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Podcast title BMO Bank of Montreal and PROFIT Magazine Business Coach Podcast
Website URL http://www4.bmo.com/vgn/images...
Description An advice-oriented series for Canada's entrepreneurs
Category Business

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1. Episode 75 – Peer Advisory Groups
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Description: If you want to learn how to run and grow a business, there is no better teacher than other successful business operators. Entrepreneurial peer advisory or peer mentoring groups were founded on that principle. However, just a tiny fraction of business owners belong to peer advisory organizations. Why is that? And what are they missing out on? To help answer these questions, Ian chats with Mike Desjardins, longtime member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and owner of Virtus, a business coaching and consulting firm that conducts peer advisory sessions for entrepreneurs and executives.

2. Episode 74 – Angel Financing
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Description: Angel investors form a crucial yet underappreciated part of the entrepreneurial financing market in Canada. They are also becoming more effective and easier to find. In this episode of the Business Coach Podcast, Ian talks to Bob Chaworth-Musters, who is the founder of the Angel forum, a semi-annual event where entrepreneurs pick their opportunities to prescreen Angel investors.

3. Episode 73 – Competitive Advantage
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Description: What is your company’s competitive advantage? Every business owner should know the answer to that question and the vast majority of business owners would say that they do. But nothing could be further from the truth. In this episode of the Business Coach Podcast, Ian talks to Jaynie Smith, the founder and principal of Smart Advantage Incorporated. She is also the author of Creating Competitive Advantage: Give customers a reason to choose you over your competitors.

4. Episode 72 – Customer Research
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Description: Listen to your customers is one of the golden rules of effective business management, but how many companies pay more than lip service to it? Even if you are listening to your customers, you could probably be doing it better, not to mention the tricky task of turning feedback into action. In this episode of the Business Coach Podcast, Ian talks to Tyler Gompf. Tyler is the cofounder and CEO of Winnipeg based Tell us About Us Incorporated, which helps companies get feedback from their customers.

5. Episode 71 – Dragon’s Den
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Description: Now in its sixth season, Dragon’ Den mixes business with game show, with reality television in a show that has generated huge TV ratings for CBC Television, millions of dollars in equity financing for its contestants and more than a few lessons in the area of raising capital. In this episode of the Business Coach, Ian talks to Sean Wise, a professor of entrepreneurship at Ryerson University and the founder of Wise Metric Capital, a Toronto based Financial Consultancy. He is also a special advisor to Dragon’s Den and has been working behind the scenes of the show since it launched in 2006.

6. Episode 70 – HST
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Description: July 1 will be a very important day for Canadian businesses in 2010: it is the first day of the Harmonized Sales Tax in British Columbia and Ontario. Although the new taxation scheme will have a great impact on business owners in those two provinces, it also has repercussions for companies in other provinces, and the time to plan for them is running out. In this episode of the Business Coach, Ian talks to Heather Weber, a certified general accountant and the leader of the Indirect Tax Group at Meyers Norris Penny LLP, an accounting and business advisory firm.

7. Episode 69 – Economic Update
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Description: The federal budget was recently announced and, as expected, it was a stay-the-course document bearing few surprises. But it did offer a few new goodies for business and, like any federal budget, it will affect economic fortunes to some degree in the coming years. In this episode, Ian discusses these issues and more with Doug Porter, Deputy Chief Economist at BMO Capital Markets.

8. Episode 68 – Marketing for Small Business
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Description: If you are the owner of a small business, you can’t afford to waste your money on ineffective advertising. So how can small businesses maximize their marketing ROI? In this episode, Ian discusses these issues and more with Terry O’Reilly. Terry is the co-founder of Toronto-based Pirate Radio and Television, an award-winning advertising and creative agency.

9. Episode 67 – Professional Practices - the TASK
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Description: How should small business owners market their professional services? How can you protect your practice from creditors? In this episode, Ian discusses these issues and more with Peter Merrick, president of Toronto-based MerrickWealth.com, and one of Canada’s leading specialists in financial planning for business owners.

