A serious attempt at offereing good scientific ideas toward a Spiritual Theory of Everything. Even the sceptics will be riveted by the possibilities'

42. Running to learn #37: Caroline Palmer - A La Carte Health
download (audio/mpeg, 25.64Mb)

Description: Welcome to A La Carte Health. 
If I was face to face with you right now I’d want to ask you a couple of questions... 
Could you enjoy better health and fitness? Where will you be in 5 years’ time if you are still doing what you are doing now? My answers to these questions a few years ago prompted me to make a few lifestyle changes – and now I help others to do the same. Maybe you or someone you care about could do with a helping hand? I received a message on my voicemail from Caroline, saying that we had a connection through Haslemere Border AC. I had been the first lady member in 1974 and Caroline ran on the very same fields around Woolmer Hill that I did as a teenager 20 years later. Caroline shared her story with me on this podcast and it will be one that inspires people to take control of their lives and to follow their dreams. Caroline followed her own in taking the leap to follow her passion and train as a personal trainer giving up a lucrative corporate career. The main thing that came across to me in my conversation with Caroline was that she loves her life and she loves helping others love theirs

43. Bare truth #58: Jobie Summer - Author of The Pleasure is Ours: Increase Your Intimacy and Ecstasy with Phone Sex
download (audio/mpeg, 37.34Mb)

Description: I so enjoyed recording my podcast with Jobie, she was a delight to speak with and after accommodating a long delay because I had computer trouble, she was open and engaging and her warmth and genuine desire to make a different was evident in everything she said  Jobie has found in her work with people that the two most difficult issues in a relationship are sex and money!  Jobie is an expert in loving, intimate communication. After working with couples as a financial advisor for 15 years, she found the common thread to money problems was a lack of true intimacy in their method of communicating.  Jobie says, “Many people talk to one another but don’t truly listen and feel each other.  This same challenge transfers to all aspects of relationships and often starts with the most tangible aspect of intimacy – sexuality.”   If people can’t speak lovingly about sex and money there will be a strain on your relationship. After seeing this strain over and over again with her clients, she decided it was time to do something about it.  Jobie has combined her diverse background in Education, Mediation, Compassionate Listening and Tantra to help people really connect on an intimate level.   She has taken the communication skills she has learned both through her own experiences and 1000s of hours of training to teach people how to talk lovingly to each other.  She loves training in the context of Phone Sex because it is the perfect playground for learning.  When lovers speak on the phone, they can’t look into each other’s eyes or wrap their arms around each other for support so they are forced to develop loving language.  People have a choice between feeling the distance growing between them or they can learn to communicate with their words. It is all about having the proper skill set. Jobie introduces these skills in her latest book, “The Pleasure is Ours: Increase Your Intimacy and Ecstasy with Phone Sex”.

44. Running to learn #36: Virginia Pawlyn
download (audio/mpeg, 27.19Mb)

Description: Virginia Pawlyn was a very inspiring lady for me to interview! She ran the Jersey marathon this month. It was her first ever marathon and she completed it in 4.26. Virginia started running 4 years ago and decided that she would celebrate turning 70 this year by running a marathon! She spoke about the support of her running clubs and how vital the people had been to encourage and to train with and of the help of her personal trainer Dan Fivey http://www.danfiveypersonaltraining.co.uk who had her doing many hill reps and ran some of her long runs with her. Virginia said that she feels better now at 70 than at any other time in her life… She has stretched herself to achieve something she never would have conceived possible and her message to us all is to 'try it' - If you want to do something - then try it and find out what is possible.

