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Updated Fri, 03 Oct 2014 04:25:49 +0000
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1. Why A Marketing Copywriter May Pay Off For You Big Time!
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The term marketing copywriter may be new to some of you, but in today's world where buying decisions are made faster and without nearly as much deliberation, the competition for those sales has taken on a greater significance; and, the ability to reach sales prospects with your marketing message in a coherent and relevant manner is a great skill to have. Let's look at some of the reasons why a copywriter you hire should also wear a marketing hat!
The first reason that comes to mind is that you can be dead sure your competition will be doing so! Today's marketing needs to be crafted with specific goals in mind, no matter what type of action you are trying to elicit with your copy. Whether it's for an opt-in page, a sale, or just trying to redirect a prospect to where you would like them to go, the words you use to accomplish that task are crucial to your success.
Having the writer that creates your copy be completely attuned to your message and also able to execute the psychology of sales marketing within your ad will give you a leg up on your competition that doesn't.
They need to be able to imbue your ads with an emotionally seductive text that hits the reader at a gut level, grabs them, and won't let them off the hook without first executing the action you desire. As you can imagine, this is not copy that can be just created in a few minutes, but needs to involve some careful thought and deliberation regarding your market.
When you interview a prospective marketing copywriter, make sure you get a real sense of how they feel about selling in print, and whether they can listen and understand your market well enough to help you get the results you need.