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Podcast title Conservative Daily Blog Podcast
Website URL http://conservativedailyblogpo...
Description In the Age of The New World Order, few voices of opposition are heard in the mainstream media. Those voices that are heard are tried and tired. Perhaps the most lacking area of dissent is that of the youth, the future leaders of tomorrow. It is this demographic that will be most affected by the policies of our current soulless world leaders. A group of passionate young conservatives have established www.conservativedailyblog.com as an outpost of congregation to rally around the conservative principles that help found this nation, the greatest nation in the history of mankind. Their greatest challenge: To promote conservative principles and gather support to oppose The New World Order.
Updated Fri, 15 Oct 2010 21:44:52 +0000
Category News & Politics

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1. 2010 Looking Forward - Jan 18,2010
http://conservativedailyblogpo... download (, 0.00Mb)

Description: Tonight Brian will cover news, 2010 predictions and take your calls. (Formally Conservative Daily Blog). New site truthisliberty[dot]us


2. TIL 2010.01.16 New Year, New Show, New Movement
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Description: New Show, New Year and New Movement. (Formally 'The Conservative Daily Blog Podcast).

Brian takes time to explain the new website transitioning from the old conservative daily blog. Quickly exams the news, takes your calls, and briefly exams what to expect in 2010.


3. 2009.12.07 Conservative Daily Blog Podcast
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Description: Obama the Warmonger. Copenhagen Conference. Climategate. Economy. Blog News


4. 2009.11.16 Conservative Daily Blog Podcast
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Description: Discussion on Copenhagen Treaty and the New World Order. Nancy Pelosi and Dems disrespect the Constitution. More!


5. Conservative Daily Blog Podcast 10.12.09
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Description: Brian does the show in downtown Chicago at work. Economic Special: Apocalypse Coming! Details of crsis explained. (Sorry for the audio quality. Things will be normal next broadcast).


6. 2009.09.17 Conservative Daily Blog Podcast
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Description: Obama is RIGHT about something! Racism critism is a joke. The LEFT are the Racists. Peter Schiff for Seneate. Real Economics. MORE!


7. 2009.09.08 Conservative Daily Blog Podcast
http://conservativedailyblogpo... download (audio/mpeg, 23.57Mb)

Description: Observations of females at a local gym. Coming week will be the most eventful and important week in Obama's young presidency. Obama on Public Schools.
Van Jones resigns. News Stories. Dr. Alan Keyes "Obama is a radical Communist"


8. 2009.08.25 Conservative Daily Blog Podcast
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Description: Short show today. Sarah Palin and Death Panels trump all arguments.
Cash for clunkers is a failure. Obama is on vaction. Headlines.


9. 2009.07.20 Conservative Daily Blog Podcast
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Description: Health Care, Health Care and more HEALTH CARE. Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan debate Health Care. Dear Leader Obama does not take kindly to criticism.

10. 2009.08.16 Conservative Daily Blog Podcast
http://conservativedailyblogpo... download (audio/mpeg, 38.27Mb)


We may have won a battle, but have not won the war. Ed Schultz is a joke.
Savage to retire from radio. What is the future for conservative radio?
Is Rahm Emanuel president of the United States? Meghan McCain is not the future of GOP.


11. 2009.08.03 Conservative Daily Blog Podcast
http://conservativedailyblogpo... download (audio/mpeg, 33.77Mb)

Description: Website Information, Taxes to Increase to fund healthcare, Obama's birthcertificate, Rahm Emanuel/Al Capone, Obama's plan to destroy private insurance, UNITE: TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK!

12. 2009.06.21 Conservative Daily Blog Podcast
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Description: Obama's approval falling. Liberals making fools of themselves. U.S. apologizes for slavery. Bill Ayers tied to young Obama. More!


13. 2009.06.18 Conservative Daily Blog Podcast
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Description: College Student Murdered in Streets of Iran. Iran Horror. Vermin Media. Obama Puts a Fly to Death. And More!


14. 2009.07.01 Conservative Daily Blog Podcast
http://conservativedailyblogpo... download (audio/mpeg, 16.94Mb)

Description: Obama/Clinton sides with Chavez Castro against Honduras Constitution. Robert Gibbs. Cap & Trade (Tax &Kill). All new level of Tyranny. More!

15. 2009.06.12 Conservative Daily Blog Podcast
http://conservativedailyblogpo... download (audio/mpeg, 31.61Mb)

Description: Brian tackles the Media's assault on Sarah Palin. Obama=Epic fail. David Letterman. Youtube idiot news. Young voices will unite to take the country back!


16. 2009.06.15 Conservative Daily Blog Podcast
http://conservativedailyblogpo... download (audio/mpeg, 16.66Mb)

Description: Brian is having bad dreams (tear). Healthcare Reform. Obama is booed in Chicago. Bill Maher is angry with Obama. Iran raped of Democracy.


17. Conservative Daily Blog- First Offical Podcast #1
http://conservativedailyblogpo... download (audio/mpeg, 16.11Mb)

Description: Finally! It is here! Listen as Brian lays down the framework for future episodes.


18. Sarah Palin on Hannity Tonight!
http://conservativedailyblogpo... download (, 0.00Mb)


(Source: Drudge Report)

Sarah Palin hits FOXNEWS tonight for the big 'Told Ya So' interview, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

As President Obama vows to spend the 'stimulus' faster, Governor Palin tells host Sean Hannity: 'You gotta quit digging that hole!'


HANNITY: What do you make of – look at the state of the economy now...

PALIN: Well, when you consider that the federal government is about eleven trillion dollars in debt, and we’re borrowing more to spend more.. it defies any sensible economic policy that any of us ever learned through college. It defies economy practices and principles that tell ya ‘you gotta quit digging that hole when you are in that financial hole’

Palin continues:

"America is digging a deeper hole and how are we paying for this government largesse. We’re borrowing. We’re borrowing from China and we consider that now we own sixty percent of GENERAL MOTORS – or the U.S. government does… But who is the U.S. government becoming more indebted to? It’s China. So that leads you to have to ask who is really going to own our car industry than in America."

HANNITY: You know but it goes back - It does go back a little to the campaign. I mean, ‘spread the wealth, patriotic duty…’

PALIN: Kind of a ‘we told ya so’.

HANNITY: Well, is that how you feel?

PALIN: That’s how I feel! I feel like… and I think that more and more constituents are going to open their eyes now and open their ears to hear what is really going on and realize ok… Maybe we didn’t have a good way of expressing that, or articulating that message of ‘here is what America could potentially become if we grow government to such a degree that we cannot pay for it and we have to borrow money from other countries, some countries that don’t necessarily like America.

And this many months into the new administration, quite disappointed, quite frustrated with not seeing those actions to rein in spending, slow down the growth of government. Instead Sean it is the complete opposite. It’s expanding at such a large degree that if Americans aren’t paying attention, unfortunately our country could evolve into something that we do not even recognize.

HANNITY: Socialism?

PALIN: Well, that is where we are headed. That is where we have to be blunt enough and candid enough and honest enough with Americans to let them know that if we keep going down these roads… nationalizing many of our services, our projects, our businesses, yes that is where we would head. And that is why Americans have to be paying attention. And we have to have our voices heard. And ultimately it need to be our will, the American people’s will imposed on Washington, instead of the other way around.

The interview is set to air tonight on FOXNEWS, 9 PM ET.