10. Episode 66 – Art of Management: Mitch Joel
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Description: Why is understanding social media so important to business owners? How can businesses leverage online tools like Twitter and Facebook to help network for new opportunities and drive results? On location at the Art of Management event in Toronto, Ian discusses social media with Mitch Joel, Canada’s most influential thinker on social media. Mitch is the President of Twist Image, an award winning digital marketing agency based in Montreal, and author of Six Pixels of Separation.

11. Episode 65 – Fraud
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Description: You don’t have to be a gullible investor to be the target of fraud in today’s increasingly complex and hectic business world. Entrepreneurial businesses are prime candidates for being duped out of major dollars. How big is the threat and what can you do to stop it? In this episode, Ian discusses these issues and more with Cathy Penny, Director, Fraud and Electronic Monitoring for BMO Bank of Montreal.

12. Episode 64 – Art of Management: David Allen
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Description: How efficient is the average executive or business owner is today? On location at the Art of Management event in Toronto, Ian discusses the issue of efficiency with David Allen, the founder and President of the David Allen Company and the author of the international best seller “Getting things done, the art of stress free productivity and ready for anything - 52 productivity principles for work and life.”

13. Episode 63 – Lease Coach
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Description: During tough economic times, all smart business owners try to reduce spending. However, not many address fixed costs and overhead, the biggest of which is often rent. In this episode of the Business Coach, Ian discusses these issues and more with Dale Willerton, Founder and CEO of the Lease Coach, which is an Edmonton-based provider of commercial lease consulting services with seven corporate and franchise locations in Canada and the U.S.

14. Episode 62 – Art of Management: Marcus Buckingham
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Description: How does managing your strengths and weaknesses affect your overall proficiency? On location at the Art of Management event in Toronto, Ian discusses the importance of managing strengths and weaknesses with Marcus Buckingham, global guru and author of First, Break all the Rules, and Find your Strongest Life.

15. Episode 61 – Holiday Retail Forecast
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Description: Will I have myself a merry little Christmas? That’s the question Canadian retailers are asking themselves as the 2009 Holiday shopping season approaches and they have reasons to be concerned. In this episode, Ian discusses this issue with Andy Buyting. Andy is the President of Green Village Home and is a past winner of the Business Development Bank of Canada’s Annual Young Entrepreneur Award. He is also the entrepreneur in residence and primary contributor to myretailer.ca.

16. Episode 60 – Art of Management: The Importance of Leadership
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Description: How has business leadership potentially changed, post-recession? How can good leaders manage unhappy, unmotivated people in the workforce? On location at the Art of Management event in Toronto, Ian discusses these issues and the importance of leadership with acclaimed blogger, author and management guru Tom Peters.

17. Episode 59 – Lessons From Failure
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Description: Thanks to the recession, failure is on the minds of many business people these days. In this episode Ian discusses this issue with Dr. Dean Shepherd, the Randall L. Tobias Chair and Entrepreneurial Leadership and professor of Entrepreneurship at the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.

18. Episode 58 – Innovation
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Description: Most businesses and especially small businesses do not dedicate sufficient thought and effort to staying on the leading edge of the innovation curve. In this episode Ian discusses innovation challenges and opportunities with Jim Carroll. Jim is an international futurist, trends and innovation specialist who Business Week has named one of four leading sources of insight into innovation and creativity.

19. Episode 57 – Business Writing
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Description: Writing has always been a key mode of business communication but email has made the written world more prominent and important than it’s been since at least the dawn of the telephone. At the same time, we are producing and receiving more written communication, writing skills are in decline. The results are reduced productivity and lost opportunities for business. In this episode Ian discusses business writing with Sandra Folk, program coordinator and professor of Education at the University of Toronto and the Principal of Sandra Folk Educational Consultant.