45. Running to learn #35: Mary Thornton - Where Physiotherapy meets Pilates
download (audio/mpeg, 31.24Mb)

Description: The Clinical Pilates Studio is Eastbourne’s first fully equipped classical Pilates Studio and is based in the heart of Old Town. The studio is unique in its approach to movement therapy as it combines Physiotherapy with Pilates to create a specific programme for the individual based on medical history and physical assessment. The studio is run by Chartered Physiotherapist Mary Thornton who leads a team of Physiotherapists and Pilates instructors to provide a high quality service backed by regular training. My interview with Mary was inspirational as well as fun and informative. I has decided meme to go for a professional visit to Mary’s lovely sunny studio to check out my alignment. I believe that this will enable me to take further steps in my body awareness and help my mission to run with a free and flowing action and without biomechanical pain all the days of my life!

46. Running to learn #34: Nick Ballard - Winning over 50s Triathlete
download (audio/mpeg, 48.11Mb)

Description: Nick is an athlete of 51 who is inspiring many of us over 50’s with his performances, this year competing with great success as a triathlete. Nick competed in the British Triathlon championships, winning his age group and being ranked British number 1, which has meant that he is now eligible to compete in the European and World Championships in 2011. However Nick is an athlete reborn, as up until this year he was suffering from chronic knee injuries that meant he literally couldn’t run at all – but a miracle occurred, Nick started to take supplements, run with a different running action and hey presto here he is running and competing - and winning - again He enjoyed much success a younger athlete, the pinnacle of his running career being winning the Slough Marathon in a time of 67.01 and a couple of weeks later running and winning the Robin Hood marathon in Nottingham in 2.25. He decided to hang up his running shoes. But as his current activity and form shows, we must never say never again! I very much enjoyed my conversation with Nick – his enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring and I recognized my own love of training and the passion to extend and see what is possible. Nick described us a ‘nutters’ – which may of course be true!...

47. Running to learn #33: Clare Crean - Audio fuel
download (audio/mpeg, 25.63Mb)

Description: I found my way to 1 Alfred Place, a gorgeous Club, just off the Tottenham Court Road. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and the club had an air of industrious calm and relaxation. People were working, laptops out, but delicious steaming cappuccinos by there side in spacious airy light surroundings. Clare ordered us Coffee and biscuits, both of which were a great experience. I am an expert of coffee and biscuits and these were top grade! We both had the afternoon free, so we were able to chat first and find out about one another, which I enjoyed a lot – and I got a sense of the energy and creativity and collaboration that has gone into founding audiofuel. It was also clear that there is a genuine commitment to creating something of value both in the actual product that has the power to make a real difference to runners and their ability to extend themselves and so get more out of themselves as well as a philanthropic orientation in the long term. But what was really evident was the passion and energy that Claire communicates. When I (eventually) downloaded the music and practiced with it I found that this is replicated in the product which I genuinely think can help me with my own interval training.

48. Running to learn #32: Chris Howarth - Kenya after the event
download (audio/mpeg, 51.65Mb)

Description: I flew out to Africa with my friend Ange who was keen to meet Chris and interested in the work he is doing with the street children of Kenya. By the time we found Chris we had been journeying in the car for 11 hours from Nairobi, a journey that had been rich with experience and a sense of being embraced by the rhythm of the Mombasa road and African landscape Chris was in Mariakinu, and as we approached the town, he came out and stood in the road. We were wedged between two lorries as we negotiated the busy street, when suddenly there he was, waving on the roadside, his bright and powerful energy shining out. We ate with his team, Steve, Lee, Iasiah and Evans in a little restaurant and sampled the diet Chris has been living on for the last 6 weeks, Rice and stew and Chapati. It was delicious. Ange and I has eaten very little for the last two days! Chris looked so well and fit, even though he had at times been through days when he had hardly known how he would take the next step. We slept so well in our little cottage, which was basic accommodation, but provided all we needed to rest our heads for the night. Early in the morning we were gathered by the roadside in the humid hot African heat – another bit of the road stretching ahead for Chris, running in the country where I took my first running steps for me – and a chance for Chris and I to catch up. We set off and talked all the way – about his journey  – about his experiences and about how the run , which was huge and awesome, was still but one step in Chris’s vision. One step in the journey he begun two years ago with the street children. The run was all about his work, and the running has been a way of allowing him to carry his message further and wider. We ran together deep in dialogue, waving to the children that ran out to greet us….

