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Updated Sun, 05 Oct 2014 01:54:59 +0000
Category CRM Software

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1. CRM Software: Company and Customers Both Benefit
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Customer Relationship Management or CRM Software is a single, software-based system used by the various departments of a company to organize and track the contact with both current customers and prospects. CRM isn't just a customer relationship management system, it's a technology-based, whole company solution.

Everyone can be on the same page: With multiple contacts often required to make a sale and even more contacts required for follow up and customer service, CRM manages complex customer relationships. It's powerful technology but it's also a powerful internal management tool.

CRM can manage:
· The sales process
· Marketing efforts
· Front of house
· Customer service
· Policies, processes and procedures
· Information management
· Employee training

Technology and Philosophy become one: As technology, CRM can be used to attract new and profitable prospects while maintaining relationships with existing clients. As a philosophy, CRM adds financial value to the company by adding value to the customer's experience with the company. It helps companies meet and exceed customer expectations by always putting customer needs first.

Customize to any size: The scope of CRM is broad and customizable to work for any size of an

organization’s needs. Some companies only use CRM to manage salespeople while others mandate it company-wide. CRM can:

· Yield data to support and improve market strategy, products and services
· Attract new customers
· Find customer segments
· Find the best customers and keep them coming back

Your customers will think everyone knows them personally: The magic of CRM is that it allows
companies to personalize their customer service. The feel of CRM is seamless. Everyone in the company has access to the same information about every client. No matter who or what department the customer is interacting with, that information is always available to enhance the customer's experience and help the employee better serve every customer's needs.
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