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Podcast title marketing845
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Updated Sun, 05 Oct 2014 02:49:57 +0000
Category Online direct marketing

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1. Making the Most of Online Direct Marketing
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When people set out to embark upon an online direct marketing campaign, they sometimes are a bit befuddled as to how to go about finding someone who can craft good copy for them. This is not a surprise, as writing for the Web, and direct marketing in particular, requires a specific skillset that many offline writers may not as yet grasped. Let's look at some of the things that will make your online direct marketing efforts bear fruit.

This type of marketing campaign can take on several forms online. The most typical would be an e-mail campaign. This necessitates the need for the writer to craft an e-mail (or a series of e-mails) that not only get opened, but are able to get the response you are looking for, whether that be a sale, opt-in, redirect or CPA offer.

Other types of writing for direct marketing online include pay per click ads, autoresponder series, reports, and more. Writing for these types of Web copy require that the writer have a firm grasp of what works on the Web.
First, attention spans are notoriously short online. You have perhaps ten seconds to get their attention, or they're gone! Therefore, it's imperative to get to the point quickly, and keep it short! Make sure they use a lot of “white space”, (shorter paragraphs) and aren't afraid of sub-headers.
Your pitch shouldn't be a mystery, and don't make them work for it. Make sure your writer knows how to lay it all out for them in a genuine, friendly manner rather than a hypey, non-personal message.
Today's consumers are bombarded with hundreds of sale messages every day, and the only way yours will stand out is if it is made to appear crafted only for them.
Take some time choosing your web copywriter, as the success of your online direct marketing depends on it!