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Podcast title lillyswimwear
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Updated Thu, 02 Oct 2014 04:35:32 +0000
Category Lilly pulitzer swimwear

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1. Looking Great Poolside in Lilly Pulitzer Swimwear
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There is no denying that everyone will be looking at you when you are lounging by the pool in Lilly Pulitzer swimwear. The colors alone will have people turning their heads in order to get a second or third look at the fabulous suit or caftan that you are wearing. You had better be prepared to answer the same question over and over: “Where did you get that ensemble?”

Trying to decide on which Lilly Pulitzer bathing suit to wear will be the hardest part of your day. She has given her patrons so many styles and patterns to choose from in the bathing suits alone. Should you wear the tankini, the two-piece, or the one-piece? The halter or the strapless? Then there are the endless color and pattern choices to choose from. The multicolored patchwork design really catches your eye, but so does the pink gingham. Then again, there is always the one-piece with the beautiful faux buttons running down the front.

And if the numerous colors and styles weren't enough to choose from, Lilly has also designed amazing caftans and tunics to provide a little more coverage when away from the pool or beach. Most of these can be worn as a short dress and have amazing detailing on them making them extremely versatile not only as a cover-up for your bathing suit, but also as a dress that can be worn alone. The lace and embroidery that has been sewn onto these pieces is extremely detailed and can be seen around the neckline and going down the front of the garment. The bright pinks and greens of these tunics and caftans are reminiscent of classic Lilly Pulitzer style.

So choose wisely when picking out your Lilly bathing suit for the day. On second thought, pick whichever comes first in line in your closet because there is always tomorrow to wow the crowd with another amazing Lilly creation!

For more styles and info on Lilly Pulitzer swimwear, visit www.splashofpink.com