20. Episode 56 – Sustainability
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 8.23Mb)

Description: What is sustainability, and what does it mean to your business? In this episode of the Business Coach podcast, Ian is joined by Canadian author and sustainability specialist Robert Spence. The two discuss corporate commitment, how to keep our planet habitable, growing populations and environmental stress.

21. Episode 55 – Pandemic Planning
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Description: The H1N1 virus captured the attention of the world this spring by spreading rapidly around the globe, infecting tens of thousands and killing hundreds of people through July. This has many entrepreneurs and small businesses wondering what impact H1N1 will have on Canadians when the traditional flu season returns this fall. In this episode, Ian talks to Gilles Rhéaume, Vice-President of Public Policy for the Conference Board about pandemic planning. You can also visit BMO’s Guide to Business Continuity Planning online at http://www4.bmo.com/bmo/popup_template/0,2284,35490_15171277,00.html?pChannelId=46646.

22. Episode 54 – PRIVACY
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Description: Privacy rights are increasingly a matter of public debate and companies are legally required to protect the privacy of those they do business with. Despite these facts, most business owners would place privacy protection far down their list of concerns and, in doing so, they could be putting themselves at significant risk of legal censure and reputational damage. In this episode, Ian talks to Nicholas Chung, Principal of Assurance Services Development for the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and co-author of “The Canadian Privacy and Data Security Tool Kit for Small and Medium Enterprises” about privacy for small business.

23. Episode 53 – PROFIT 100 Part 2
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 8.23Mb)

Description: Over the past five years, Canada’s fastest growing companies recorded revenue growth rates ranging from 323% to more than 8,000%. Learn more about how they achieved such phenomenal growth in the second of two episodes dedicated to conversations with the leaders of three of Canada’s fastest growing companies. Join Ian as he speaks with the President and Co-founder of Inbox Marketer Randy Litchfield, the President of Arte Roofing and Construction Boaz Shilmover and the President and CEO of Dyadem International Kevin North.

24. Episode 52 – PROFIT 100 Part 1
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.21Mb)

Description: PROFIT recently released a 24th Annual PROFIT 100 ranking of Canada’s fastest growing companies and despite the recession, these entrepreneurial overachievers are doing just fine. What makes these companies stick so well and what can you learn from them? In part one of a two-part episode, Ian discusses these questions with President and Co-founder of Inbox Marketer Randy Litchfield, President of Arte Roofing and Construction Boaz Shilmover and President and CEO of Dyadem International Kevin North.

25. Episode 48 – Economic Update with Sherry Cooper
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 9.14Mb)

Description: If one thing has become certain through all the economic uncertainty of the past six months, it is this: Canada is in recession. That’s not news or of much comfort to Canadian business owners who now want to know when we will get out of this recession, what the business landscape will look like once the economy rebounds and governments have deployed their massive stimulus programs. In this episode, Ian talks to Sherry Cooper, executive vice-president of BMO Financial Group and chief economist of BMO Capital Markets, to help us cut through the recession fog.

26. Episode 49 – How I made it through recessions
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 5.67Mb)

Description: As an entrepreneur, how do you equip yourself to cope with recession? In this episode, Ian talks to Frank Wilson, president and co-founder of TES, The Employment Solution, about some of his best lessons from hard times. Frank has managed through several downturns and his Toronto based staffing agency has come out stronger after everyone.

27. Episode 50 – Building Media Relationships
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 5.15Mb)

Description: For celebrity starlets like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, any publicity is good publicity. But for your business, the only good publicity is, well, good publicity. In this episode, Ian talks to Susan Summers, president of Susan Summers and Associates, a Marketing and Media Relations consultancy based in Toronto, about how businesses can build relationships that can lead to positive media coverage. Susan is also the author of a new book entitled building media relationships.

28. Episode 47 – Finding Cash in Hard Times
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.56Mb)

Description: Most businesses are feeling the pinch of recession these days and that means they can’t always find the cash to support their business plans or simply to meet their various payment obligations. Who can help them and what can they do to help themselves? In this episode, Ian addresses these questions with Larry Ginsberg, president of GinsOrg International, a management consultancy based in Toronto. In addition to running his full time consulting practice, Larry lectures at the Schulich School of Business in Toronto in strategic management, family businesses and entrepreneurship.

