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Podcast title Dating Etiquette
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Updated Sun, 05 Oct 2014 08:09:57 +0000
Category Dating Etiquette
Dating Rules

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1. Dating Etiquette
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Description: Dating Etiquette: Be Your Best Self
Dating etiquette, like social etiquette, is a set of behavior norms to help us feel comfortable with each other on a date. Etiquette is also common courtesy and when used in dating is a way to indicate that you respect and value your date.
Be on time: Lateness makes a poor impression. Show your date he or she is important by being on time. If unforeseen circumstances arise and can’t come at the appointed time, a courtesy call to your date is a must. If you don’t call, don’t expect him or her to be there when you finally turn up.
Be ready: Try not to come straight from the office or other event. Take time to freshen up (shower, teeth brush, etc.) and pick out attractive clothing that is clean and pressed. Come mentally “ready” by putting work and personal worries out of your mind so you can focus on getting to know your date.
Be positive: There’s nothing worse than being trapped on a date with a real downer! Discuss upbeat topics– a recent film you saw, an album just heard or a trip you just returned from. Save your gripes for your friends (or your therapist!). Also, never swear or use vulgar language. It makes you look crude and uneducated.

Be inquisitive: Show interest in your date by asking him or her questions in a friendly manner. Stick to neutral topics, like where he or she grew up, went to school or likes to do for fun. Pace your questions, so you don’t sound like an interrogator then politely listen to each answer.

Be courteous: At the end of the evening, offer to walk your date to his or her front door, car, or taxi. This not only shows that you care about the person getting home safely but it also gives a perfect opportunity for a goodnight kiss.

Keep these dating etiquette tips in mind to make a grand impression on your first date.