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Podcast title flickrcast
Website URL http://flickrcast.blogspot.com...
Description the podcast for the flickr community
Updated Sun, 29 Dec 2019 00:47:06 PST
Category Arts & Entertainment

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1. flickrcast - Episode 17
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 29.66Mb)

Description: Wow... It's a blast from the past! flickrcast - Episode 17 is now available for your listening pleasure!

In this episode:

* Flickr’s new design… Good or Bad? Let us know flickrcast@gmail.com
* Arrh Matey! It’s the Pirate Demonstration photoset
* The Future of Digital Cameras. Pixels, photos, and Moore
* The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species Photo Gallery
* Check out these useful tips on how to Photograph Sunrises and Sunsets
* Taking Photos with a Lens made of Ice?
* Chillout with this weeks music "By Candlelight" by: Permanent4
* Last but definitly not least... The Sony A-100 Digital SLR

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2. flickrcast - Episode 15
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 18.96Mb)

Description: Canon's EOS 30D... Yah or Nah? Find out in this episode.

In this episode:

* The 100,000,000th picture on Flickr
* Canon's EOS 30D confirmed; with specs!
* A little info on the Pentax 18 megapixel and 10 megapixel cameras here
* Do you use MediaPro? Check out Shayne's tutorial for exporting images from a MediaPro catalog to Flickr here
* Check out our Flickr group of the week: moon
* You can now print your Flick images in mini book form with QOOP
* This weeks music comes from Chance & The Choir... Check them out on Garageband

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3. flickrcast - Episode 16
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (, 0.00Mb)

Description: Ha! Tornadoes can't stop me... Flickrcast returns!

In this episode:

* A social network visualization - flickr graph
* Have you seen Staple's tv commericials? Well, someone has hacked the "Easy Button"
* My mini-review on Comic Life and the comic I created using it
* ...want to try a watered down alternative? Check out Bubblr
* How To Use Flickr: The Digital Photography Revolution has been released! Buy it here
* This weeks podsafe music is Adrienne Pierce - Falling Asleep

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4. flickrcast - Episode 4
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 41.33Mb)

Description: here's Episode 4 instead of st. peter's, yeah yeah, yeah yeah...

this episode flowed a lot easier in the recording. it was more conversational, so hopefully that will come through.
links for this episode:

* theme music this week: Chance and the Choir with "Radio Free."
* flickr's announcement for commenting on sets is in the 9th November entry here.
* join us in the flickrcast group...
* ...and let us know where you're located on the frappr flickrcast map.
* monaxle asked us about our thoughts on photographic blocks and inspiration here.
* the "flickr used to be crack..." thread.
* one thread about changing the flickr page style...
* ...and another one. if you search, you'll turn up tons of these.
* the only image tagged with "duderino." if, you know, you're not into the whole brevity thing.
* several images tagged with "truckstop:" the pink elephant, the desert center truck stop, and the "fish fund" cat.
download Episode 4 here, or subscribe to our feed.

find new horses.

5. flickrcast - Episode 5
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 30.69Mb)

Description: tell 'em Episode 5 sent ya!

there's foolishness on the loose in this one, along with skylarking, scallawagging, and even an instance of gerrymandering.
links for this episode:

* theme music was Greendome Sheck with "Kowalski," from the Podsafe Music Network.
* email Miss Anita Ego from Zimbabwe and tell her you're interested in her exciting business opportunity!
* here's a flickr thread about the "blog this" changes.
* do you live on earth? do you take pictures of things on earth? well then maybe you can contribute to the virtual world interactive group!
* the flickr blog.
* long exposures, intense colors, and light-painting at the nighthawks blog.
* more fun with color can be had at the color fields colr pickr.
* remember chia pet?! it's back - in flickr form!
* ooh! ooh! chimping video, the wikipedia article, and the thread we found them in.
download Episode 5 here, or subscribe to our feed.

6. flickrcast group
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (, 0.00Mb)

Description: sometime in the past two days, bryan, i, and MemoryMotel all had the idea that there ought to be a flickrcast group. MemoryMotel set it up, but has since turned over the admining duties to us. the group's just awaiting some new members now, so if you've got anything you want to discuss or anything you want to add to the pool (please read the group description for the type of pics to add), join us at the flickrcast group.