49. Running to learn #31: Phil Newton - Marathon du Sables
download (audio/mpeg, 31.94Mb)

Description: Phil is going to run across the desert! The marathon de sables has called him and he is following. Phil and I met on twitter and the moment we first spoke to arrange the podcast, it was clear that we would have no trouble in talking about running together! Talking with him was uplifting and fun! Phil is challenge orientated and he has discovered that running has changed him in positive ways and given him more confidence through finding out that he can do what he didn’t know he could before. He has also found that it is a constant learning ground and place for his own personal development. Having embraced running challenges that have taken him deeper within himself, he feels ready for the big one! 150 miles through the desert, where one of the main obstacles is how to run and not get sand in your shoes! It is certainly the aspect that has always alarmed me when I have found my thoughts heading in in that way! Follow Phil’s progress on twitter @SaharaRunner

50. Bare Truth #57: Vena Ramphal - Passion Coach
download (audio/mpeg, 16.00Mb)

Description: Vena is a passion coach specializing in transition and transformation in romance. www.venaramphal.com  Speaking with Vena is always a joy and a powerful experience. Her energy is all encompassing and accepting and she creates a safe space through being herself and by her obvious commitment to her own work which brings an authenticity and truth to her work with others. Working with people who are in relationship 'crisis' or flux, she facilitates them to make choices that bring them more fulfilling love lives. Whether it’s ending a partnership, creating a new relationship, or a mid-relationship dilemma the space of transition is rich with gifts: you are at the crossroads of many possible futures. The choice is yours. But making the choice on your own can be so challenging with the torrent of emotions that accompany love dilemmas. Vena's work enables clients to make clear choices in that compelling and confusing thing we call love. Unusually, her energy work allows clients to access the emotional charge of the situation and turn it into useful and useable energy that they can use in every aspect of their lives. Working this way, the gifts of passion are manifold. Vena's work draws on the classical Indian energy traditions: yoga, ayurveda and tantra; unlocking the body's inherent power to clarify and pull our inner intentions into physical form. Her approach makes these techniques directly relevant to a Western, twenty-first century lifestyle.

51. Running to Learn #30: Matt Hyde - The sabbatical
download (audio/mpeg, 27.52Mb)

Description: When I asked Matt if he would record a podcast with me, it was after receiving a text from him, when he was in the mountains, clearly loving the total experience, the mountain lake, the sun, the mountains rising around him. He sounded very joyful, therefore I anticipated our podcast about his sabbatical from teaching, much of it spent cycling up 15 of the Tour de France cols and following the tour itself in his camper van to be about just that. But as he spoke, it became apparent that the time away from teaching, the time meeting other adventurers ‘There are only nice people at the top of a mountain’ has effected a shift within which has meant he cannot be in the education system in the same way as he was before. He is unable to ‘join in’ with the group karma around result driven teaching. He spoke about how he is is passionate about education being about developing the individual and allowing them the freedom to know who they are and live fully rather than emerge with a list of results that may or may not reflect them in the truest sense.

52. Running to learn #29: David O'Meara - One Mile Runner
download (audio/mpeg, 33.42Mb)

Description: http://www.onemilerunner.com/ When we spoke David had just returned from running round the world in less than 30 minutes! It was inspiring to talk with him, he is a coach, a speaker, an author and an athlete. His latest adventure running 6 one mile races in six different continents in a combined time of 29.25 – achieving his goal of running them in a total time 30 minutes or less. One of them was a straight mile into a headwind! By following his own passion and finding out about himself through having to dig into the unknown to keep running fast, without injury and with joy – he inspires and teaches older athletes how to recover more quickly, how to run fast and free and how to develop functional strength. Like Lee Saxby, who I have also recorded a podcast with, he mirrored the message that it is about technique and looking after the body at a physiological level and that at an emotional and spiritual level it is about seeking and expressing our own truth and finding out about our own amazingness. He writes about this in his book ‘Creating Amazement’. Recognising that we are all unique, with a unique spark of light that needs igniting to its full power – and that if we don’t fully express then the world misses out!

