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Podcast title Chiropractic Marketing
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Description Blog on and about Ben Cummings and his chiropractic marketing ideas, his chiropractic advertising methods, practice building center secrets, and chiropractic social media methods. Reviews, updates, and new on everything Ben Cummings and chiropractic marketing posted here.
Updated Mon, 28 May 2018 01:04:57 +0000
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Chiropractic marketing
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1. Chiropractic Marketing 101
http://chiropracticmarketing10... download (, 0.00Mb)

A Quick Review Teaching Chiropractors How to Use YouTube to Drive in New Patients

This is my Review and Summary of How to Attract New Chiropractic Patients Using YouTube -- based on Ben Cummings online video showing these strategies (link to view free video provided below for your own study). What I will share here:

1. Summary of using YouTube to attract new patients
2. Link to Practice Building Center video so you can watch it for free (video lasts about 13 minutes and is recommended)
3. Where to find more info / learn more on this topic and related links
4. Pros and cons
5. RSS feed of more chiropractic marketing videos and podcasts

You are advised to watch the 13 minute online video by Ben Cummings teaching this method at his chiropractic marketing website, which you can do for free.

The link to watch the video can be found here:

The general link to his website is here:

Part #1: Watch How this Chiropractic Marketing With YouTube Idea Works

Here is the video by Ben Cummings from Practice Building Center showing the potential opportunity of using YouTube to attract patients. Please watch this video because this lens is based on my summary and review of this chiropractic internet marketing idea. Below you will find bullet point summaries, my comments and reviews and pros and cons

Part #2: Summary of Chiropractic Marketing on YouTube

On Ben Cummings video #43 (links shown below) he discusses the idea of using YouTube to make yourself more visible on the internet to attract local patients. On previous videos he shows how one D.C. made four videos, uploaded them to YouTube, and got first page rankings on Google for the phrases...

"Back Pain (his city)"
"Carpal Tunnel (his city)"
"Headache pain (his city)"
And, his own practice name

This result occurred in four hours. I double checked the accuracy of this, and it appears to be true. This is quite remarkable considering that this is essentially a free marketing approach since YouTube charges nothing to post videos.*

*Your only cost of course being for a video camera, which can be obtained cheap enough these days

Part #3: Pros and Cons of this Chiropractic Advertising Method Using YouTube


* Video can be a pain to create and edit
* Cost of video camera
* Learning curve to shoot and upload the video


* Immediate high rankings in Google so patients can locate you
* People who might be interested in you get to check you out via video before committing to an appointment which is a nice way to market yourself
* YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world
* The average YouTube user spends 21 minutes a day watching video
* People in pain who are at work can watch your videos
* You can do office tours on video, which patients like because it reduces their fears
* Youtube is free to use and can give you high visibility without advertising cost

Summary of Pros and Cons:

Video is the wave of the future and more and more positive results seem to be coming from the use of chiropractic videos that educate patients about your services. If you can overcome the limitations and learning curve of video, a chiropractor can achieve good results using YouTube. The total estimated time to record and upload your first 3 minute video should take around 30 minute give or take.

Here are some additional articles and resources that you might want to check out:

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Chiropractic Marketing

Summary: Chiropractic Marketing With YouTube, the bottom line

It will require some increase in your skills to learn how to film short videos but as long as you do not try to be the next Scorsese and instead focus on placing strong keywords in your YouTube titles so as to attract certain symptom based patients, you are well advised to attempt this marketing idea. Since YouTube is currently free for anyone to use and due to its enormous influence in the internet, this is probably something to commence with sooner rather than later or risk missing out on free and easy patients.

Hope you enjoyed this premier post! I would like your feedback on ways I could be of more service, below.