29. Episode 46 – Strategic Investments
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.02Mb)

Description: You have to spend money to make money is an adage most entrepreneurs would agree with until the economy tanks. When recession hits, managers across the business spectrum begin to question the value of any investments that don’t benefit the bottom line in the short term. But by doing so, they could be sacrificing the long term competitiveness of their companies and maybe even diminishing their long term fortunes. In this episode, Ian talks to Mark Wardell, founder and President of Wardell Professional Development, about the best strategic investments businesses can make in a recession.

30. Episode 45 – Business Diversity
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 5.80Mb)

Description: Companies these days are looking for every advantage they can get, but one they might be overlooking is workplace diversity. There is a growing course of business people and academics who say that a diverse employee base can give added strength to a company. But how do you manufacture diversity in your company if you don’t already have it? And how do you leverage diversity once you do have it? In this episode, Ian discusses these questions and more with Lisa Mattam, founder and Managing Principal of The Mattam Group, a Toronto-based management consulting firm that counts workplace diversity among its specialties.

31. Episode 44 – Selling in Recession
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 4.47Mb)

Description: How do you sell more in a recession? Even though a recession is symptomatic of a diminished desire among consumers and businesses to spend money, you can’t convince them to buy whatever it is you are offering: You just have to work harder and smarter at it. In this episode, Ian talks to Dominic Rubino, Vancouver-based sales and management trainer and CEO of FocalPoint Business Coaching, about smart selling strategies for recessionary times.

32. Episode 43 – Federal Budget 2009
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.27Mb)

Description: Canada’s Conservatives recently tabled the federal budget for the 2009 / 2010 fiscal year, and its defining feature would appear to be deficit. In the hopes of at least keeping the Canadian economy above water through the global downturn, the government brought forth a stimulus plan that will run $34 billion into the red in its first year alone. In this episode, Ian talks to Catherine Swift, President and CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, about what the federal budget means for small business.

33. Episode 42 – Protection from creditors
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 7.93Mb)

Description: A weak economy spells trouble for any business that doesn’t manage its finances closely. For the cash-starved entrepreneur this sometimes means bankruptcy; however, this doesn’t have to be the case. In this episode, Ian discusses the protections available to companies with Michael MacNaughton, a Toronto-based partner in the Insolvency and Restructuring group of Borden Ladner Gervais.

34. Episode 41 – Promoting people into management
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.35Mb)

Description: If you have worked in a large corporation, there is little doubt you have watched amazing employees promoted into management where they end up failing miserably. It’s an error smaller businesses can’t ill-afford to make. So how can you avoid it? In this episode, Ian puts that question to Dan McDonald, a co-founder of Business Improvement Solutions and the co-author of three books simply entitled Management, Leadership and Success.

35. Episode 40 – Managing the Transition Curve Roller Coaster
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 8.30Mb)

Description: In this episode, Ian interviews Cameron Herald, founder of BackPocket COO, a coaching and mentoring practice founded in 2007 to help entrepreneurs grow their companies. Cameron talks to Ian about the manic-depressive cycle that all entrepreneurs go through as their companies expand and identifies tactics for managing your business and yourself at key points in this cycle.

36. Episode 39 – Strategic Planning
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 5.95Mb)

Description: For many entrepreneurs, November and December are the months they roll up their sleeves and draft their strategic plans for the following year. But that’s a tougher task than usual going into 2009 given the current volatility of equity, commodity and currency markets and the rapidly deteriorating economic outlook. In this episode, Ian discusses ways to overcome all of this uncertainty in the planning process with Michael Epstein, managing partner of Fuller Landau LLP, a mid-market accounting and advisory firm based in Toronto.