53. Bare truth #56: Jackie Chapman
download (audio/mpeg, 12.79Mb)

Description: Jacky Chapman http://www.brightestblessings.co.uk I love going into Jacky’s shop which has appeal for most spiritual communities – spiritualists, pagans, wiccans, buddists and she sells a large range of spiritual and ritual items. Jacky has been involved with all things spiritual for almost thirty years and I love going in to browse  and buy (I am one of her best customers she says!) and to chat to Jacky. She is creating a Spirit Roadshow that is opening on October 2nd here in Eastbourne,  and she then intends to take it out on the road to educate people into other possibilities and ideas about ‘all things spiritual’. http://juliaarmstrong.com

54. Running to learn #28: Andy White - Get a running buddy
download (audio/mpeg, 14.35Mb)

Description: I met Andy at an SOS networking event and he recorded a little podcast with me. He is doctorpod, the king of podcasting and he inspired me that day into starting to do my own podcasts. A few months later, met for a coffee and a chat about ideas on being healthy and fit, as he wanted to be fitter. A year later we met again, in the same cafe in Brighton and Andy is now fit! The secret – he started to run and he also found a running buddy to encourage him. He looks great, running clearly suits him and has benefitted his life in more ways than the obvious physiological and health benefuts. Running has helped Andy to think differently and to live with more ease, it has helped him to connect to his true self as part of a spiritual awakening - and he looks great too! I asked him if I could record a podcast with him and so it seemed fitting that we met again in the same cafe….

55. Running to learn #27: The Gumpathon boys
download (audio/mpeg, 28.23Mb)

Description: I went up to London to meet four of the Gumpathon team http://www.thegumpathon.com to record this podcast with them. The team are running across America from New York to LA – it’s called the Gumpathon because the idea was inspired by Damian who when he watched the film ‘Forrest Gump’ thought that running across America  was something he would like to do someday . Ten years later and he is doing just that. He found a reason to put his plan into action when his friend Mark, who was also there for our interview, was left with serious permanent disability following his tour in Afghanistan. Mark is now a triple amputee and speaking with him was an inspiration. From the beginning when it seemed there was nothing he could do – that he had lost so much – he has worked and worked to relearn how to do things that before he took for granted. Now he is part of the team running across America and is intending to cover a mile a day himself – he said that when he first went from being in a wheelchair to using his prosthetics, he could only manage a few steps before being exhausted and having to rest. He has even had to learn to write with his left hand, being originally right-handed. He has written a book called ‘Man Down’ and I asked him to sign my copy and wondered when I watched him writing whether he was originally left-handed, but then he said ‘I’m afraid the writing isn’t great as I was originally right-handed’ – the writing is very neat!  The team are raising money as they run for http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk Help for Heroes, the Royal Marines charitable trust fund and the US injured Marine http://www.semperfifund.org/ Semper Fi Fund. I loved being with the guys – especially as they said I looked like Britney Spears – but I bet they say that to all the girls! I was struck by their spirit of enthusiasm and determination and by the relationships between them all – a strong bond born out of sharing in adversity, seeing their friends go down and staying to support and help and work together for everyone to live fully whatever their circumstances. Mark spoke of his new job working with injured soldiers, some who are only 18 or 19 years old with their lives irrevocably altered. He said that before his own injuries he had not even met a disabled person and now he is part of helping them to walk again and even to run again.