7. flickrcast - Episode 2
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 32.54Mb)

Description: we slaved over a hot mixing board to bring you... Episode 2!

if we've been extremely lucky, the audio quality should be much better for this episode. we recorded our separate sides of the google talk conversation then mixed them together. hopefully jason got the syncing right... (i did, but i forgot to do some of the stereo separation and didn't notice until i'd already spent a half hour on editing and didn't feel like redoing all that. so bryan's voice is in the center this time rather than slightly over to the right. i'm still learning, kids! i also left in some parts that should have been edited but stayed because they amused me. they're not quite worksafe so listen from the safety of your headphones.)
links for this episode:

* theme music this time around was the rather obvious choice - birdw0rks' The Flickr Song.
* as reported previously, the big news of the week was flickr's introduction of printing services.
* here's where you can get books, dvds, and stamps printed.
* please support awfulsara's Awful Print Drive.
* here you can preview some of the photos she has for sale.
* listener feedback was from user zabethanne.
* the much-maligned deleteme group.
* ...and the corresponding group for everything that was voted "saveme."
* a more lighthearted group - bryan's pick this week is Don't Take My Picture!
download Episode 2 here, or subscribe to our feed.

8. flickrcast - Episode 1
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 43.66Mb)

Description: hey, it's [finally] the first episode!

we recorded via google talk so periodically you'll hear the bandwidth issues hit us as bryan's voice crackles and fades a bit. so it goes. we also ran a little longer than planned; we're wanting to be in the 20-30 minute range. sorry.
links for this episode:

* the theme music, "I Crush Everything" by Jonathan Coulton, can be found at jonathancoulton.com.
* want to see what Interestingness is all about?
* have fun exploring with Mappr.
* Bryan's stream of "this" week is ciro@tokyo's set "25."
* Jason's stream of this week is junku's "airborne cats" set.
* we're both impressed by Petteri Sulonen's work with the new Canon EOS 5D.
* we play birdw0rks' The Flickr Song because it is kickass, even if including a second music bit seems a little gratuitous.
download Episode 1 here, or subscribe to our feed.

9. flickrcast - Episode 6
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 30.26Mb)

Description: nothing on top but Episode 6 and a mop and an illustrated book about birds...

i [jason] was more hoarse than mr. ed in this episode, so if you hear a lot of drinking noises, that'd be the reason.
links for this episode:

* theme music was Greendome Sheck again, this time with a song called "Alone."
* the flickrcentral thread about what to shoot when it's dreary.
* sam abell's book Seeing Gardens.

10. flickrcast - Episode 3
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 34.55Mb)

Description: Episode 3[rd time's a charm...]

we've got our audio situation handled for the most part, but jason's mic was a little loud this episode. there's always next time.
links for this episode:

* this week's theme music was Sunset Room with "Smoke."
* flickr's faq page about photo replacement.
* the photo jason tried to replace. on original it's still the same way it was to begin with.
* Richard Giles' flickrbook group and amazon listing.
* deleteme uncensored, an alternative to the deleteme group.
* dpreview's preview of the new Nikon d200 DSLR.
* geotagged images on flickr.
* sharp's bad idea.
* images tagged with "listeningto."
* as near as i can tell, this is where fubuki first proposed the listeningto tag.
* jason would like to see more of The Grit of Life.
* what's this fractal food we're talking about?
download Episode 3 here, or subscribe to our feed.

11. flickrcast - Episode 9
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 33.02Mb)

Description: if you liked Citizen Kane, you'll LOVE... Episode 9!

prepare yourself for World-Famous Show Notes(TM).
links for this episode:

* this week's music is Cagey House with "The Shnay Speaks."
* hello to anyone who heard about us on Foolish Humans.
* flickr's new notification field.
* PriceRite Wars Episode 3 - Revenge of the Chaim.
* set of photos from a lost-then-found camera - hopefully not redacted for long.
* a little bit about fd's Flickr Toys:
-- fd's Magazine Creator and the cover bryan made.
-- the crack-a-licious Random Photo Browser. *** WARNING! GIANT TIME EATER! ***
* who will be our antarctic listener?!
-- pics bryan found from the antarctica tag: penguins, ice cave, tents, and aurora australis.

lastly, we'll sign off for the year with some of the random pics we found with the aforementioned random photo browser:
- brickworks
- big spider
- jabba frog
- handful of snow
- scat (not what you might be thinking, but still kind of inexplicable)
- you see a lot of this in the random favs.
download Episode 9 here, or subscribe to our feed.

12. flickrcast - Episode 13
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 48.14Mb)

Description: in case i don't see ya: good afternoon, good evening, and Episode 13.

as an experiment, i'm putting this one out without editing for content. i think it went smoothly enough in the recording that there's nothing that really screams to be cut out, but i'm not going to listen before releasing it. it may sound a little sloppy; somehow, life will go on.
links for this episode:

* musics: The Negatones - The Godfather
* flickrcast group post following up on the end of minolta.
* quick newsbite about fuji cutting jobs.
* extreme generosity: Are You a Pro?
* ... and the are you a pro? group.
* Indexx for X - a collaborative poem with accompanying flickr images.
* ...and the indexx group.
* am i going to go there? of course: fastr, pussycat, tag! tag! (the preceding joke was lame.)
* and finally...
download Episode 13 here, or subscribe to our feed.

