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Podcast title retractabl7
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Updated Tue, 28 Jun 2016 16:09:02 +0000
Category Retractable banner stands

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1. Retractable Banner Stands Display Banners with Ease
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Banners as advertising signs are a striking way to promote your business at tradeshows and presentations. Setup can become a problem, however, if there is no place to hang the banner. Retractable banner stands have become a quick and efficient way to set up a booth or presentation display.

Retractable banner stands are similar to movie projector screens that scroll out of a floor case and are held up with an extension rod. When not needed, the banner rolls back into the case, like a window shade, and is ready to be transported to the next event.

The banners are made of durable vinyl or lexan lamination that can have photo-quality graphics printed on them. Double-sided banners work well in store displays or point-of-sale promos where retractable banner stands are viewed from both sides. There are even table-top sized banners with retractable stands that look very professional and are a stable way to display upright signs on a table.

In designing banners to be held with retractable stands you can have large, attractive signs that can be placed in optimum locations for the greatest impact on potential customers. The versatility of banners has even greater flexibility because you are able to place the sign where it is best viewed.

Retractable banner stands protect your banner when it is necessary to transport your promotional or presentational signs. With quick and easy set up, you will be ready for your event and not have to stress about where and how to hang your banners.

In the highly competitive markets of today, good signage gives you the edge over the competition. Banners provide a large format for advertising your products or services at tradeshows, seminars and presentations. Displaying your banners with retractable banner stands will give you the professional look that you desire.