37. Episode 38 – Tax Planning
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 5.71Mb)

Description: With the 2008 tax year drawing to a close, it’s a good time to review some of the ways your business can pay less tax. In this episode of the Business Coach, Ian discusses last minute tax strategies with Stephen Pasquale, senior tax partner with Fuller Landeau LLP, a mid-market accounting and advisory firm based in Toronto.

38. Episode 37 – Crisis Communication
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 9.98Mb)

Description: In this episode, Ian talks to Boyd Neil, senior vice president and national director of corporate communications at Hill & Knowlton Canada, about how effective communication with stakeholders in the event of a crisis can help to minimize damage to a company’s operations and reputation.

39. Episode 36 – PROFIT HOT 50: Part Two
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.64Mb)

Description: How do you start a business successfully and then turn it into a successful business? In this episode of the Business Coach, Ian talks to two winners from this year’s PROFIT HOT 50, a ranking of Canada’s emerging growth companies that identifies the fastest growing young businesses in the country. In part two of this two-part podcast, Ian continues his interview with Neil Spivack, the founder and CEO of Toronto-based Direct Sales Force, and Alex Haditaghy, founder and CEO of MortgageBrokers.com, discussing why and how they launched their own companies.

40. Episode 35 – PROFIT HOT 50: Part One
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 7.88Mb)

Description: How do you start a business successfully and then turn it into a successful business? In this episode of the Business Coach, Ian talks to two winners from this year’s PROFIT HOT 50, a ranking of Canada’s emerging growth companies that identifies the fastest growing young businesses in the country. In part one of this two-part podcast, Ian chats with Neil Spivack, the founder and CEO of Toronto-based Direct Sales Force, and Alex Haditaghy, founder and CEO of MortgageBrokers.com.

41. Episode 34 – Economic Update
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 7.69Mb)

Description: In this episode, Ian talks to Sal Guatieri, Senior Economist with BMO Bank of Montreal, about the state of Canada’s economy and what businesses can expect over the coming months. Sal provides his outlook on what we can expect in terms of Canada’s housing market, commodities and inflation rates over the next year.

42. Episode 33 – Going Global
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.88Mb)

Description: In this episode, Ian talks to Marnie Kinsley, executive managing director of Global Treasury Management for BMO Capital Markets, about some of the financial challenges of exporting. Together they discuss how to navigate changes to corporate finance when you are doing transactions in multiple countries and multiple currencies.

43. Episode 32 – Generation Y
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.74Mb)

Description: The “baby boom” generation is huge, and the one that follows it – Generation Y – is relatively small. In this episode of the Business Coach, Ian talks to Dave Aplin of Edmonton-based David Aplin Recruiting, which conducted a survey of Canadian workers to get a better sense of their wants, needs and how to get the most out of the various generations that make up today’s workforce.

44. Episode 31 – Recession-Proofing
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 5.65Mb)

Description: There has been a lot of talk lately about recession and whether or not various regions of Canada or the country as a whole will experience it, and when. In this episode, Ian talks to Mark Wardell, the founder and president of Wardell Professional Development in Vancouver, who shares tips and tactics that will help SMBs “recession-proof” their business.

45. Episode 30 – Cost Control
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.22Mb)

Description: With a softening U.S. economy and the rising price of oil, companies across the business spectrum are starting to feel the squeeze. In this episode of the Business Coach, Ross Pinkerton, president of ERA Canada, takes some time to chat with Ian about how entrepreneurs can reduce their expenses and keep costs under control.

46. Episode 29 – Cash Management
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 0.00Mb)

Description: Every company likes to get paid for their product or service, and the more promptly you are paid, the better. In this episode of the Business Coach, Ian talks to Brian Green of Moneris Solutions Corporation about the importance of payment processing for small businesses, and what card-based payment tools are available to help speed up the process.

47. Episode 28 – Beyond Brand Thinking
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 5.07Mb)

Description: In this episode, Cheryl Sylvester, president of Toronto-based Beyond Brand Thinking and co-founder of yourbrandmakeover.com, talks to Ian about the value of creating, maintaining and evaluating a strong brand from a small business perspective.