56. Bare truth #55: Leonie Linssen - Love unlimited
download (audio/mpeg, 31.54Mb)

Description: I had arrived back from my trip to Africa the morning that Leonie was scheduled in my diary for our podcast later the same day. I had ordered her book ‘Love Unlimited’ the hope it would arrive before my trip and the intention therefore to read it while away, neither of which had happened! I dipped into sections of the book, before our conversation and was instantly interested and absorbed. She writes with wisdom and compassion and without judgement. The book is exploring how to be in polyamorous relationship, but the core message seemed to me to be one of teaching clarity and openness in dialogue with those we are in relationship with. The book leads us to believe that it might be safe enough to explore our yearnings and desires with our partners and lovers, in a way that allows fro growth creativity rather than hurt and destruction. When we spoke, I found her to be in person as she had seemed to me from her writing. I really enjoyed my conversation with her, she was open and warm and easy to connect with and willing to share her own experiences in her own love life as well as give guidance as to how to be ourselves in relationship. The essence of her work is how to grow as individuals in our closest relationships, through truthful dialogue and in the honouring of ourselves and one another. http://www.veranderjewereld.nl (I think she has another website that she mentions in podcast?!)

57. Running to learn #26: Lee Saxby - Barefoot running
download (audio/mpeg, 13.29Mb)

Description: I had an amazing experience with Lee, he helped my body remember how to get into alignment in a way that allows for natural and free running. I started my running career as a barefoot runner and with Lee’s guidance it felt like an unravelling of some of the adaptions I have made to shoes and I released and ran free. Lee’s philosophy is that running barefoot reconnects us to our truth and to all that is real, to our needs, emotional mental and spiritual at a profoundly real level. However he is keenly aware of the responsibility of encouraging people to run barefoot as it is about technique as much as about simply shedding shoes – there is a need for patience to ensure you allow your body to remember ‘how to’ again. I would highly recommend a session with Lee (http://www.thebarefootclinic.com) – it was fun, but also I felt safe and supported and his eye is so accurate and insightful – our ’stuff’ – our wounds and imbalances all show in how we move, so it follows that if we realign and reconnect to our natural self then we are in a position to start to release the stuff rather than keep it blocked in – or worse hurt ourselves even more!

58. Julia talks to Stu Prince and Mark Cage about CoastersGB, the relay around the coast of Great Britain
download (audio/mpeg, 50.28Mb)

Description: Julia talks to Stu Prince and Mark Cage about CoastersGB, the relay around the coast of Great Britain

59. Interview with Lyz Cooper, Sound Therapist'
download (audio/mpeg, 41.86Mb)

Description: Interview with Lyz Cooper, Sound Therapist

60. Interview with Andy White, 'Doctor Pod'
download (audio/mpeg, 20.25Mb)

Description: Interview with Andy White, 'Doctor Pod'

61. Interview with Rachel Disley, Surrey Cross Country Girls Team Manager
download (audio/mpeg, 30.57Mb)

Description: Interview with Rachel Disley, Surrey Cross Country Girls Team Manager

62. Interview with Darren Campbell, Olympic athlete and Youth Sports Ambassador
download (audio/mpeg, 31.79Mb)

Description: Interview with Darren Campbell, Olympic athlete and Youth Sports Ambassador

63. Interview with Lynne McNicoll, founder of the charity It's Good 2 Give!
download (audio/mpeg, 33.63Mb)

Description: Interview with Lynne McNicoll, founder of the charity It's Good 2 Give

64. Interview with Stewart Pearce, Sound Healer and Master of Voice
download (audio/mpeg, 30.20Mb)

Description: Interview with Stewart Pearce, Sound Healer and Master of Voice

65. Interview with Steve Uzzell, Runner
download (audio/mpeg, 37.17Mb)

Description: Interview with Steve Uzzell, Runner

66. Interview with Naomi Richards, The Kids Coach
download (audio/mpeg, 283.19Mb)

Description: Interview with Naomi Richards, The Kids Coach

67. Interview with Mark Cooper, after running his 49th out of 50 marathons - in 56 days!
download (audio/mpeg, 30.44Mb)

Description: Interview with Mark Cooper, after running his 49th out of 50 marathons - in 56 days!

