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Updated Sun, 05 Oct 2014 03:19:19 +0000
Category Copy of hardship letter

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Drafting your copy of a hardship letter can be stressful. If you have a good copy of a hardship letter, you have a better chance of keeping your house. A hardship letter is your chance to be considered for a “work out”. A “workout” is a plan from your mortgage company for you to work out of the debt you may have acquired when late payments accumulated.

If you have legitimate hardship your lender may consider you for a “workout”. Hardships are circumstances that are out of your control and have led to you not being able to pay your mortgage on time. Loss of job and death in the family are both considered hardships. Your must be able to explain how the impact from the hardship was temporary, and that you are now able to work out a possible plan for you to work out of your mortgage debt. Show that you are responsible and fit to be given an opportunity to save your home.

Your hardship letter is the first step toward saving your finances from crisis. It is important to have a copy that is strong, clear, and concise. Loss mitigation companies read an abundance of letters from people in the same situation as you. They do not want to read about how upset you are and how stressful it will be if you lost your home. They want to read clear facts. If your copy is not clearly written, they may not understand what you are trying to explain.

Using a professional writer is a home owner's smartest move. If you have any doubt in you writing skills, have a professional draft your hardship letter for you. Professionals may also have additional tips for writing your copy. Use their knowledge to your advantage. Take positive action toward saving your home by having the hardship letter written for you.