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Updated Sun, 05 Oct 2014 06:54:17 +0000
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1. How to Win Backstage Passes
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Your favorite band is coming to town and you’re driving your friends crazy trying to dream up schemes that will give you the backstage access you’re wanting so badly...you’re willing to do just about anything. Before you do something crazy, you should at least check out a few side methods that will let you win backstage passes before you resort to cheating your way to them.
Obviously, you should start out by researching anyone and everyone who may be running a promotion for the show. Many local radio stations offer promotional passes for big shows, and winning them is as simple as listening at the right time. Other businesses may be offering similar kinds of promotions as well – I ended up getting backstage passes for NIN a few months ago by simply signing up for a credit card. Granted, I’ll probably never use the card, but then again, it never hurts to have one.
If you can’t find any promotional deals that will let you win those passes backstage, you could always do some research about the businesses that are sponsoring the show, or even the people who are in charge of promoting it. Everyone enjoys free press and if you can demonstrate your ability to get the word out, either about the show or about the sponsor, you may be able to wrangle yourself a deal for promotion in exchange for passes. Don’t forget to check with your local media either – it is not uncommon for media outlets to hire freelancers and hook them up with a media pass in exchange for an interview and photos.
There’s a ton of ways that you can score yourself some backstage passes if you’re creative and take the time to think outside the box. Just remember not to blow it once you’re there by acting like a star-struck fool!