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Updated Sun, 05 Oct 2014 03:02:58 +0000
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1. A Mini Greenhouse to Suit Any Gardener
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Using a mini greenhouse can help the home gardener extend their growing season at both ends. Not all greenhouses are an effective use of your money, though. Cheap units made from sheets of plastic rarely hold up to the strains of regular use. Although they can be moved from one place to another with relative ease, they aren’t particularly sturdy.

Having a small greenhouse doesn’t have to mean having a poorly made one. A mini greenhouse can have many of the same features you find in a larger model, be made of high quality materials, and still be reasonably priced. It all comes down to the method of construction. Snap together beams, heavy duty coverings and well constructed hinges can make the difference between a mini greenhouse lasting many years versus one that lasts for a season.

The purpose of a greenhouse is to trap solar radiation within the confines of the structure in order to raise the ambient temperature beyond that which is found outside. A greenhouse will also retain that heat longer due to the higher concentration of greenhouse gases trapped within the building. Small tears and poor construction can quickly defeat this purpose. Quality is worth paying for, so don’t settle for a mini greenhouse that isn’t worth your money.

Setting up a small greenhouse is a relatively easy job. You can be ready to get started in just a few hours. You can start your seedlings in a greenhouse without tracking dirt inside your home, use the greenhouse to grow plants that are not normally hardy enough for your agricultural zone, or use it to extend a growing season a few weeks so you can watch your produce grow to maturity. Few things are as frustrating as putting a whole season’s worth of effort into a plant, only to have the frost kill it just at the crop is ripening.

Mini greenhouses are a great way to expand your gardening prowess. Small yet powerful, these little gems will help you get the most from your season.