48. Episode 27 – Investment and Corporate Responsibility
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.19Mb)

Description: In this episode, Ian interviews Paul Klein, founder and president of Impact in Toronto, which advises companies in the areas of community investment and corporate responsibility. Paul talks to Ian about what these terms mean and how small and mid-sized businesses can take advantage of them.

49. Episode 26 – Maintaining IT Security
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.88Mb)

Description: In this episode of the Business Coach, Ian talks to Claudio Popa, founder and president of Toronto-based Informatica, a provider of information security services and privacy consulting. Claudio discusses how to keep your company safe from hackers, computer viruses, malware and other IT threats that lurk in cyberspace.

50. Episode 25 – Currency Hedging
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 5.27Mb)

Description: In this episode, Ron Rylott, director of business development for foreign exchange products at BMO Capital Markets, explains to Ian the "art" of currency hedging and how it can help minimize currency risks in a volatile market, especially if you’re importing or exporting.

51. Episode 24 – Powerlines
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 0.00Mb)

Description: Steve Cone is the New York-based author of Powerlines: Words that Sell Brands, Grip Fans and Sometimes Change History. He talks to Ian about how small business owners can go about developing a good slogan or tagline that will put marketing efforts to good use.

52. Episode 22 – Selling Your Business: Succession Planning
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.06Mb)

Description: Though perhaps the most important move any entrepreneur can make is selling their business, many entrepreneurs leave planning the sale until it’s too late. In this episode, Ian talks to Trevor Lwin, Managing Director of Mid-Market Investment Banking at BMO, about how entrepreneurs can maximize the value of their business before they have to sell.

53. Episode 23 – The Value of Search Engine Optimization
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 8.32Mb)

Description: In this episode, Ian talks to Gord Hotchkiss, the president and CEO of Enquiro Search Solutions, about Search Engine Optimization (SEO): the art of modifying a website to make it rank higher in search engine results. Gord discusses the massive role that web searches play today, especially for small businesses whose websites just aren't being found by the major search engines.

54. Episode 21 – Managing Cash Flow
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 5.78Mb)

Description: Ian’s guest in this episode is Mark Stacey, Senior Cash Management Specialist with BMO Bank of Montreal. With talk of economic troubles on the horizon, Mark chats with Ian about some of the ways in which entrepreneurs can avoid cash crunch situations and how to manage cash flow in a small business environment.

55. Episode 20 – Lessons from Fortune Hunters on CBC
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 7.61Mb)

Description: In this episode of the Business Coach, Ian chats with Dianne Buckner, host of CBC Newsworld’s Fortune Hunters, a new show that explores hot business trends and the entrepreneurs who are chase them. Dianne gives Ian an overview of the show and discusses some of the best business trends to come out of Fortune Hunters.

56. Episode 19 – Economic Forecast for 2008
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.48Mb)

Description: In this episode, Ian interviews Michael Gregory, Managing Director and Senior Economist with the Economics Department at BMO Nesbitt Burns. Michael speaks to Ian from his office in Toronto about how the U.S. recession will affect Canada’s businesses, and what the forecast looks like over the short- and the long-term in 2008.

57. Episode 18 – Retire Rich: Putting your Plan into Action
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 8.15Mb)

Description: In episode 18, Ian talks to Tina Di Vito, Vice-President and Managing Director of BMO Nesbitt Burns in Toronto, about how Canadian entrepreneurs can start putting their retirement plans into action and ensure they’re on-track for reaching their retirement goals.

58. Episode 17 – Going Global
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 9.36Mb)

Description: In this episode, Ian looks at how Canada’s businesses need to look beyond their own backyards and reach out into foreign markets in order to tap into their full potential. Justine Hendricks, Regional Vice-President of Small Business Sales at Export Development Canada (EDC) talks to Ian about export prospects for small to mid-sized businesses and why they should engage in global trade.