68. Interview with 'Death Valley Jack'
download (audio/mpeg, 34.48Mb)

Description: Interview with 'Death Valley Jack'

69. Interview with Louise Wingate-Saul, Jeweller
download (audio/mpeg, 32.16Mb)

Description: Interview with Louise Wingate-Saul, Jeweller

70. Interview with Chris McDougall, Author of Born to Run
download (audio/mpeg, 29.08Mb)

Description: Interview with Chris McDougall, Author of Born to Run

71. Interview with the Barefoot Doctor, Supercharged Taoist
download (audio/mpeg, 36.68Mb)

Description: Interview with the Barefoot Doctor, Supercharged Taoist

72. Interview with Jill Purce, Pioneer of the Sound Healing movement
download (audio/mpeg, 39.73Mb)

Description: Interview with Jill Purce, Pioneer of the Sound Healing movement

73. Interview with John Francksen, Charity Runner
download (audio/mpeg, 31.17Mb)

Description: Interview with John Francksen, Charity Runner

74. Interview with Nick Miles, Health and Fitness Guru
download (audio/mpeg, 31.17Mb)

Description: Interview with Nick Miles, Health and Fitness Guru

75. Interview with Emily Dubberley, Sex and relationship (and gardening!) writer
download (audio/mpeg, 28.64Mb)

Description: Interview with Emily Dubberley, Sex and relationship (and gardening!) writer

76. Interview with Mike Ovens, Director of The Running Inn
download (audio/mpeg, 45.79Mb)

Description: Interview with Mike Ovens, Director of The Running Inn

77. Interview with Julia!
download (audio/mpeg, 16.94Mb)

Description: Julia talks about sport as a metaphor for life

78. Wayne and Cavan, Directors of YourSportsFuel
download (audio/mpeg, 30.53Mb)

Description: Interview with Wayne and Cavan, Directors of YourSportsFuel

79. Interview with Mark Cooper on his plans to run 50 marathons in 56 days
download (audio/mpeg, 22.74Mb)

Description: Interview with Mark Cooper on his plans to run 50 marathons in 56 days

80. Interview with Fiona Bugler, editor of Running Free
download (audio/mpeg, 44.68Mb)

Description: Interview with Fiona Bugler, editor of Running Free magazine

81. Interview with Wenche Beard, owner of the Yoga-Life Studio, part two
download (audio/mpeg, 14.95Mb)

Description: Interview with Wenche Beard, owner of the Yoga-Life Studio, part two

82. Interview with Wenche Beard, owner of the Yoga-Life Studio
download (audio/mpeg, 35.10Mb)

Description: Wenche Beard, owner of the Yoga-Life Studio

83. Chris Howarth talks about running across Kenya
download (audio/mpeg, 31.76Mb)

Description: Chris Howarth talks about running across Kenya

84. Pat Love, Author of 'Why Women Talk and Men Walk'
download (audio/mpeg, 12.89Mb)

Description: Interview with Pat Love, Author of 'Why Women Talk and Men Walk'

