Podcasting for profit - Ways of Making Money from your Podcast

Ever since the idea of podcasting was conceived in the year 2000, it became a big hit. Podcasting has become such a big thing to the point that podcast was declared the word of the year in 2005 by the New Oxford English Dictionary. Today, you have a multitude of podcasts to choose from.

Although the concept of podcasting is generally to provide broadcasts for free, there are ways in which you can earn money through your podcasts. The most obvious would be to encourage your listeners to donate to your podcast. You can also get commercial sponsors to sign up. Lastly, you can integrate your website and blog with your podcast and generate money from them.

If you are good enough of a podcaster and you have enough listeners, you can promote yourself and ask them to donate. Most podcasts do this by including a “donate button” on their website. You can also mention it from time to time in your podcasts. Try not to do it too often though, as it can be irritating for listeners to be hearing “donate” all the time. Chances are, if your podcast has good content and you present your information in a way that listeners appreciate, you will get some donations. This is a good way to earn money for the early stages of your podcast. As you start expanding your listener base, then you can move on to another way of generating revenue – sponsorship.

Having a company sponsor your podcast would be a huge thing for you. As podcasting is becoming even more popular, companies are starting to realize just how important it is in terms of reaching consumers. Podcasts are now becoming more than alternatives to traditional radio shows. In fact, some podcasts have become so well-known that they are staple listening material for many people. Just like popular radio shows that listeners tune in to on a regular basis, some podcasts have regular subscribers. Now that any companies see this reality, they see podcasts as a way to reach consumers and promote an awareness of their products. Another advantage of podcasting is that it is not limited to a specific region. In today's global community, anyone can get have access to any podcast on the Internet. That is the reason many of them are starting to sponsor podcasts. Their consumer reach is magnified through podcasting. If you are able to get at least one major commercial sponsor, then you will definitely make a lot of money through your podcast. One important thing – you need to have ammunition before getting someone to sponsor you: a lot of listeners.

Another alternative way of making money from your podcast is to integrate it with your website or blog. This is already a common way people make money through the Internet. You have a site? Partner up with some advertisement company that will pay you every time someone clicks on their ad. It's as simple as that.

Now that you have the ideas, it is up to you to make things happen. Of course there are two things you have to make sure of – make a good podcast and make the world notice it.