59. Episode 16 – Talking Taxes and Retirement Planning
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.23Mb)

Description: Episode 16 finds Ian talking to Peter Merrick of RRSPUpgrade.com, who discusses tax and retirement planning for entrepreneurs. Peter talks about how the recent Federal mini-budget has affected entrepreneurs, how they can pay less taxes, build a bigger nest egg and plan more effectively throughout the year.

60. Episode 15 – Commercial Banking: Securing Credit and Financing
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 7.79Mb)

Description: In episode 15, Ian interviews Bob Bissett, BMO Bank of Montreal Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking for the Greater Toronto Area. Bob talks to Ian about how banks come to their lending decisions and what business owners can do to help those decisions fall more often in their favour when applying for credit.

61. Episode 14 – The State of Retail in Canada
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 8.83Mb)

Description: In this episode, Ian talks to Andrij Brygidyr, president of Toronto-based A&A Merchandising, a provider of various services for retailers, including merchandising, point-of-sale display design and secret shopping. Andrij takes some time to discuss trends in the industry and how retail service in Canada is stacking up compared with a decade ago.

62. Episode 13 – Finding Capital through Government Funding
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.76Mb)

Description: In this episode, Ian explores the underappreciated sources of government capital with James Perly, a Toronto based government-funding consultant. Given all the struggles that private companies have with raising adequate financing, James demonstrates how there are millions of dollars available to Canadian businesses free of charge and just for the asking.

63. Episode 12 – Decoding the rapidly evolving world of Social Media
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 8.33Mb)

Description: In this episode, Ian speaks with Mitch Joel, a leading blogger and podcaster on digital marketing. Mitch is the president of Montreal-based Twist Image, an award-winning digital marketing agency. Together, they discuss what defines social media and the relevance of sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Flicker and Twitter for entrepreneurs.

64. Episode 11 – The Soaring Loonie and U.S. Subprime Fallout
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 7.97Mb)

Description: In this episode, Ian speaks with Doug Porter, Deputy Chief Economist of BMO Capital Markets, about the impact of the Canadian dollar achieving parity with the greenback. They also discuss how the US subprime mortgage market will impact the US economy in 2008.

65. Episode 10 – Lessons on Raising Capital from the Dragons Den
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 6.76Mb)

Description: In this episode, Ian interviews Sean Wise, Managing Partner of Wise Mentor Capital and special advisor on the critically acclaimed CBC Television show the Dragons Den. Sean offers expert advice for entrepreneurs who want to raise capital as well as behind the scene secrets from CBC’s business reality show.

66. Episode 9 – Success Insurance
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 5.62Mb)

Description: The Value of Advisory Boards: In our ninth episode, Ian interviews Toronto entrepreneur and venture capitalist Greig Clark, founder of College Pro Painters: North America’s original and most successful student painting company. Greig discusses the benefits of advisory boards and how they can help entrepreneurs make better business decisions.

67. Episode 8 – The Value of Business Partnerships
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Description: The Value of Business Partnerships – The "human side" of partnerships: Ian interviews Dr. Marvin Snider, a psychologist and organizational consultant, and the author of "Compatibility Breeds Success: How to Manage your Relationship with your Business Partner." Dr. Snider discusses how to find and build a strong relationship with a business partner, as well as some of the challenges and opportunities partnerships present when running a small business. The Value of Business Partnerships – Shareholder agreements: In our second interview, Steve Westfield, a partner with Miller Thompson LLP, talks to Ian about the value of shareholder agreements as a critical partnership tool for businesses. Steve outlines the key components of shareholder agreements, when and how they should be created, and how they can help business partners overcome disputes to better manage their business.

68. Episode 7 – Running a Family Business
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Description: Running a Family Business – Day-to-day management: In our first interview, Ian talks with Lawrence Barnes, CEO of the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise (CAFÉ), about family business trends and statistics in Canada. Lawrence discusses how the family dynamic can strengthen a business’s day-to-day operations, but also looks at some of the pitfalls of running a family business. Running a Family Business – Creating an exit strategy: Our second interview features Martin Guestier, Senior Manager of Structured Succession and Acquisition Financing with BMO Bank of Montreal. Ian and Martin discuss the important financial issues of passing a family business from one generation to the next and how to build a succession plan. Martin also explores the technical and financial aspects of developing a plan.

