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Common Mistakes of Amateur Podcasters

November 19th, 2006 by admin

Anyone can make a podcast…but sadly, not everyone makes a good podcast. In fact (sorry to say this) but a large number of podcasts on the web aren’t worth the download time. Here are some things that really pull down the podcast quality—are you making those mistakes?
The topics are too general. Think about it, people: you’re not just competing against the other podcasts, but you’re also up against all the other media forms. There are websites that can offer the same information, television and cable shows (with TiVo, people can watch that anytime), books and magazines and newspapers. So why would they download your podcast to get material that they can find elsewhere?

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Be Remembered: Brand Strategies for Podcasts

November 13th, 2006 by admin

Podcasts are a great marketing tool—if people remember them. Sadly, the podcast’s popularity (with thousands of them swarming on the Internet) has led to each and every one of them becoming as distinct as, well, peas in a pod. This is one classic example of something being too successful for its own good. Podcasts have become so easy to do, and the tools so affordable and easy to find, that anyone with a microphone, computer cables, and a few free hours to kill, can create one. This has made it mighty difficult for anyone to really create a podcast that is not only memorable, but addictive. The type that people talk about and download obsessively. The type that create the huge following and click-through that advertisers will pay for, and push a website to the top of a Google search.So what’s the secret to this kind of podcast? Great content, yes. But as any brand manager knows, you can have a very good product that gathers dust on the shelves because people don’t care about it. Image means everything—what people perceive is more important than what a product actually is.

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Podcast Plagiarism: Are you Breaking the Law?

November 5th, 2006 by admin

Making a podcast has become so easy that even non-professionals can put together a simple program on just about any topic under the sun. There are church volunteers recording last Sunday’s sermon, or hobbyists making how-tos on everything from crafting to collecting comic books. But unfortunately, this rush to make podcasts has led to people “borrowing” music and sound effects from CD’s, movies and websites. And this means copyright violation, intellectual theft—and huge fines if you’re caught.This becomes even more problematic once you use your podcast to earn money. You are gaining profit at someone’s expense, and if you get caught, your podcast and the website it’s operating on can be closed down.Note that you don’t need to see a copyright notice on a website for its contents to be declared “protected” by the law. In the United States, anything that’s created and unique immediately gives the creator intellectual copyright protection. The good news is that you can sue the pants off anyone who uses your podcast and claims it as his or her own. The bad news is that the production company that made the sound effects you “found” for your introduction can do the same to you.

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Podcasting for Students

November 4th, 2006 by admin

Podcasting has invaded the streets, the board rooms…and now, the classrooms? That’s right. Podcasting has become a valid and potentially powerful tool for schools and universities.

It was only a matter of time before students and teachers embraced podcasting as the new way to learn.  After all, it is a very efficient method of content delivery, and one that is particularly suited for student life.

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