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Podcast title The Big Pun Show
Website URL http://thebigpunshow.blogspot....
Description Music, Cars, Pot, and Tech stuff. The Big Pun Show features up and coming Indie bands from around the world and of every genre. Also cool websites and irrelevant conversation
Updated Mon, 06 Oct 2014 17:58:00 PDT
Category Music

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1. Show Delay
http://thebigpunshow.blogspot.... download (, 0.00Mb)


After only one episode I've already run into technical problems!!!! I was suppose to have a shwo ready for you guys today but my sound card has decided that it would like for me to fornicate myself with an iron stick.

As soon as I fix it ill have a show ready for you.


2. Episode 01: I swear its better than the phantom menace
http://thebigpunshow.blogspot.... download (audio/mpeg, 19.57Mb)

Description: The 1st episode is here! A good mix of rock, mash-ups, and up beat techno-y in this episode. Send me your hate mail and feedback!

Show Link: Episode 01: I swear its better than the phantom menace

Show Notes

Intro- "21 & Loaded" The Murder Room

Greetings- Welcome to the Big Pun Show!

Song 1- "Compromise" Jeremy Woods

Ramble- What is the Big Pun Show?

Song 2- "Dear Enemy" Superheist

Cool Site- Alien loves Predator

Podcast of the Week- Bitjobs for the masses

Song 3- "This is how we do cocaine" (50cent & Eric Clapton) DJ Spenny

Song 4- "Do you really like it (terminal mix)" DJ Boasty

Movie Reviews:
- American Pie: Band Camp
- The Transporter 2

Music Spot - The Never Ending White Lights f. Dallas Green
"The Grace"
- Kanye West f. Adam Levine
"Heard em say"

Piracy Weekly - Clone High

Close Out- "Ratatat agianst the Machine" DJ Madmartin

http://thebigpunshow.blogspot.... download (, 0.00Mb)

Description: The fabled pilot episode! This is the test episode of The Big Pun Show. This was what I recorded when practicing for my series. *Note all the music in this is signed so let the litigation commence!

Show Link- Episode 0.5 - What the fuck is a podcast?

Show Notes

Intro- "Twisted Transistor" Korn
Greeting- Test, Test, 1.2.3.
Song 1- "No Mistakes" Classified
Cool Site- www.campchaos.com
Podcast of the Week- The Closet Geek Show
Song 2- "Perfect Situation" Weezer
Ramble- Detroit Auto Show: GM Camaro Concept
Picture Link
Song 3- "All Jacked Up" Gretchen Wilson
Reviews- King Kong
Office Space (DVD)
Close Out- "Nautical Disaster" [Live] The Tragically Hip

4. Alex co-hosts The Closet Geek Show!
http://thebigpunshow.blogspot.... download (, 0.00Mb)

Description: Check out the latest episode for The Closet Geek Show, with Alex co-hosting. This weeks featured bands include: Jeremy Woods, Five State Prison Cell, adn DJ Boasty

5. The Big Pun Show has arrived!
http://thebigpunshow.blogspot.... download (, 0.00Mb)

Description: Hey The Big Pun Show website is up and running. Stay tuned for the 1st episode of The Big Pun Show