69. Episode 6 – Investing for Entrepreneurs
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Description: Investing for Entrepreneurs – The wealth-building fundamentals: Our first interview features Steve Bang, Regional Sales Leader, BMO Term Investments, who discusses the importance of financial planning for entrepreneurs, including an overview of several wealth-building fundamentals. Investing for Entrepreneurs – Specialized retirement vehicles for business owners: In our second interview, Ian speaks to John Fabbro, Associate Partner and leader of the Private Client Advisory Services at KPMG. John provides a primer on developing a retirement strategy through individual pension plans (IPPs) and retirement compensation arrangements (RCAs).

70. Episode 5 - Great Workplaces
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Description: Great Workplaces - Why it pays to offer employees a great place to work: In our first interview, Ian talks with Graham Lowe, a partner of the Great Place to Work Institute Canada, about the changing face of the Canadian workplace. Ian and Graham also discuss the importance of creating a work environment that is inspiring, engaging and productive. Great Workplaces – The age of intellectual and emotional capital: Our second interview features Dr. Steven Stein, CEO of Multi-Health Systems and author of "Make Your Workplace Great: the 7 Keys to an Emotionally Intelligent Organization". He talks to Ian about the critical link between intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ), and its value in the workplace.

71. Episode 4 – Succession Planning
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Description: Succession Planning – A pressing issue for Canadian small business owners: In our first interview Ian talks with Richard Fahey, Vice-President at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business about the increasing focus on succession planning for small businesses in Canada. Succession Planning – Ensuring a happy ending for your business: Our second interview features Doug McKay, Partner, KPMG. He discusses ways to maximize succession planning and the reviews the dos and don’ts for those just starting to develop a strategy. Succession Planning – The personal implications of exiting a business: In our third interview Ian talks with Sean Foran, Vice-President of Succession Planning, BMO Harris Private Banking about wealth management issues that relate to selling a business to a third party.

72. Episode 3 - Franchising
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Description: Franchising – Opportunities and Challenges for the Aspiring Entrepreneur: In our first interview Ian talks with Ken Pattenden, Chairman of the Canadian Franchising Association and President, Taco Time Canada Inc about the rights of Franchisors’ and Franchisees’. Franchising – Finding a Franchise that works for you: Our second interview features John McGavin, Strategic Franchise Advisor with Frannet – The Franchise Network. John explains the importance of finding a franchise that fits with the needs of the entrepreneur.

73. Episode 2 - Business Plans
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Description: Secrets of effective business planning: In our first interview Ian talks with Peter Wright, career strategist and President of The Planning Group about business planning strategies. Business Planning - Building a more fruitful relationship with your bank: Our second interview features Derral Moriyama, Senior Vice-President, BMO Bank of Montreal and examines what financial lenders are looking for when they review a business plan.

74. Episode 1 - The Future
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Description: 2007 Economic outlook: In our first segment Ian talks with BMO's chief economist Rick Egleton about the prospects for business in 2007 and some of the core indicators businesses need to pay attention to. Employment Trends: Our second segment features and interview with Lara Dodo, Vice President, Robert Half International. Lara shares her thoughts on some of the key issues revealed in the firm's recent hiring and compensation survey.

75. Episode 51 – Elevator Pitches
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Description: Now entering its fourth season on CBC television, Dragon’s Den mixes business with game show, with reality television in a show that delivers lots of drama and even a few lessons in the area of raising capital. In this episode, Ian talks to Sean Wise, managing partner of Wise Mentor Capital, online host and industry advisor to Dragon’s Den, about some of the lessons he’s learned during the screening of entrepreneurs and their investment pitches for the nation-wide Dragon’s Den auditions.