13. flickrcast - Episode 14
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 11.06Mb)

Description: This is my first solo podcast... EVER. Prepare for a bit of turbulence folks.
links for this episode:

* Happy birthday Flickr!Flickr turns 2
* Check out Darryl Wattenberg's Michigan Cycling Podcast
* HD TVs, Speakers, Subs, DVDs, and Popcorn machines - visit the HD Beat group
* Like the Flickr logo? Try: flickr logo makr
download Episode 14 here, or subscribe to our feed.

14. flickrcast - Episode 12
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 28.55Mb)

Description: hey kids! [finally!] Episode 12!

even with the new schedule we're a day late because once again - say it with me, you all know the words - i'm sick.
links for this episode:

* music was the soothing tones of Angry Red Planet with "Mixing All the Blues."
* original boingboing item about Shine's flickr photobooth, and a direct link to the shenanigans.
* flickrtorss.com for RSS feeds of your sets.
* dpreview article about minolta leaving the camera business and spinning off most of their assets to sony.
* shownotes for DSC #320, in which adam curry talks about his cc-licensed pics being stolen by a dutch tabloid.
* user kathryn has pics stolen by ticketmaster.
download Episode 12 here, or subscribe to our feed.

15. flickrcast - Episode 11
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 29.06Mb)

Description: "Why don't you just make ten louder and make ten be the top number and make that a little louder?"
"... This is Episode 11."

it was a three day weekend for us so we took an extra day. yeah, yeah i know: Captain Lazyass and Admiral Slacksalot of the USS Do-Nothing.
links for this episode:

* weekly music was The Negatones - Flattened by the Sun, from the podsafe music network.
* cyron's example of how to search for a specific camera, and jason's rewording of it.
* flickr news post about the new navigation widget.
* here's a random example of the now-hidden stream view.
* retrievr (not affiliated with microsoft paint).
* pics bryan found with retrievr:
- boston terrier.
- get me some pics of that arachnid menace, parker!
* hello clarice... the eStarling WiFi photo frame.
* the unfortunately quiet compositions group.
download Episode 11 here, or subscribe to our feed.

16. flickrcast - Episode 8
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 31.55Mb)

Description: but little did they know the Episode 8 that awaited them...

there's odd scratchy noises. yes, we know.
links for this episode:

* this episode's music selection is "A Touch of Spring" by Purple Motion. old sk00l for the old f00s.
* followup: the new york post tries to contact PriceRitePhoto. ed lopez: you're on notice.
* neil gorman told us about the comiclife group.
* plasq, makers of comiclife.
* discussion about non-photos being NIPSA'd.
* you want video with your flickr? get thee to YouTube.
* ...where you can find such "quality" videos such as: converse hands man, weird guy singing, and pabst blue ninja - episode 1
* you can see the aftermath of the brief flickle crisis.
* camera news: prototype sensor promises reduced power consumption, increased dynamic range.
download Episode 8 here, or subscribe to our feed.

17. flickrcast - Episode 10
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 32.60Mb)

Description: touch me i'm sick, it's Episode 10!

i think we might have been a little rusty, but what're you gonna do?
links for this episode:

* music this week is Winston - Bottom of the World
* flickrfling, an interesting idea which is still buggy.
* the picture i was laughing at. it looks funnier as a random thumbnail.
* flickeur. you might want to mute your audio.
* are your pics "interesting?" find out with fd's scout.
* phillip greenspun's sensible guide to building a DSLR system.
* the film-centric version of greenspun's guide.
* rumors of a leica digital m.
download Episode 10 here, or subscribe to our feed.

18. flickrcast - Episode 7
http://flickrcast.blogspot.com... download (audio/mpeg, 37.00Mb)

Description: Episode 7: the choice of a new generation.

we both freely admit to being tired and distracted this episode. lots of pausing and straying off-topic. but hey, that's the beauty of podcasting, ladies and gents: it's real and it's RAW.
links for this episode:

* this week's music is i:Scintilla with "Scin." here's their website also.
* thread with info on boolean tag search syntax.
* thomas hawk's epic ordeal with scammers.
* thomas produces the flickrnation podcast.
* the "apology" from "ed lopez."
* see what these places actually look like.
* travel to mordor with the fellowship of the camera.
* nobody move! i dropped a contact...
* apple does something that might possibly be tangentially related to a camera-like device.
* we said hi to Neil Gorman from Comicology / Foolish Humans and Chuck the Amazing Baka.
download Episode 7 here, or subscribe to our feed.