85. Gina Bowman, Bach Pracititioner
download (audio/mpeg, 39.10Mb)

Description: Interview with Gina Bowman, Bach Practitioner

86. Guy and Helyn, owners of Alpe d'Huez cycle chalet
download (audio/mpeg, 42.16Mb)

Description: Interview with Guy and Helyn, owners of Alpe d'Huez cycle chalet

87. Daphne DiLuce, Creator of Mind in Action workshops
download (audio/mpeg, 41.65Mb)

Description: Interview with Daphne DiLuce, Creator of Mind in Action workshops

88. Nicci Talbot, Sex and Relationship Writer
download (audio/mpeg, 30.68Mb)

Description: Interview with Nicci Talbot, Sex and Relationship Writer

89. Estelle Williams, Interfaith Minister
download (audio/mpeg, 32.43Mb)

Description: Interview with Estelle Williams, Interfaith Minister

90. David, Woodworker
download (audio/mpeg, 19.47Mb)

Description: Interview with David, Woodworker

91. Jane Churchill, Artist and Set Designer
download (audio/mpeg, 30.95Mb)

Description: Interview with Jane Churchill, Artist and Set Designer

92. Malcolm Hargraves from Running Crazy
download (audio/mpeg, 11.02Mb)

Description: Interview with Malcolm Hargreaves from Running Crazy

93. Nalagy, Author of Men Love Women... Women Love Themselves!
download (audio/mpeg, 46.51Mb)

Description: Interview with Nalagy, Author of Men Love Women... Women Love Themselves!

94. Dave Hemming, Downhill Mountain Bike Champion
download (audio/mpeg, 28.51Mb)

Description: Interview with Dave Hemming, Downhill Mountain Bike Champion

95. Veronica Houghton, Finance Director and Shamanic Practitioner
download (audio/mpeg, 34.48Mb)

Description: Interview with Veronica Houghton, Finance Director and Shamanic Practitioner

96. Robin Houghton, Online Marketer
download (audio/mpeg, 31.73Mb)

Description: Interview with Robin Houghton, Online Marketer

97. Brigitte Sumner, Coaching Entrepreneur
download (audio/mpeg, 29.34Mb)

Description: Interview with Brigitte Sumner, Coaching Entrepreneur

98. Karl Greenwood, Stunt Rider and Hypnotherapist
download (audio/mpeg, 34.27Mb)

Description: Interview with Karl Greenwood, Stunt Rider and Hypnotherapist

99. Andrew Nicholson and Diane MacDowall on Holistic Personal Development
download (audio/mpeg, 31.46Mb)

Description: Interview with Andrew Nicholson and Diane MacDowall on Holistic Personal Development

100. Stuart Mills, Ultrarunner
download (audio/mpeg, 42.23Mb)

Description: Interview with Stuart Mills, Ultrarunner

101. Caroline Haynes, Massage Therapist
download (audio/mpeg, 15.50Mb)

Description: Interview with Caroline Haynes, Massage Therapist

102. Simon Broad, Wine Merchant
download (audio/mpeg, 21.67Mb)

Description: Interview with Simon Broad, Wine Merchant

103. Luke Carter, Sports Physiotherapist
download (audio/mpeg, 29.12Mb)

Description: Interview with Luke Carter, Sports Physiotherapist

104. Elizabeth Bice, Opera Singer and Singing Teacher
download (audio/mpeg, 25.04Mb)

Description: Interview with Elizabeth Bice, Opera Singer and Singing Teacher

105. Mike Hare, The Incredible Shrinking Man!
download (audio/mpeg, 37.46Mb)

Description: Interview with Mike Hare, The Incredible Shrinking Man!

106. Paul Eccles, Actor, Runner and Accountant!
download (audio/mpeg, 32.33Mb)

Description: Interview with Paul Eccles, Actor, Runner and Accountant!

