Listen and Learn: Educational podcasts

Talk about iPods and the first word that pops in your mind is “Entertainment”. This is quite understandable because iPods as well as other brands of digital music players were specifically made and developed to provide portable musical entertainment for people who are always on the go. Much like the ubiquitous Walkman a decade before, iPods and other digital music players have become an ubiquitous part of our entertainment fare. Millions of people have bought these players and have been bringing it everywhere with them – to work, in school, while working out, even while doing the groceries.

With the advent of podcast technology. A subtle shift in how iPods and digital music players are seen happened. It is now not just all about music. Podcasts have effectively made on-demand radio-like content possible. You can now here political commentaries, talk radio-type shows, free-flowing discussions, and comedy skits in your digital music players by just subscribing to these types of podcast content on your computer.

But of course, change is always in the horizon. As podcast technology and content continues to evolve and mature, more and more types of podcast content have been coming out and enjoying a growing popularity among podcast fans. One unique genre that seems to be enjoying a big following from many people are educational podcasts.

Educational podcasts possess content in which listeners get to learn different types of things while listening to the “programs”. There are many different types of educational podcasts that can be found on the internet. They range from a lecture type series of programs (it is like listening to a recorded lecture of a college professor), instructional programs (like language proficiency courses or foreign language instructions), there are even such specialized content as nature shows or science and technology shows that not only inform listeners but also allow them to learn new things every time they listen the said programs.

For those who want to get a taste of educational podcasts, here are some very popular selections:

Insta Spanish Lessons – This is a weekly interactive podcast that seeks to teach listeners how to speak in Spanish using different types of comprehension exercises and grammar lessons. Aside from the language lessons, there will also be discussions about Spanish culture, arts, and even travel tips.

12 Byzantine Rulers: The History of the Byzantine Empire – For history buffs this lecture series about the Byzantine Empire is prepared by a History Professor in Stony Brook School in New York. This series looks into the history of the Byzantine Empire as filtered through the eyes of its 12 rulers.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders – This series of podcasts is sponsored by the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. This is a weekly seminar on entrepreneurship that seeks to teach budding businessmen about the intricacies of running a business.

Digital Photography Tips from the Top Floor – This award-winning podcast series teaches people about digital photography as well as present photography tips that anyone can use immediately. This show features everything from composition to post-processing.