107. Dr Nick Webborn, Sports and Exercise Doctor
download (audio/mpeg, 29.21Mb)

Description: Interview with Dr Nick Webborn, Sports and Exercise Doctor

108. Todd Leckie, International Triathlete
download (audio/mpeg, 38.18Mb)

Description: Interview with Todd Leckie, International Triathlete

109. Nicky Thomas, Photographer
download (audio/mpeg, 16.29Mb)

Description: Interview with Nicky Thomas, Photographer

110. Paul Hide, Hypnotherapist
download (audio/mpeg, 28.67Mb)

Description: Interview with Paul Hide, Hypnotherapist

111. Interview with Mark Freeth on his freestyle yoga technique
download (audio/mpeg, 23.66Mb)

Description: Mark Freeth gives an update on his freestyle yoga technique

112. Richard Bellars, Transformational Leadership Coach
download (audio/mpeg, 35.46Mb)

Description: Interview with Richard Bellars, Transformational Leadership Coach

113. Monique Duchene from TSC Esthetique, Skin experts
download (audio/mpeg, 27.36Mb)

Description: Interview with Monique, a medical aesthetics practitioner

114. Martin Bulger talks about getting ready for his 150th marathon
download (audio/mpeg, 15.63Mb)

Description: Martin Bulger talks about getting ready for his 150th marathon

115. Jacky Chapman from Brightest Blessings
download (audio/mpeg, 17.71Mb)

Description: Interview with Jacky Chapman from Brightest Blessings

116. Hannah Ahmed tells us about overcoming anorexia
download (audio/mpeg, 34.79Mb)

Description: Hannah Ahmed tells us about overcoming anorexia

117. Katherine Richards from Incolour interior design
download (audio/mpeg, 31.69Mb)

Description: Katherine Richards from Incolour interior design

118. Suzy Miller with a Starting Over Show update
download (audio/mpeg, 43.82Mb)

Description: Suzy Miller with a Starting Over Show update

119. Louise Camby on transferable skills
download (audio/mpeg, 32.83Mb)

Description: Interview with Louise Camby on transferable skills

120. Chris Balaam on Body Stress Release
download (audio/mpeg, 29.08Mb)

Description: Interview with Chris Balaam on Body Stress Release

121. Lucy-Ann Prideaux, from Simply Nutrition
download (audio/mpeg, 53.30Mb)

Description: Interview with Lucy-Ann Prideaux, from Simply Nutrition

122. Kelly Stevens, Managing Director of The Women's Business Clubs
download (audio/mpeg, 21.16Mb)

Description: Interview with Kelly Stevens, Managing Director of The Women's Business Clubs

123. Kathy Gore, Hospice charity chairman
download (audio/mpeg, 24.84Mb)

Description: Interview with Kathy Gore, Hospice charity chairman

124. Michelle Jones, Reflexologist
download (audio/mpeg, 24.53Mb)

Description: Interview with Michelle Jones, Reflexologist

125. Kate Arnold, Nutritionist
download (audio/mpeg, 27.51Mb)

Description: Interview with Kate Arnold, Nutritionist

126. Christopher Rhys Howarth, Hear Our Voice Kenya
download (audio/mpeg, 24.16Mb)

Description: Interview with Christopher Rhys Howarth, Hear Our Voice Kenya

127. Amy Law-Smith, Shiatsu Practitioner
download (audio/mpeg, 12.75Mb)

Description: Interview with Amy Law-Smith, Shiatsu Practitioner

128. David McCready, Author of The Great Simulator
download (audio/mpeg, 35.93Mb)

Description: Interview with David McCready, Author of The Great Simulator

129. Fiona Monson, Insolvency Practitioner
download (audio/mpeg, 20.11Mb)

Description: Interview with Fiona Monson, Insolvency Practitioner

130. Helen Carter, Cyclist and Coach
download (audio/mpeg, 24.96Mb)

Description: Interview with Helen Carter, Cyclist and Coach

131. Rob Harley, Sports Physiologist
download (audio/mpeg, 15.81Mb)

Description: Interview with Rob Harley, Sports Physiologist

132. Vena Ramphal, Passion Coach
download (audio/mpeg, 26.04Mb)

Description: Interview with Vena Ramphal, Passion Coach

133. Brindel Thomson, Healer
download (audio/mpeg, 23.13Mb)

Description: Interview with Brindel Thomson, Healer

134. Mike and Fiona from The Running Inn, Eastbourne
download (audio/mpeg, 24.68Mb)

Description: Interview with Mike and Fiona from The Running Inn, Eastbourne

135. Harville Hendrix
download (audio/mpeg, 15.30Mb)

Description: Interview with Harville Hendrix, Creator of Imago Relationship Therapy